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J. Wiini, ProprUtor. K. H. UcDohalo Co., Dronba A 0b. Asuuu, Sm 1-r.i.w.r... Cd., 4 ai Cottnuitt rvHTN. Y. BtlJLLlOK8 Bar Trsiimnny lo Ihcit 'u iwlcr tu I Curnlivc Eilects. They are not a vile Iancy Dr i nk. Made of Poor Rum, Whlskcr, Prooi' Bpirltl and Refuso Iilqiiorn dOCtOÏWl, SUtcefl aiici ■WftCtQfMd to pienso tlio tustcentted "Tontos" "Appetlzors, "Restoren," &c, thatlcud the tipplcroiitodrunkcniiCHsamï ruin, bu tirc truc MediciiiiMiiiulc f rom tlic Nntivc Itoots and lïtrrbn of Culiforniu, freo f rom uil AIcoliollc rMiiniiInnt. ThoyardthaGRKAT Hl. ooi) 1'IRII li:iï r ! a LIFB GIVIKG PRINCIPIE a perfect HanoTOtor onil Invlgaratot of thu Sytem, carryiiis uiT all poiKonous matter intl restoring thebUxxl to a healthy comUtion. Is'o peraon cin take these Bitters occordinK t direct ion s nr.d remain long unwell, provMcd tholr bones are not destroyed by mineral poiflonor otlicr mcunfl, and tlio viml orL'aim waatcd bcyoutl the pointof rmalr. Tlie y nro a (Mentir Pnruntlre nu well nt a Tonlc, pOHewIns, abo, thc peculiar fntrtt of acting as a powerful nj;eiit In relicvliifc Congestión or Iiiflarumatlon of tho Livor, pjid rtll tltc Visotral Ortians. FOR FEMALE COMPbAJNTa, lnjounKor old, marricil or sint;!', at the dawn of womanhood orat the tu r ti of life, Uiec Toníc Bittern ha no eqnal. Kor Inflnminntorr nnd ('hronir Hhriima tlnm ami (out, Dj npcpnln or IntMsenlIoo, Jïitïon, Rfiitlllcnt ii ml I nlrr milieu t I'Vtci'R) Dlncnfics f Ilir ltlooil, I.lver, Ivldncya nnd llln1lr, thr Ritiera have tcn mout eiiccessful. Sitrli Dim'nnrft re candil by V It inir J ISlood, whuh toganfMf producid by liaraiiKemeot Of thc IHftrntivo Oicnn. DVSPI2PS1A OU INDIGESTIÓN, Headache, Pain io tbc Lloii More, Coujrbn, Tightness of tho Client, DizxineM, Puur Eruetatïoo.i of the Stomach, Had Taste in the Mouth. Billoun Atracó, Palpitation of the Hcart, Iitflaioiiiatiou of tho Luug,. Pain in the reeiüD of the Ri Jnej . and a hundred othcr painful irmptoms, art) tLe oQhprinja of Dyapcpsia. y invicorato thc .Stomuch mi ittimulate the torpld Iiver and liuwcl-a, irhich romtcr thom of unequaileü cfficncy in ClMDtlnt the Llood of all impurities. aud Iinpartinf new life and Tior to tho wholosrstem. FOU S1Í IN niSEASES, Eruptions.Tetter. öalt Hlicum, lílotciica. Spots, Pimples, Pust ules, líoila, Crbunctes. Kins-Wormn. ScaM Heiwi. Bom Eyes. Eryulpelas. Uch. S-urfs, DlscölontloiU of the iskin. Humor unl líiseasiiís of the Skin. o f whatTvr name or tinture, aro litt-raliv dug up and carried out of the ayatem in h short time by the um ot tluw Hhutí. One liottle in incb cases wiUcoüviuco lbo most iucredulous of their curativc cfTtcts. CIcaDsc the Vitiatcd Blood whencvor you 6nd lts lmpuritics burstiuc throuh tbc akia In Pimples, Lruptions or Soroa ; cleaoao it nheii you Gud it ob.structed and slutfifisli in tho veins; clcanso it when it is foul, and your fcelinga wül teil you when. Keep Mood pure, and tbc bealtb of thc avfitcin will follow. Pin, Tape, ;i in! otticr Woruis, lurking: in the Bystetu of so many thousand, aro effectuaüy destroyed and removed. Says a diftUnguished physiolostat, there is 8carcely au individual upon the face of tho earth wfaOM body is cxcnipt frmn the pn3ence of worms. It II uot apon the healthy elementa of the body tliat wornis exist, but pon the fiisriistd hu mors and slimy depnsit that breed these liviusr monsters of dintaNo. No System of Medicine, no vermifu;, no antholmintica will freo tbc KyiitL-na froin worms liko these Bittere. J. WALKEJt, Proprietor. R. II. McDONALD 4 CO., Drupjrists and Oen. Atrents. San Francisco. California, and 32 and 34 Commerce Street, New York. B3"SOLU IX ALL DKUUGISTS AND JÜEALEKS. Ohftncury Notice. HpHB CfIftCDIT COURT for tho oountyof Wodi.1. tenaw. hi ihanoery. U KV PEA VET, Oomptertnant, ) MAIITIX L. PUTST, Defendoat. ) It satisfoctorily appoaxiug to tlns Coxirt by the nflidavit of M;uy l'ca%eyft]io coinplninmit. and by thorcturn of the Sheriff fór the Cotitity of Wuabtenuw, made npon ■■. sabpouu (woed In the aibóre oanse, thut the i '■■:■!