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The Murder Near Bay City

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x1 urther particulars oí tuo muraer oí John Nelson in tho town of Monitor, in Bay county, show it to havu been a very delibérate and cold blooded crime, growingoutofa business gruilgc and nourisbed by a very qiuirrulsonie disposition and tbc frequent uso of liquor. When he took his gun and left the house, he reniorked to his wife " l'm going to shoot both those dirty dogs," and reoching t!ie briokyark he raisod his gun und pointed it at his victim, sayiug as hu did so, " l'm ready for State Piison." After ho fired and walked away, he remarked to the man who overtook hirn, " I have shot him, and I am sorry I have nut shot the other one too." lie had ropuatüdly threatened to .shoot both of thein, and had often thii;iti'nod to shoot his wife. Slie wus separ.ited from him for some timo on account of his brutality, and liad ofton goue to the noighbors for protection. About 1 i yiars ago in Canada he threatenud to shoot his brother-in-hiw, who took the gun away from him and strufk him on the head witli it. He is known to be a desperate eharacter. Great sympathy is feit for his wifo and ehildrcn, two interesting little boys. He has sufnoient property for their support, having 80 icres of land freo of encumbrance, stock, implements, etc. The following estimato of the supply of cottou froai all parts of the world for the year ending September 30th, 1872, is trom the most reliable source : Crop of the United States, 3,225,000 bales ; supply from the Eest lililíes, 1,500,000; add to tho above the execss of stock in Europoan ports, 254,000 bales ; excess in United States ports, (5,000 balus ; in spinners' hands, 300,000 bales, making a total supply for the year of 5,479,000 ba!e3. AMÚnipg that the consuinption for the yuai willbe at the rato of 125,000 bales pur week, which mte can only bereduo ed by extremely low prices.thero would bo on hand at the end of the year 239,000 bales. It is ruruored that the ürand Duke Alexis has requested an .interview with the woman suffrnp;ists, labor-refórmers, anrl spiritoalista of Amerioa, and that the Kussian minister, Mr. Cataoaéy, has inado airaiifreincnts with Mrs. Victoria Woodhull, President of the National Reform Party, to hokl the interview at her residenoe in New York. A burglar was caught at Somervillc, N. Y., i'rom tho circumstanco of meeting ayoung lady in one of tho rooms in hor night clothes. On seeeing him sho fainted iHi-.i feil in his arms. and when tho people of the house carne in he was trying to bring her to with a bottle of cainphor. lie s;iid no gentleman would go off and leave a lady in such a condition as that. Reporta from tilo Northern Pacific Iíailroad say the thermometer is down to2 and 36 dtgrees bolow zero, with ' heavy winds. Trains are stopped by the drifting snow, and the telegraph wires arebroken in several places by the severe cold.


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