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1 NN AllHOR AND LOÜI PLANK UO.VD COMPANY. The anona] meeting of the stoekliolders of the Ann Arbor unrl T,odi Plank Bood ' omp-uiy, fbz the election of Directora for tho enening yeur, und for uch oihtr business as may properly ome before the mneting, will be held -it the office of the eompany, in the CMty of Aun Arbor on Tuesday, the 2u duy of Jananry, 1&2, nt 2 o'clock i'. m. of Mjd doy. JOHN N. GOTT, Treasurcr. November 29tll, 1871. 13Í td Tjüll SALE. The house of the Subucrilwr, on North Street, two doors east ot'the utholie Churuh, Terms ensy. H. C TYLEIt. Nuvolllbcr, 7th, 1871. Estáte of Eber M. Munroe. STATE OF MICHIOAJT, Countj of Wanhtenaw, s. KoÜoe id hereby iven, that by an order of l'rubat Couxt for the Count.y of Waáhtenuw, raale on the drenty-oifhthdarof November, A, I) 1871, ui months frunx' h tl 'i ii-2 weit' nUowod fac onditon to pruaeat their claims a;T.ü estiite of Sber M. lïunioe, lute of s:iiI county, deeoasert, and that all crédito oí Hoid do&MAfid f6 n-'iuired to p'e.-int their olaiDM tosniii l'njLatii ('unit, at the Probate Ottio;, in the !v of Ann Arbor, Rr exwaintioii and illowance. on orbeibra t)i; twonty-elghth flny of Stay nc-xt, and thut siic;i olainu will be ïic;iril befon Mid frobate Court. on Sftturüny. tho twontr-soventh day of Januury. and on Tneiiy the twonty-eighth day of May, next at U-n o'cloc : in the forenoon oí' cueh of thofcö diiys. Daled, Aun Arbor, Xovembor 28th, A. 1). 1R71. JUi'.A.M .1. BEAKliS, 1350w4 Jutigeot l'robate. Estato of Jano Briggs. TATBOP MICHIGAN, county of Washhmnw, us. A; h session of the Probate onri for the euuui.y nf V:i-!iii'imiï. holden al the l'iobate Otiice, in the city of Ann Arbor, on WciltK-sd.u-, the tvnty.irinth iay of Nuvembrr, in the jen one thooannd ghthoo dired and ucvonty-one. PüMenl Qinun J. & ako, f Probate. hi ilie muiter of the c.iUto of Uiiggs, deoenMd . On readlng and flUng the petttion, anli vvrifled, of Peloh St (ruit. praying tbal same -suitable person m.iy be appointed aominutimtoi et il-.e estáte of said dtThercupon it is ordered, that Tueaday, (lio twenty. sixth dky of December uext, ut ti-u yVlwli in the furiiHKin, be RBsigned Cbt the heftrins ii' Mtd petition, icd thal the hei at law of sald deeeand, and all other nenona iDtenetêd in said estáte, ure required top. i,.;,i:,i:i-i f smd Court, Uien t.. be li.lilcnnt ihe Piobuto Offloe, in the cit "f Ann Arbor, nd show ,.,„.,. !t ;.,,., .:,,... :,, , v, hy 11"' prayrml UlS potitionerahooldnotbegtanted: And it is fui-Uivr onleied, thatanidpetitiom'rgivenotiee to the persona ínter. .-;■ 1 in .--i 1 '- :-, '" ]H-n.!iMi-y oí -...1 pt.tihon, ,n' ili" heariw thereof. by cnusilig eopy of t ln ordartobepubliahedlii the Michigan Argut, a uewspnper priiiti-d and eiKulating i "-'i'l connty, (lme snooeaám west m looii I said day oi hmruw. (A truecopy.J 11UIAM f. BBAKES. 1. 5 i Jjdue of Pi'oba'.e. !r 'PllYSlCIAKV PHESDR1PTÍ0XS ICCCBATEtï AN prepaeed R. W.KLL1H á C0.jmuaQI878. AUN All HOR BOARD OF COXTROL OF THE MICHIGAN MürUAL LIFE IN3. COMPANY FOU THE CITTf OW AXZST AKBOE, AN ) Townsof Ani Arbor, Xorthfleld, "V1ster, Stio, Lim.i, Dextur, Sjlvui and I.yndon, EAC11 HflMBEB INSVB6B FOS $5,000 Qon. i 'hiirlcü Tripp, EÚbn ü. Pond, toV'olíon NVoo1, a. m.,c. F-lloniy I). lienneti, V;u. F. ürcriici.'y, M. ])., Htephen &Í. Wobster, J. U. A. SoMlollSi Lconhiir.l Grun(?rt VVarreu Trftgniin, KiUvard Diojd. Insurc vltb the Michigan Mutual because it invosta tila funda of lts Policy Holdois of this Diatiict iu tüe Diaüiot, under tha supervlaiou of Uu Boa: d, TIIKKEBY ASSI TINO TO USVEI.OP OUK KR--SOUIIUES l'olicy Holden secure to ttumietrsa The Highajt Uates of Interest lhtre is ;i rtifferencu of fully 3 per cent bolnrevu ratos of Interest E:st and Wcal. $1 ,00) investeil aiiMually fur sn yearn, at lOpeiccnl , mnuuutaii) 1,2 80,290. -t $1,000 Inretted annuully for 50 yr'B at 7 por cciu., ami' tu 1:; i,!f S(,!; Mffercncc 8S4Ó.313.