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DETROIT APVERTISEMENTS TVT IIIIUA HACH1SEHY BUPOT. G. S. WOHilER & SON, Dealers ;n all kind of Woad and ou Woiking Machi icry. 99, 101 & 103 JKFFEESON AVE . I ETKOIT, MUil. VX Importers tiíifl Dealere íd IF'.A.WrOY C3-OODS, TOYS.YAKKEE NOTIONS HOSiEEY. LaCES AND TR1WMINGS, Kl MANITK-UJTfEKHS Ur Chuchen 's Cariiages, Baskets & Sleighe, No. 8O and 82 Woodward Ave., Detroit. OHIP VOlll se QILLETT Se HuX,L DKTRorr. We suarantee higheat pricea, immcdiate sulcf, nud proinpt rctum. pr Liberal Ca&h nno siiiPPEUS of WHEAT ! ffo are propare.d to offer imhicements to flhippers of whoat not .surpawed by thoseof any othrr boOM Liberal udvum ci, prompt atlentton aud quick re tuina. JACOB BEESON & CO., 5 WoodbridRC Strest, West. Detroll Cl RAIN BUYKIW CON-IGN X to JOHN H. WENDELL & CO, DETROIT. Wc gnnrantee prompt palca and immediate re tutus We aro abteat fill times to place car lots ol faney White or Ked Whcut to advant-ae lf shlppud Ín thronu'h line care. We refer to all Ifaukn and Commercial Agencies. 14HRIAGES AD SLEIGHS. HTTÖEI JOHNSON, AMTA'ïrnrr. SV in Carriages, JRuffffics and Sleighs, Cor. I.arned Sc Cnn streut. A larce ass"rtment of RA8TKRN and Home niiuie Baffgles (iarriace and öleigho ou hand, oi ñcishtd to order. Au Examination of Stock and Pricea Solicitad. JOHN PATTON & SON, tl Manufacturera aad Dealers in Carriages, Buggies, Sleighs, &c, The üueet aesortuifiu in Michigan. Eatubltshed i u IM9. FJOTOBY OORVER WOOIiilRIKOB AND nü IÍ êTRBITS. Kop'Bitory, 220 Jcfferpon ATenuf .Detroit. PUBNITÜRE ! P. UITFJVAiTËL & CO4, 213, i & 217 Woodwnrd Avcnae Detroit We havc"a complete assortment of the flnes PHtniture,ftnd othrr radfifl. A cali frora buyers i solicitad. We Are fiilly iihle to enit all ns toqiittlUj nnti priccB. Wc mtiuufiiclurc moal of our Curuiture, nnd can giiarantee BatttfftoUon ï AM SELLING ALL STYLES I op IIOXJSKtlOLD FURNITURE Twi-nty-flve por cont lest than nnj other honse ii Detroit. Do uut fail to viait mj 'urnimrc Warcroonis. JOSII. W. SM1TII, 250, 252 and 254 East Side Woodward Avenue F ALL, A7ÍO WISTEH STOCK OF FINÍ WHITE AND BORDEKËD China Dinner and Tea Sets, Sonic verv flnft in coloru ; also flne Cut GIspb Hogers. Sralth & Oo's. flue IMnted G:)ods; ïvvri and Rnbber Handled (Jntlcry, Larce stock of stand liracket aud Hanginjr Lnmps. &c &c for sale a low orces by 1. l 'Olt NII 6i, 10 Michigan Ave. opposttQ New City Hall, Detroit 7EW ERA IM SKWING MAMÏINES( The Nciv Wilaon UndiM Fc-cd S-win2 Ma chine mnkrb the .amu Hlitch as the !SniL'r, uowe andallothcr hlh price Lock-Mitch Machines, I their eiunl in uil, nnd loperlor in nfaoy re."p.;cts taktnff thopfeinuira In tbe State Fair of 1 v 7 1 owi lloihcr, 8nIdS0)osg than any other ñr't-clati machines. Worranted flvo yeare. Send for clrcnlarg E. CI1KNKY & SON. Gen! Ag'18 1IÏ Wo dwaril Av„ Detroit Mi"h, TOH M. UOIGHUUIY. ij Manufacturcr8 of PICTURE & MlltltOR FRAMES Chromoü, E::r::i inus. and Pkotoa. At Wholesale. 2S7 JEFFERSO AVEME, DETROIT, HICU rHEOlOKK SIGI.KU. Mamifaccurpi of LOOKIXG-GLA.SS.fc PICTURE FKANl-S Gilt, R:stwoDÍ Wabüt and Oínamtnlíl MoólJings, Iruporters of Lookin? Glass Platos, Chromos, aud Bngravlngs. 34 Attvater strect, üclroil. LAY Sc ADAMS, Maimractiircra of ai.d wholeeale dealers in PURE WHITE WINK, CIDBB AND MALT VINEPxAES 14 Atuatcr streel, II est. 1313 Detroit, Michigan. GOLDTMITH'S Bkyant 4 Stratton Bos. iMtssUmvi-Bsnï, Dbtboit - Busloesa practlcallj taught after the Coantl"(? Hone syslom, ihe anl] true and practical ayetcm for UIOBlraiing rt-nl biifinesí, rcqtlirinj; lïanky, Mores. liuMuec-'S ïionm'!, Ofllces, Itoard ( Trade.ctc. No institiuion evei took a premium for 11 ok-keeptng nnd 1í:iíikjhPractica over ibis lntthutlOD, a:id iir.y ussertior tr theeontrarv is fnlsc. Pitase nddress as abure foi paper and documente. íiHALLENGK I will place $60') tn tbi yj haudd of aoy resp'tnsible party wlu-ueer an.1 B'lliard Table mruiuraciurtr ip rilling to tett ib' nicriis of