■ i. ■ of Martin Ij. Peavojr, the defendantj anknovn, omcl ïhnt the said subpesoa oould nol te Korved opon fcfae said defendasi by foasüi] of hú obeencet and of hú whereabouta being raüonowri i herefore, on naoüon of l. Cramer, oneoi Üicsoli i complflinant, it i ordeied that the !■ fen lont, .Martin L. Peavey, oause hú appeoxanoe in thisenueeto be ontercil williin linie nmaihn iiom tiio u'it p tion of this order, and m ense t his nppearasce he cause lus anewer to the oomplniaant's WÜto be (lied, aud a qopy tbereert to bé serred on Ij. Cramcr, one of the RolicItoA f ooxding u Ihe talea nnd pritcticcs of the eourt, and in tlefault thcimt' 'li.ii the hüiil lill be i:t;-n as eonfemed; and it in further ordered, fchat said oomplainani, within twenty aya oiuiao :i oopy of tbis oi-.ler to bc pobllahedin ín the Wichfgan ru, and thai suid pabbcatíon continue for tin; tem óf bhirteen BtiocessiTe weeka, :;i o in each wesk or that the aaid oomptainnni - oopy of iliis order io be penonally served on the defenaant atleul twenty daysbefon Uua timo ubove prescribed for liis appearanoe. Üct. 17th, 1871. Tï.r.KATTAN'. Circuit Court Commiraioner, VTashtenav County 3Liehifron. D. Ohaheh, 1545 One of thc Koliciiors for Cumplainant. Mortgage Sale. DEFAULT hnvini: ben made In thc conditlons of a morti'Hí:f' executed by John v. BeDtley, andSarah 1!. ri cy to r ter 8hQltri t paring rtaie the 8"h flitj of Angnst on' thonsAod etsbt bnndred .nnd uiil :;ü.1 recordad In the office of tho Ke'i-tcr of reef Is ftr Wachfennw County, Michigan, rn ir.e fb'vcnth fl.iy of Aitfiit, A. ! 18' -. anc n C rde 'r. líber 8 ' oT morteageü . o pafte 280 on whlch m ;r ;nj;t there cl-iimcd to lm dn ",irie hnadred r cl aeventy one dolíais nnd tbirty-four centfi and lli ■ y doíl ira :)s au attorney fee ac pr vlded ín said mort'ji'jf. nnd do Btilt or procOfHnii it ïaw havin-j heen inatUnted to reenrer thc -'ebt 8ocarjd !y safd mor.GTAje. jr nny part thereof; Notice u thorefore [ier by trivcn, that by virtúe of the power of saití contalued ín Paid ranrtjmce. an'l of the statnto in pneta oave made and provldtwi, tbft naid mortfrajfe 11 be foroclpt'(l by : sjile of tho jrtil niorttfafred premi sea, to-wii: All that pïoceor pnrcl oí land lylngantl betng in the I wnshïpof Northfleld. 'n thc County of wftgateuaw, -tnd tf of Michigan knovrn, boanded snd described Mfoilows to wï' ï the quartcr of Bonthensl qaurter of Bection numher tïften, towmhlp No. onfl poath of raugc Ño six Ret aeeordtnff to toe original wirroy, containlne fnrty ncre of huid. more or loss , whlch kale will oe al puhtic aaitlon, to ihe htheat bidder, atthesonth door of the Waahtenaw Conniy Conrt llon.i', In the Clj ofAsn rbor, in cald County, fthttt betaff the plnrc of boMlDff the (."in-.iit, Coort iu the aforesuid Crmntv) n Batnfday, the twen y Rèventh doy of January, A. D. on:1 thonsand plghi hnnflrod -ind eventytwo, at tea o clock in tlu: ford mon of that " t : i y . November 2d, 1871, PÊTEK SHÜLTERS. UortffM. LAwRRnoR & Kraikk, AUy's for Vlortsflffoe. Shoriff's Sale. STATr: 05 BCXCHTOAN, Oonntyof WashtcnAir.M. lïy I t .i Wl i' ■ ■ ander the eal of the Circuit Coortfor the county