-1U Tlio higher the rates of interest received the less irill bo the cast of iusuraucu and the larger the diviileuds. vil lPolioiOs are TCon-IorftitHblö ai tt.'i' puyineut 1 om' iiinm.iL i It paya D.vidonds on tho First ' Premium. i IT Dll) K-TUE!.nU OF UL TUE Bl'SIHK88 .VE I TilIS STATE H I.SZO, loui' vira m coaruiiES. i It can Furmsii (Jnohubted Assuüancb J Ta Michigan Men at Lkss Cost t TIIAN ANÏ 0TUBB (JüMTANY. ' s f The Company 's Prohibitefi by Law from Spetiiüatinij in Heal Esiate or Ütherwiseo It ik-als in C SU ONLY. " lt is an obvions prlncJple oi Life AMUraacti thiit it SADDOt Ui douu ou credit. The uriiclo In whicti lUu CuuipftDj dil8 must be pafd fur uiOaib bciora It can be Mipplled." f , i 1' OKFIfEKS OF TUE BOAItD : nl OH At? I-E' T1UPP. !'roilflit. pi E I). I'ONO Vlee l'ri'-i icni. BiKPHKN M. WKKSTUK. Trcamirrr. W.?. BRKAKEY, ,M D, Medical Biuminor. „i .1. i; A. 8K8S1ON8 Attorm y ard Acent. f OEJ. L. FOJl'K, SutrcUry in .1 Di-stiitt A; nt. ■ h; OFFICERS OF TUE CO.ttriïY : d JOHN J K.MÏI.BY. VMddSBt. vi JA m 8 F RRAND, vico l'rasldent. fn JOHN T. LIQGKTT. Sicrelary. AI JAMEii C. ATSUN. Actuary. 13S0 I Estáte of XiDammi llobinson. STATBOF MICHIGAN, Oomrty of Wadhtewnr , a Ata se&aum of the Probate ( ourt for tbc Oounty of Wasatooaw, hol len ;.t the i'robaio ti.: i ity &i Aun Arbor, oaSut-urduy, tlie twenf y-flfth duy oí NovL-nibcr, in ihoycar ono thousaiid-curht hnm.jed and tv,-vi:y-oue. Preaent EUtum J. Beakea, Jmlgu of Probate. In the matter of the eatate of Iourann ííobinsou, dM ; iod. Ou reading Aid filing the peí il ion, duly veritied, of Bsnt C UtobiQAOQ ;nfi John F. Xiehols, pniyisg tb ut a (w. um Instrument aow od rtle in tbJá Court, purporting to be the l:ist will and te-íament of unid W c a.-ei mit ƒ be admitted lo probase, and ÜlAÍ they muy be tftiMÍntel KxeciHon tbereef. Tb reupon J il r.i. -r. l.tïuitïSaturilsytlictweniy-t .in] tlny of December next. at tcno'clock iu tbcforónoon, bptunigitcdfoïthelM annirofsafd potitkm, andtbitt the lagntew, deviaon mvi ban ;it luw nf wdii -i.-n mod, rb4 all othex pcBBons interested in toiü ;.%: .;■, ;:■■ t to nppcor ai n sesaion of uaA coiri. tben to Im lioldc n, nttbe Probate Ütoe, In ihm City of Am Avbur, and show eoiise, if ooy Uieze U-, wliy tíie i-rayer ui tinpetitionov fthouïd not le eranted: And it is funïi'i otOeved, aold petitaoner gi ve not ice to tlie persons intorested in suid estáte, oí the pendeuey of Bdid pstiiion, an 1 the heariug thorcof, by causiug a oopy ofthia order to bc puoUshed in the Michigan ArgiUi newspup r printM maft in uud county, three naooeeai'0 ireeks pi'evioiu io Bud duy of hciizinir. (A trueoopy.) Hü:am J. iïkakks, 3.0 Juilg-eof Probate. ""Shëriffs Sale. STATE OF MICHIOA N, Coonty of WaahteiMV, sa. By virtue oí a urit of exocution issuctl out of and uridcr Mie senl ui th" (iuuit t'ourt for the con nt y oí Washtennw, State of .ï ciii.-im, dated tho twentT-flrat day ot Mareta, A. L. 1371, and to me d ïvetetl anti de livored, agHtaat the goodfi chattela. loada aiu! lene1IIÜHÍ3 oi U'iiliam M. Bnnnit dtfendant tíiorein uamcd, I did, on tlie twenty-niuth duy of M:mli. A. D. ; 1, ftr hn wítnt of gootts and ehattels, levy apon uil tht' riffht, tifie and intcicst tlmt W'illiuin M. Ilrown 1k Lii tho follow Ing ".