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TU8T BECE1VE-D! FiNLEY &LEWIS have rccclvcd a largo awtl Trell-selccted Stock of New Fall Goods ! BOUGHT FOR CASH, All of wlilch must be soM hislde of slxty l;iys to muke room for our Second Fall stock. We can show our cnstomers the Best Kip SBoots ever brought to this market, both for nen aud boys. CALF BOOTS OF ALL GRADES. We have tlie exclusive sale of J. M. Burt's fine Inuul-nude woik - conceded to b the best work to weat In the market. Onr stock of :'"." LADIES' AND MISSES' WORK IS COMPLKTa tW We have the exclutive sale of the llue of E. C. Burt, of New York, snel Reynolds Bros., ol Utica. We cutiré satisraction on th!s work. 1334 ITEAR YE ! E. J. JOHNSON HAS A FÜIX STOCK OP HATS & CAPS ! FOR FALL AND WINTER. Aiso a Urge stock of Ladies' and Gents' Furs ! IllS 8TYLES A.B.E OTÜE L-A.TEST. H1S GOODS THE BEST! AND niS PRICES TUE Z3 E-aC WE2 mL. ■ 3O2SSS rM7m Aleo a full line o( Qents' Pnrniihtng Good 7 South Main St., Ann Aiboi. "iPAÏNTS" PRINTS PAIiiaTS Oils ons Oils Varnish Varnish Varni3h Erushes Brushes Brushes MIJVERAL PAINTS, &c, LOOK TO YOUR INTEREST AND CALL ON R. W. ELTJS & CO., HEFORE PURCIIASTNG I ?4'iY L t,1 A ÏAL.5E EEPORÏ ! THAI A. A. TERRY HASGONEOÜTOF TRADE HE STILL UVES, AND HAS A L AEGE AND COM PLETE STOCK OP HATS & CAPS ! JUST THE STYLE, AUD AT TRICES Ti) KUIT TUK T1ML3. AU30 A FULL LINK OF GENTS' FURNISHING GOODS! DONT PURCHASE YOUR SPRING AND SÜMMER OÜTF1T8 UNTIL YOU QIVB üllwa: ACALi,. 15 South Main St., Ann Aiboi. ïsai-u. $am7 bTrêvënaügh7 PHOTOGRAPHER I RETOUCHES ALL HIS NEGATIYES BEFORE TRINTING, SO THAT FRECKLES,MOÏHSANDTAN Do not rKow in any of bis Picturos. No Extra Charges. A GOUD, FAITHFUL MAN With his Wlfe, whoarewllUnj to worlt, enn fliid i-teady employmcnt Ihcyenr througb. by lucjiiirlng At thifl office A man who uuderetaoda and fHiicien ïardeninfr, and a voman who iiiiücrsüiadfi duiug ioutework, and none otbert acd apply. IMItf II. Cohen's Columii. AT THE NEW Mier! Store ! 47 SOUTH MAIN STREET, Tou can now flnd a largo and complete assortmcnt of Ladics' and Childrcn's PALL AND WINTER BATS IN" AXSL, STYLKS, TRIMMED AND UNTRIMMED Also a Full Line of RBBBOSVS, LACES, COLLARS AND CXJTF3, llasiery for Ladies and Children, G leves for Ladies and Children Ladies' Made Under-Garments Ladies1 Knit Under-Garmente, Hoop Skirts, Corsets, Madam Foys Corsets and Skirt Sujporter II A DKERCHIEFS In pklin Linen, Hemstitch, Lace Initial, MourniDg, &c. Plitfih for CloaHng, Lilk Velvctsfor Cloakings, Vel veteen for Oloakings, Velvel on the Jïias, all colors Yelveleen on the Bias, all shades, JRibbons, Vdveis. Buttons and Dress Trimmings Jaconet Edging and Insertion, Towels and Napkins, White Trimmings of all kinds EUFFLINGS. Jaconet, plain, stripe and check, Nainsook, plain, stripe and check Boft Finished Cambric, Swiss Muslin, India Twill, . Victoria Lawn, Bishop Lawn, Linen for Shirting, Tarlatans, SHIRT BOSOMS. Gcrmantown Wools of erery coloi Gcrmantown B:lmoral Yarn, Kuitting Yarns, Gents' Collars, Suspendere, Ilosiery, Neck Ties, and IIandkercliief8 PERFUMERY. Ilair Oils, Colognes, Bay Eum, Soaps, Ilair, Tooth, and Jíail Brasiles, Pocket Books Albums Jet a nd Shell Jewelry. Bracelete, Glove ad Ilandkerchief Boxes, Woolen Goods, NtJBIS. Worsted Slipper Patterns, Eiribroidered Cushions, and in fact everything usualJy kept in a first-class Milliner' and Fancy Goods Store. H. COHEN, 47 South Main St. 181.1


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