oí Wwshteniiw, State oi Blichigan, dated tlie Mtli day of M;iy, A. D. 1871, uní torne diiocted and ü livei-ea, nf(uia$4 the goods, ohattel8( landa nnd ton M s. A,tohison nn l ( inwn 4.tchjson, defeudants thereínnamod, 1 did, on the ftftli day of July, A. l. 187L, levy [Km uil theinterc Oi on tchuon has in tho following dencribed real eatato, to wit : Being the BOtttheaèt qanrter of the northweat (juarter of scction Bbcteen, ín townshipone toatli of range seven eaai ; aaul the Routh part of the east half of the northenat pOAiter of "-1"'1 i'1" " L iiii'fii, and thesouth bn)f of the ire&t half of the norUmeal qaartei of eeetion Berenteen, township one Kuth of runge Beren cast, in theCountj ol waehtenaw, State of tfichiffan; whioh Roove described premuM i shall exposé foi public auction. to Üie hwhest bidder, at tho sonth fionrof theOonxi House, ín the city of Aun Ai lor, on the S5thday of Dteember, A. V. 1871, at lOo'oldbk A. M. i Bftid d,ny. Dated, Nov. Oth, A. I"). 1S71. MYltON WEBB, Shf-ritf, 1347 Ui T liy Joiitim foBHEó, Under-yherh'. Chancory Sale Notice. IN FÖJteiMNCE nnd by vtrtaeof the doeree of the rircuit C'ouvt for tlie Couiityof Wwhtenaw, in chance y, in tiir aw wbeicin t n orjïo (' . Tmc, recoiver of Tyler ft Peatt, la oomplainant, and William titcphiiis. 1 1 trrit't M.Jeflferiesand SenryHall uedefbndants, and of tho jndgment of thv Shnpreme Oourtyi said oanse, the undorsiffnfldt one of the Circuit "ourt GommissioDera foi the ' ounty of Washtenaw, will sell üt public tha hunml bidder, at the front doorofthe Cuuri Qouseinthe city of aiih Arborin BMd eotinty, on the hit li day oí December nes t ut noon, the foJIowtDg riescribed lands nnd premiso, via,: All thut Cfit'iin pieoo or p irosl of land situnte, lyinc and 1 Düifl in the ' louni f óf ÏCaahtenaw and Btate of U higun,lcnovn and doaezibed rs followa: The northwesl qnarter of aection tbirty-ftixt and the est half of the northeast quarter of seotion Oürty-flve In tomuMp One, south of range four e iist, or ko mueli of said lands ha mny bc snfücient to satisfy said decree, wiih inUrest and obsta. Dated. November 2dt 1871. IMCHAUI) IÍKAHAX, One of the Circuit Court Commissioners for Wuslitonaw County, Michigan. IIinAM J. BbaXKB, Bolioitor for Complainant. 1344 IFOUBTB JUDICIAL tKCXHT. The terms of thé drouit Coori for the Foarth Judinul ( inuit fot the ywx9 1873 nnd 1S73 have been fixed and appoiatod by me ;s iollmn : JACKSON COUM'V. On the third Mondays of Jannav; and Man-h: Uw Becond tlo&day oi'Juue; nud the flrst Mond a y of October. IN' HAAI COÜNTT. On tJheMODnd Moinly of February, uud thcfourth Bfondayaoi April, Jnne and October. WITKXAW l'(MATT. On the fourtli MoimImvs of Pébniary and May, the seeond Monday of BvptÁmber, and the íouiíh Ifonday ot November. lhited at Jackson, Oct Mth. 1871. SAMUEL Hh, BV, Circuit Judpe. pAMTLrES uithing to hp siipjlictl with ITIIIjK rcírníarly. will iii-'ific Ic:ihi ili'ir oiden for the snine at my oöicc, cor. H uro na ml Piftb etreot. 1340tf N. B. OOIiB. Go to R. W.ELLIS & CO'e for choice Wines and Liquor f j ior Medical Purposes . Real Estáte For Sale. STATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Watthiffrmw, ss. ïnthe matter of the estáte oL TbanftasJ. lírooks, ? ■h-i i-.-.x-'l. Kottocteher bygiven, that in pnrsuance ui uu ordei grasted u the undemgned, ndministrator , uf tbO estáte of -lid the Hun. Judge of v ol the County of Washtnaw, on tbeslxtoenth Hay of Ootober A. 1) 1871, there wiU be sotó at public vendue, feo lii-h'st bidder, tttthedwelling M ; hereinafter describí! lt in tho Oounty f Q Wwhtennw ii sal ' Otate, on VVednesday, the twentywventii day of Deeembes, Al). 