-fiibed real estnte, to-wit : All ol lol a No. Jour, fivc, six, aeron and friihtPin block one EnOtanger & &hMrgnn'a Additím to the Vdkiga ot MADObMtet ; olso the HOuthweat nuurtt-r oi" seclion etcven, soathweat qnnffter of northwest qnartcr of IMJÜoii ol'jvcnT And BOttthenst quurtor of nortlieast (ïiutrter of scctiou ton, all in town tour south of range tlu'C Oiist, all of the abovo deseribed jiroperty being ntoatod in bhe tovniabip umi villngc of Sfaoohoater, oountyof Wwhtonaw, and state ofBfiahigaDi wbidi premuofl I ahall exposo for sale, at p'iblic anotion, to tho hjghest bidder, nt the sonth oor of thrt Court Houw, in the City of Ann Arbor, on the 23tl day of November, A. 1. 187JU at 10 o'clock A. 31. of said day. Duted, Aun Arbor, tícpt. 20th, 187I. MYRON WBBR Sheriff, By JüitriN FoRBErt, rnder-Sheriff. Tlio abovc snle is postpontsl to the 7thday of Dccember next, at the samo timo ui day and place. Dated, Xov. l71. UYRON WKBIÏ, Shrriff. By Joiins FOBBJttj Under-Sheriff. Real Estáte for Salo. STATE O F M L 'III I i A N', County of WnsMennvr, In the matter of the catate t (eorge S. Freer, áeceiised. No tice is hereby given, thiit in puvsimnce of an order j-Tanted to the undersigned, ndminiíítiutorí of the eatabs of snid dootmnod, by the Hon. fadgeof Probate ftnr the Cuunty of waantoenaw, on thesixlhdny ot November, A. IX 1871, there will be aúl ut public vt.nduc, to the highcst bidder, ut the AweUing house ou tho premlses hereiaaftei destribed, in theCountyof Waahtenaw Inaald stut., on WednesJoy, the Mventeenth dayof Jaaaary, A. 1), 1872, at mie vloeit in tlie aitornoon ofthat luy [müeet toallenMimbranceH by mortgoge os otherwua txnting at the :ime of tlic deuth ofaua dcwwdi wmü aJm rooioe to 'he rilit of dowt'i' ofhis wiilnw therein), the falliu infl lescnbed real wtnte, to-vit: ïlio weat half of the louthwest quarter ol' Matton gtstcon, in township two i 'i!h ol range lour eiM couuüniug cihty ucrcd more ir Icüs, in san! Stute. Dated. November 6th, A. I. 1871. JONAS FRF.ER, JAMEtíC. FfiEÉR, '160 Adnainutnton. Estato of Heurietta Wagnor. JTATB OF MICHKrAN", Coimty of Wftahtesww, M. J Notice i.s hereby ivei, that by in urdor o tlie l'i umtc Coun iov tho County of H MhtenaVj made on ''p wcnl iet h tl;y of November, A. D. IS71, six nxmth rom thnt date voxe aUovw for enditen to ureeent in'ji' claims against the estáte of Heurietta wugoer. kte "t 8 nd counly, deoCiMCd, and tluit all errdilois of ,ii.l ■!■ oeawd ivo reqnired to present t)i?ir eluinis to ;nd Probiite (,urt, at the I'robAtc Office, in theCit of nn Arboti for ex jninatíoo and allowonco, on ox ' - ore tk; tventieth day of May nex. j ■ 1 'l-"f "tic1; L'tiiud wiil bo hoiird before said Probate Court, on ;v".ml.i , the tweiuy-M_Mi ti u.t ii Jauutury, .tii uu [on layi Öie twentiflth day ot Muy n.-xt, at ten 'clock in Uio foronoon of ench of those duys. Dated, Ann Arbor, November, MU, A. 1. 1871. H1KAM .Í ÏIK'KKS, 13 Owi Judfc'u of I'robatc. ; 30,ÜOO FOR SALE AT A BAJIGAIN ? t I ÍIAVE 11,000 invcüted in n Fruit Farm in 1 outhern IHJnola; $io.O00in Houscs, i jts. umi lamí in Vinelnitd, IV. J., And as mmh more in detocbed ffirncld west ny . ' whirh [ will scll at a bnrguin, ana ou tinao Ëosalt nchascrs. Vb -lnodis adclightful placa to live in, and n grent I íort for 'invalida. Thcy produce bundnnce of fruit, c ïdhavöaUthe Atlantic c-itios and watering plaoc ramarket. The fruit farms of Southern Illinois ral weeks adrantago in the aarly mnrket of orthern States, over our owu latjüide, with nonily - niblfl tljo net proiits. A fricud wants a house, and I wnnt a farm in thjs cioity, either oí vrhioh t will tike in exelmngo at a irpxioOfbatno speculative nri;as will 1k. tolerated. y nroperty is unmonmbereoT, and title perfect. i i


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