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Thfi Democratie inajority (tho ring) fiuding that tho Democratie papers only wore publishing tho proceedings in full, voted to increase the pay $0.00, and extend the timo for completing it a week. Twenty-five dollara is little enough. Last yoar tho Arjus would not publish them. Were tho Democratie papers lot into tho secret, behind the scones, and promiaed the additional $5.00 andadditioiial timo 'i Why was tho eoinpensation incruasod alter tho abovo mentionod papers had begtri to publish thn procoedings at $20.00 compensation, and would havo done it at that rato? If tho Courier and Commercial had publishod the proceodings, there w iul(l havo been no extra compousatiou voted. lt U a Democratie dodge. Such a proo9eding would be chiracturistic of a Board going away aroond " Robbin Hood's Üivru," and needlessly, too, in order to secure Democratie majorities, aud olecting a whisky sellor yupurintendontoftho Poor. - fpriianti Cvmmercial. Porbaps a. single fact will more thaii oiFsot the OommerrUtr.1 tirade. The motion to increase tho pay $5.00 was mado by Supervisor Yost, of Ypsilaati, wliom tho Commercial will hardly venturo to charge with boing connected with " the ring," or with being its tooi And wo undorstand thafc he assigned as a roason :'or tho motion and tho incroaso that the Commercial coulü not publish the proceedings. for f 20 but would for $20. The pay was inercased and the time extended to accominodate Pattisox alono, and yot ho ilows liko a stranded porpoise. Won't soaie Ypsilanti piiilanthrojiist deal him a jortion of paregoric or Mm. Winslow's Soothing Syrup ? - Tho Aitous asked no extensión of ime, had tho procnodings all in type beoro tho first tirue expii-od, and laid a mail portion over to accommodate advertising patrons rathcr than composiors. Speakixo of recent decisión of the Supremo Court of tho District of Golmnbia, touching the right of woman to the electivo ftanohise undor the amondments to tlie constitution, tho Lansing liepubliean suys : " If this decisión is correct, a declaratory act of a State Legislatura ox f ConKress would seera to bo all that is required to give woraen the same political rights uow enjjyad by men." A little ast, we beg leavc to suggest to our cotemporary. Tho Michigan constitution limits the right of suffrago to male c:itiens, and the Legislaturo can hardly get ovor thttsnag: evenif moiubers "shut their cyes and go it blind," as wo have hoard of being done. Bosides, what shadow of a new right or status do woraen get u:idur tho decisión of Justice Carter, if followed in tho States. Women wen citizons beforo tho XlVth and XVth amendments were thought of, and could have been mado voters in any State by the proper State authority. Cakter's opinión or decisión, on this point, was not uiuch cloarer than mud. The Supremo Court was in session on Wednesdayk to announce the duluyod opiions.. Tb " Public Works " bill wcs held nuoonstitutioiiftl, anothcr block 'm the wlels of legislation interfcring wit i local rights and giveroiug citics from Iansúag.


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