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- E. I?. Ward has g tien himself a ohonj) reputo-tion for gi-nerosity. lio has offerod to givo the principa) umi intorest of $10,700 of Eaton county ruilroad bonds to tho Michigan and Wiseonsin suffjrers by tho late fires, if the Supervisors will pay tho bonda; knowxog, however, that thcy wcre without authority to inake suoh payment. A gafé offer, and so was the (1 - I's when he was on the high niovmtain. - Montgomery B)air favors the " passivo" polioy for tho Domcx:r;u:y, and 8Xpressoa a penma] prefurenee for Williaiu Cullcn Bryant for Prosident; thinks Truiiibull would mako a " splüiidid candidate," and, ditto, Judge Davis, Judgc Ranncy, ex Socretstry Cox or Gratz Browii ; and avows that ho could oven nwallow Grecley, tnriif riews and all. " Pleased with rattlo, ticklod with a straw." - Oiily two Tammany Aldenuen were electtxi in Jiew York City, but all the Ropnbliean Senators and Representativos eharged with solling out to Tammany at tho Iaat soseion of the Logislaturo woro eandidatea for re-election, - aud re-electod That's ditference in the way tfto two parties treat offico-holders proved to be dishonest. - Another popular and familiar sayíng has gone all to smash, that is : " Nero fiddled whila Borne burned." John S. C. Abbott has discoTered that Noro waen't within a hnndred milos of Bomo at the time, and, more than tlmt, ho eouldn't nddio anyhow. And Abbott never ürawa on hi imagination or wanders from tho exact truth, as any reader of his lifo of Napoleon will be willing to tostify. - Sornebody who haslxkod in Orant's hand says that in his forthcoming message ho will reoommend " a revisión of the tariff," npccifying no articls for the " reluctiou or abolition of duty," and suggesting thnt "those only should be touched which can be included in the revisión with the least injury to the country." Thore, we hope the Auiicrs reader knows Grant's exact " posish " on tho tariff. - During the whole terra of Collector Murptiy, Oen. Arthor, his successor, has been a silent partner in tho concern. Now Arthur is tho Collector and Murphy the partner. That's thu aligkt diiïorenco resulting from the MurpUy-Orant correspondonco. - Ben. TVade is tho attorney of the Northern Pacific Kailroad Corapany, and not Gen. Schenck, who declined the po8 tion to represent the Gorernment at the Court of 8t. James and make much riches by dabbling in silrer mining stocks. - It is at last judicially deterinined that Mrs. O'Leary'g cour did kick over tho lamp which kindled the firo which burned Chicago : incited thereto by somo neighbors of Mrs. O'L., who wcre stcaling milk for an oyster supper. - The preliminary examinution in the Jim ï'isk-Mansfit'ld libel suit was commenced bofore Jüstice Bixby on Saturday list, but was continued to December 9thïhe developmcnt3havoa proniiso of much richness. - The N. Y. WorU styles the papers of Boston and Philadolphia, "proviucial journals ; " and thoso of Cinoinnati, Chicago, and St. Louig as "country journals." - Ex-8heriff oud Senator elcct O'lïricn, calis the " Conimittqo of Seventy " tkl fogies, and says that every one of them is seeking an office. More than half right. - The Boston Journal (Kep.) concedes that Grant's administratiun has iiüt been perfect, but thinks it good cnough to ent itle Grant,to a renoniiniition. There is uo accounting i'or " Boston notioas." - Mrs. Catherino V. Waite, wifo of Judgo Waito, and Helen M. White havo prosecuted the Board of Rcgistration of Uyde Park - near Chicago - for rofusing to register their name preceding tho recent election. - And now Fish proposos to rusign again and go to London : that ia it' Qrant concludes to recall Schouck for following his axample -lónding his name and influente to a johbing concern. - The N. Y. GLabe iutiuiataó that T. T. leaves Mrs. Tilton and the children of a Saturday night, and sponds tho evening in"acortaiu house up town, with his arm around Vickey's waist. - The monkoys down in Brazil are reported as takiiig tho yellow fovcr with tho sumo faciiity as human residents : which is regarded as a triumph for DarNin . - Tho doath of Lii.ut. Gov. Dunn (colored), of Louisiana, mukes it necessary for the Ecpublicivu.s to cast abuut for a Vice President candidato. - Luther Betcher has bought Young Jlen's Hall, Dotroit, and it is to be converted into a dining room for the Biddlo House. " To whut base ends ! " - Woman has ono invaluable right in Iowa : thut oï su:ng hor husband for money borrowed of hur. So an Iowa court ha decided. - Tho Wiscnsin State Jo-urnal publishes its delinquent subscribers as "dead:" which littlo dodge would