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The Queen's Lover

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A very ccctntric and famous man died in a hovel in the St. Giles quartcr in London, tbo othcr day. Thirt years ago he ■■as one oí tne most colebiated men in Englnnd. He was a chimney sweep, and he, liko Fechter in the play, " loved the Quen. He becanie so infatuated after ti then young and fuscinating roya] lady, tluit he elimbed down the chimney ofot. James Palaco a nuniber of times, but esenped when chased; savu on onc occacion. Then he was taken as he was nbout to enter the Queen's apartments, and shut into Tothill streot prison. Ai soru as liis time was up, he tried repeat dly again to see the Queen, and the pólice took the matter ia hand. He was awüsied, taken into Grayesend, emburkod on board the Diamond, and sent to Australia. He lived for many ycars at fudney, but vas allowcd to return to England about five years ago, ahvays dosperaiely. amored of the Qucen. His reuiaining years wero tpent in miserable poveriy. A fortnight since a runor was onc day (tarted in Laduu thut tíutcn Victoria was dead. He hcard it just as he -wn rotiring to rest, uttered a groau aad died instantly. The uni'ortunate be jng'g -was Edward Jones.


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