1871, at ton o'cloek in j foronoon of that day [subject to all enoumbraiM ot ] bj mtetgnge ot otberwise existingat the time ot the t deatn 't uud deoeased, and abo subjoct to the right ot dowerof hts widow tberein), the following di reul estáte, to-wit ; TwDand afaalf acra inon in tho vülage of Chelaea in tsuid county, boundedoo , north by the Michigan Central ttailroed lands, on , theetMtby the Michigan Central Baüroad lands and t tht; landa f Edvard Winters, on the nouth by the , er of the John C Depew rond, and on the west. by Andadeeded October -"th, A. 1) ïtJGi, to Condón . Ingralianti uil on seotion twelve in townanlp two, Bonth of range three eest m said bttate, bcing th mrcelof land eouveyed by James M Cbngdon and ] nfe tosaid Thomas J. Brooks, by deed recordad ni the office of the Register of Desda In , taldcounty ou page 242; exospting and resorrtogiho , ruescribea premises. via.: Commenoing at A , noint in tlm center ol thr John C. Depew road ■aid, two hundred and &JEty-ix feet i a ■'■ oi ' he ■a-t. corner of landsowned by Charlottes. Honer.rnniing theno? easterly nionfr the oentar m' saJKI rond three xodsj thence northwardly atríght anadea witfa ■aid toad nx rod; tbenee westwMidly parallel with mid road three roda; thenee soutberlv al right angla with said. rond six roóU to the place of 'begin ning. CKAlíLKSH KEMPF, Adtumistrutor. Dated October 3Oth. 1871. 1347 Real Estáte for Sale. OTATE OP MICHTOAN, County of Waahtenaw. ss; In the matter of the estáte of Calvin K. Beek, . N't'i.-r - i-.-i.y L'ivt-n, ihüt in ponuanee of an order granted tú the andenagned. E of ite r gaid deeensed, by the Bon. Judge (i l'robotefbrthe County of Wasnfenaw, on the twvntythlrd day of October, A. 1. 1871, there will bu sol-i at Public Venöne, to the highest bidder, al store of Boyd f Biother, Bylvan Center, In the Couhtj ui WashtenAV in sald otate, on Wadueadsy, the twentywvcnth day of December, A. D. 1871, at one o'clock m tlie afternoon of tbat day [eabjeot to all exieumbi by moxteoge or otherwiae eiisttog at the time of the death of Mud deceaaod, añd alo subject tnthe rifibt of dowor of Lorana Kmm aa widow of Nathan L dootaaed) the foUowtng deaertbed reu) estáte to-wii i The northwsst ijnartex of Beotdontweni y -om-. In townahip two sonth of range threw eavt, oontainii hundred and ixry aenn non or leas, in said AJao a axcel of land commenoing ou the aast line of sald northweet qoarter en the Boeker mud. and running thence easterly towards Sylviui (triitt-r twenty ohaius thennt' sonth efgnt Cnains nnd twenty-flre links to u stakq and nones tfaenes west twenty ch ..ïi.H to a Btake und stonea, thenee north eight chaina md twenty-ÜTe links to tho place of 1 tttining mixteen and 50-UH) ncroa more or les. : and ulso a Parcel of land coznmencíng ac the northwsst corntr oí tho soathweet qaaTteï ot' tht; northenst qunrtet ol Baid sectiou twenty-one, being twenty chaius in l'.-tith md (.-ht chaina aud tifty links in width, contuuiinK serenteea aeres,- being laad known to be a pnvt of ihe oM favm formerly owned by Joseph Perry, and tho asi-'oiivtfved by deed from Olive Tichenor, L.ijwLs O. Bt'cfo;r nnd wÉfe October Mth, A. D. 1867. to flaiil Calvin K. Becker, reoorded on pnero 220, of Hbur C4ofdeods. in the officu of the Register pi I)eeds ot' snid ' 'ounty. Duted, October 23d, A. D. 1871. WESLEY BUUCHARD, 1347td Kxecutor. _ Estáte of Leiand Walker. QTATB ov MXCH1OAW, County of V;tóhti-naw,H8. Noticu ii hereby girea, by an order of ihe Probate Conri for thii County ol W.ishuiiiiw. made oa the 'hird day of Nuveinber A. B. 1871, m ■ front