bis Dilllard Tables, as In darabililn. aac wvrhtnanship mtd 'ttl', corrrctnt s anti QUiekfUU '; cimMoju, he venturlng alike amonnï on tho decisión And 1 fnrther popose tbat the winner shall dluposi f thu mnucy wi u by givii} it for tome charitabli i)uriosc. c. scnuLF.xmiRO. BlllUrd Tftble. Manufactoror, Detroit, Mlch. JAMBB JKNKS, [Bctahaiisd 1SS4 Dealer in all kinds of MACH1NERY AND SUPPLIES ALBO, AGENT j on HALL'S PATENT SUINtiLE MAClIIN'i:. '2iAtwHter SiTütt ICat, bírtwecu Bates aud Kandulph Strectí, Detroit. Mích. U.1IFBLU, I.1NIV A VU., DIAUBfl in DRY G00DS and MILLIKER" 111 & 113 W'rodward Avenue, coruer CoDgre8a SU Detroit, Mich, VRF.SS MAKiya A SPECIALT]'. COAJET1I1NG NEW AT 50 Main Street I LOUIS WA LZS GROCER &COxNFLCTIO]NTER HAS A LI. STOCK IN HIK LINE, AND WILL PROMl'TLY SF.KVE THE PUBLIC WITII SUOAUS, TEAS. COFFEBS SPICES, SYKUPd, CANDIES, ETC. Parties Supplied WITH CAKES OF ALL KINDS AT SnORT NOT1CE, OF THE UESr QUAI.ITY, AND AT THE MOST LIBERAL TERMS. CALL jl.3STID SEE HIDMC BEFORE ÍUR: IASING. lS3JmC. P'OR RliNT A ÜESIRABJ.E STOK K ! And CRI,!, AR. A18O ne Fine Kront Room ovor their New Store. No. 18 Main St.. from Angoil lst, 1ST1. Knuuircof G.W. II AYS, Slipt. 'pKOPLEvB DRUG STOtiü-l R. W.ELLIS& CO, A.N"IÑr ABBOR i o 2! Pi 1 S S . 3 z pL Sí! 8 J ffl á i .11 ü & S la fc s % H f w M g, . i. '..uw y l i n 1 fia 9 tí 8.J , i : . a s á To any peraoD productog nuy Uedtdne ablo ti BhOWODetnlrdlM many Iívíul', pcrmaiunt cares :i Dr.FiTLBKa Vböktadle Rucumatio Urmkst ; anti fnrther remrd of $100 for inv case ofOhroüIc o Iiitlnminntory RheumatUm , Kcuralgta, Rheumatl Aue, Se iticu, ui.íl Ubeumailsm of the Kitfueysi mil nal cure. This fttKumatlc 8yrnp b !■ ■■' iuuard tuonlv picnnant tothe mete nud járnaranteed fre Irnm lojarioas Driles Jti nut Qaack Medicln bal thc sclen tifie prescriptloo ( Jo, l. Pttler, M I.. Profeiisor oí Toxicólo lind Chejnlstry, grada uto of the cek'bratcd Ujiiverslty IViin-yiv.iuiu, A D. iStjy, vrbose euliro rofeselona] II fe tuis been de vote el Bpeclally to this dle te. Uiia prnparatioi nndor solcmu calh U const i ■nttonet; bellev6d to h thc otly i'puHiiivc, rwHable, Infaillblo specifie uve l mi vered. Tbo prool thut no ofier apecifle ex lata la found la every comrouuity lo persona añílete foi mftpyyears puatandítillsufl'erin. (fpky COUld CUft iV, '' (I tpeCífiC tiid rri. t. W ■{ , ■! s,- afact ihat munt ha uulrersallv admlUed. Th ofl decclTCdífüfferor muy wUHy aak, what eocnrltj or evldeoce hna be that Dr. Pltler'a Rheamatlc Syr up wUl curo bis cusí. Th protPCt(on offerej to iR ticnts ;iiiiinsi. iinp'tsiíit):) a in a loally slgned Ci írutt which will be forwnvdcii without charge to anj ftalTerer S6D(lin bv kttera deicrlptiun ofaffl] lioo thlasairantee wiílstato the exact mim'v r ofbot tien warranted u care and in cnt; f fallore th money pald nifl bu petarood to thd pacleat. Ni other remedy liasevr ticen oflterod on lacli llhern añil honorable imus. Medical advlce, wlth certiti cates from uromliionl lh sJclnni, Clcnfj mei etc. who hayo beeu curdaftor all other tn ntment hnve falled8CDl by letter. k'riLis Af'liet'd cordial iv Invíted to write foi ttdvtcetothe pihictpul ofllce .(; Soutli Fuurili Street. PhH td -lphla, Ha. Dr. Fit li-i'H RbeamadcSyrup is old by DraggUt H. v. Billa A ió,, Bole Agenta, Anii Arbor, Ulcb SAM. B. KEVENAÜGH I FHOTOGnAFÍISR 1AKE8 ALL KIJND8 O PSOTURES FROM THE SMALLEST LOCKET TO TUE LIFE SIZE, ANDFINISIIESTHKMIN INDIA INK ! OIILi, OR WATER COLOBs ! INA SUPPERIOR MANNKR. 13:9-ly. No. 30 Hl'ROIV STREET. I UMBER YARD. C. KRAPF, lia a larce and well Btocked Lnmhpr Tardón leffereon Street, in the'onth part of the Itv. and villkecpconstautly on band au ftxcllentTarletyor LUMBER, SHINGLES, LATH &C rhich willbeo'daslow88car be afforded iujthis nurket. (imlity imd prlccusncb that NO ONE NEED GO TO DETROITO. KXIAPF. Ann Artor .Tominry'JOth, 16T1 986 "Finest Aasortmont of Toilet Goods in the City, by


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