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Murder In Greenfield

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Last uight about 12 o'clock Dcnnison BCiller, a farmer in easy circumstnnce, living soven miles from the center of the city, on the Michigan iivonuo or Chicago road, was murdergd under the followiiig circumstancos : About midnight his wiSfe heard somo noise at one of the doors, and went down stairs to ascertain its causo. She opened the door and a man at once enteiëd and threatsnod her lifo if she made any noiso. The husband by fchia time, hearing some disturb:ince, had come down stairs and confronted the man, who demanded his money. Millpr seems to have ref used to accede to the demand, and some sort of a scufïïe probably ensued, in wliicli the robber stabbed Millcr to the he irt wlth a long knife. The latter died almost immediately on reciiving the wound. The assassin then fled in a northerly direction and at lait accounts had not been taken. The information of the niurder reached this city this morning, and at once Deteci e Bishop and Djputy Sheriff Ben Spa - ling were sent to the sconc by thf Supe - inlendcnt of Pólice and Sheriff Codd. They wem instructed to investígate the matter thoroughly and bco if nything could be done towards effecting the arrest of the murdertu". He cannot have goc far away before the puisuitccmmenc td. The afluir lias erjated great excite - mout in tl o neiejhborhood in which tho mur lered n aa livod, and in sorae respecta resembles tLe doiiorablu Willett's tragody in this citv


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