that date were aUowud tor crudi tors to I tht.'ir olaima ogainst the estáte of Lelantl Walker, late of s:üd couuty, detieaoedj and Lhat all orediton of s;ii(l deeaased are required to p their claims to said Probate 'ort, at the Probate Of tice, in the City of Anu Arbor, for examination and nlfowanoe, on ot oefore the twenty-third day of May, nfxt, aud thut áuch claims wiïl f heard befóte sonl Probate Court, on Satiirday, tho thirtieth day of December, and Ou ïbursilay, the twenty thtrd Üay of May next, at 10 o'cieck in tlie foreuoon oí aaoh of those days. DatedAuu Axbor, NovemÏMfr 2M, A. I. 1S71. I11UAM J. BEAKE8, 1840w4 Judgc of Probate. Comraissioners' Notice. STATE OF MICHIGAN, county of Washtennw, m The nndersiïfoed, haring been appointed by the Probate toürl for raid county, ( 'ommusiont n t" reecWe, examine and adjuat all etnims and demanda of uil persons agninst the estáte of Bitary Jane Raywult, ltc of aiid countydeoeased, hereby trive noticu that üix montlis fiom date are allowed. by order of s:iid Probate Court. for oreditors to present their claims agaiost the estáte if Baid deceasen, and tl ;it (hoy will ■ the office of Geóxge ('. Page, In the rülage of Dexter, in aid couuty, on Satorday, the twenty-neventh day of January, nnd on Wednesdny, the twentyi:i nt ,M;.y nextT at ten o'clock a. m. of each of ssJd dayi, to receive, examine, and adjust said clainis. Uatcd, Noy. 22d, A. D. 1871. GEORGE C. PAGE, 1349w4 PETER TflTK, Commissioners. Oommiseioners9 Nutice. STATE Ol' MTCHÍOA.V, Com.ry of ■'ashtcnaw1sa. The undervjgned. having beeñ appointed by.tbe Probate Court f oi Bid county, Commissionere to rec Lto, examine and udjust all plaims and" demanda ol all persons againat the estute of .ïohn iieycr, late of sola o anty, dsosased, hereby giro notice that six montha from date are allowf.ï, by order of said Prout, tor creditow to prese-ut their claims against the estáte Óf swd deceased, und tïmt they will meet at theoïtieeof said deceased, in the city of Aun Albor, in'said oounty, on Etotoiday, tïie twenty-third dny of December, añd Puesday, the tweniv-firwt d.iy oí May next, at ten o'oloelc a. r. of each oz said days, to ttoceivo, examine, and adjust said chiiniu. Dated, November lílht, A. D. 1871. JÜUN MÍLLEÍÍ, ) G. F IlAl'SKU. J Commisaioners. CHUISTIAX EBERBACH, ) 131'Hvl Estat.' of William K. Martin. STATE or MICHIGAN, County of WaahtOBaw. sa Ñotiee is ht-inby given, that by an order of the Probate Court for the County of Wuentenaw, made on the twenty-tseventh 3ay of October, A. I). 1871, ix months fruinliia' date were allo wed for croditors to present tïH'ir olaims against the estáte of VVüliam Ji. Martin, late of Baid county, deceased, and that all creditors of Baid deceased are required to present their cl.titn .'.at the Probote Office, in the City of Ann Arbor, for examination and allowance, on or before the twenry-seventh dny oi Aprd next, and that Buoh claima wal tte heard bi fore said Pi-obate Court on Baturday, the thirtieth day of December, ;ind on Satniday the twiutyeeventb day of April next ut ten o'clot.-k in tho forenooa of each of those atod, Anu Aobor, OcloU i 27lh. A. P. U71. llilt.iM J. BEAKE8, 1327w4 Judgcot" Probate. Estáte of William F. Gillctt. STATE OF MICHIGAN, Coaaty of Washtenawf ss Notice is hereby givaOi that by n order of the Probate Conr) for tLe aunty af washtenaw, made on tin Hxth dty of Xovi mbi r, A. 1. 