fail on 6ome we know of. - Two iuws items are very prominent now-a days : Grant is conñdent that ho will be renominated, and "Alexis hai come." - In tho January Atlantic Olive r Weudell Holmes ia to coiumence a new serinl, " The Poet at the Tablo." - Claver is a rival of cundurango as a cáncer curo. It is to be steeped, and the tea used both as a wash and a drink. - " The Last Tournameut " is tho name of a now thousand lino Idyll by icnnyson. - Parton is to rosurrect Jofferson, and hen takc his life for tho Atlantic. - Mutilda Iloi'on is rcported insane. The New York Ecening Post don't think that Gen. Schenck wa3 wilful in Iendisg his namo to "ThoEmma Mining Association - Limited," and " accuses him of nothing worso than uttor ignorance of what is duo to his great office, and to tho dignity of tho nation whoso honor is his official garb." And than, ;is if not cuough to thus grntly exoulpate him from being a knaro by intiinating that he is only a fooi, it proceeds : " What wuuld have been a crime in aluiost any of his more ftxperionoed predecossors is probably only a blunder in him." But reoognlzing tho principie that " a blunder is worso than a crimo," the Post says "Mr BCBXMOB must bc recalled." Will he bc ? - How oan President GteAKT, a stock holder in the " Séneca Sand-stono Company " bo asked to recall Oen. Schexok for following hi example? The Grand Rapids Kugle has openod the guberaatorial oampaign, naming as aspirante Judgo Wells, of Kalamazoo; f-'o ïator Stückbridqe and ex-Senator WIUÍA.MS, of Allegan; Hon. M. V. Aldricii, of Grand Rapids; Gen. HumPHBEY, of Lansing ; and Hon. J. J. BAffLET, of Detroit. The Kiujle claims that Western Michigan is entitled to the candidato, having had the Governorship bat a singlo term siiice the organization of thu State - JOHH B. BaXBT being counted from Southern instond of Western Michigan. It declaTes for Judge Vi KLLS : whoso turn ought to come by uext fall, if ever, ho having been a candidate trom the timo the memory of the oldest inhabitant runneth not back of. Tho Eaglc is evidcntly partial to fossils. The Allegan Jonrual declares for Col. STCK-KIUillWJE. - Tho Jaokson Citüen is inclined to think this gubernatorial discussion " premature." It also has a suspicion that its " opening is rather the result of AntiSenatorial electiou combination than the spontuneoiis outburst of an enthusiastic nature." We should hardly know what f is raeant by " Anti-Senttorial combinations," but something following about " reigning rings " conveys the impression that ante ñatead of anti is what tho Citizen is driving at. Perhaps the Eayle will have no diflieulty in takiug the hit. Wiiat is the matter of Geouge Wilkes, of tho New York Spirit of the Times, wïio did such valiant battle for Grant in the last campaign, and who has all along been rcoognized as one of his principal advisers, and as a leading member of his "Horso Cabiuot? " There must be something up or the following would not have prominently appearcd in a recent issue of his journal : THE CON'sriltACY AOAIXST GRAST. The administration and the journalists of the army of tho empire have been thrown into a terrible stato of excitement about a paragraph which appeared the other day in a Washington newspaper to the cfFect that there was a formidable " conspiracy " on foot by certain notable persous, among whoin we wero made to figure, to defeat Grant's reelection to the Presidency Tho word " conspiracy " was of course used in the imperial sense, to indícate a crime. That ' is logical, and accords with the whole Grant programrue. An attenipt was made to interview us on this subject, but we declined the honor, and at present only deaire to predict that Qrant may be beoten before he hecomes n candidate ; but should he run in the next canvass we will further predict that he tmü be üoughcd along teith tlte tpoü lleptMicuns, like n ilead bncneh, from the wholesome body of the country, icith an adcerse majority such as never ditgraétd i Presidencial candidate before - Roscoe ConUling and Henry Wilsou to the contrary notwithstanding. By and by we shull be more f ree to speak upon this subject. CONGRESS is to meet next Monday, and then what? Why, tho President's mesaige, tho appointmtnt of committecs, and mighty little legislation for the benefit of tho country, but a vast deitl of jxjlitical figuring and intriguing. The coming Fresidential campaign will " have the floor." A man by the naiue of Carroi.l is under arrest, charged with committing the inurder in Greenficld, near Detroit, on Fridtty night last. Ho has not yet betn oxamined.


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