1871, aix moathsfrora I e allo wed for ereditors to ■■ the estáte í Wiliiam L". Eiillett, late oí -i ïi l County, deceased, nnd haf all orcditora of saiddeceased re n luired topreseni tin ir claims toxaid Probate" ourt, r( the Probate Office, in tho i iy of Ann Arbor, ter examination and allowoo or before the si.víli diur of Sfay next, imd that Buob claims will be heaid before snidProbate . on Saïnnliiy, tweutioth day of Jnnuary, und on Monday, the sixth day f Mhï n xt, ut tc:i odock in the rorenoor ot' ea h f Uiohc days. Dated.Ann Arbor, N'ovember 6th, 1871. HIRAM J. BEAKES, t348w4 Judge ui' Probate. Estáte of John Koriaon. 'PATí: OF MICHIGAN, County of Washtenaw, Notice is hereby Riven, tl at by hu order f the ProbnteCourvfoi ;.'''; 'ounty of M asntena w, made cm tho tl.iny-llist day of Oc'obor, V, I'. 1871, six months from that date tpctc alïowed For creditors to present ■ I liins against Ihe estale rf John EUmson, late ol Baid county, . Lthat all creditors oi Baid deoeasedarer luired to pitsseni their claims to said I the Probate Office, in the City of i;:i Arbor for exanunation and allowance, on or biduy of May next, and that suoh olaims wii: 1 e heard before said ProbateCourt, on Baturdny. j : k)1 ii daj of i 'i a mber, and on Wedneejdoy, tibe i -. il iy of t:iy next, nt ton o'clock i;i tlio forenoon oí' each of those dnys. Dnted, Ann Arbor, Octolu r. Sist, A. D. 1871. aiBAU -i r.i. KBS, I847w4 Judge of Probate. Oominissionrrs Notice. STATE OF M [CHICAN, County ol Wofthtenaw, ss. The anderstened, havLog been appointed by the Probate Couri ror said county, i omnussionerstore ire, exnmine and adjust al] daima and demanda of all persons agñmsttheestateoTWilliAm Bretï of s;ud oounty, deoeosed, hercby gie notice tha1 sis monihs from date are allo wed, by order ol = tiI Probata Court, ior cxediton to present Uutr claim against the estafe of said deceased, and that they will meet :'.i the office of C. Joslin, in tíbe eity of Ypsflanti, in sald oounty, (" Baturday, tin1 thirteenth da? of Faauary, ana GPtteeday, we seventh day of May next, at teno'olock a. r. of flnoh of said days, to reeeiTe, examine, and adjnst said claims. Dated, Nov. 7th, A. D 1871. PBINCË BENNETT, FRANK JO8LIN, 1347w4 Commis eionera. CotiiiiiisMoners' Notice. STATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Wnshtc-nmv, ss The undendgned haring been appointed by th I 'roba te Court tbr snid cuunty, Commusionen toreeoive, examine and adjust all olaims and demanda of all persons against the estáte of John Etbeinfrank late of said eounty dsosased, herébj giTS aoÜOB thot six months trom date are order of said ProbateCourt, forereditors tcprest'iit thfïirolaime againal the estáte of said deceased, and that they will meet at tin roaidenoe f said deecascd, in Bridgêwatei, in snid county, on Sarurday the thirteenth day of Jitmiary, and londay, the sixtib day of Bfay next, iit 10 o'clock A. M. oi eaéh of said days, to rtix-ive, examine, and adJusJ BsJd claims. Datcd, Nor. 6th, A. D. 17. AA RON' h, PELDKAKP, SIMOX NIB8LEY, 1347 w4 Commisaiouers. Cotnmissioners1 Notico. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Washtenaw, Pf. QQdoTstsned , haviog beop nppnlntcd by the Probate Conrt lor eaid county. e mmlssloners to i, examine andndjist 11 olaims nnd demands ol all porsona against tb estáte f Sterling Hnlpman, late of Bind county, deceatvd. hereby aire notie. thtitsfx munths from dat are allowed. hy order of Baid Probate ('nTt, for oreditors t present thIr cfalma ogalnsi the eetnte of unid flecfosed, and ihat thej wül mei-t fit the store of '. Kitcben. in the etlTOf Tpsllanflln cfild county. on Saturday, die thirteenth day of Jj.nnarv, nnd WednoKtlay. iho flrst day of May Best -ttoSïlo6fc A, M. of each of snid dtiys, tu receive, exomiue, and adjul lald claims. Uated, October BOth, ICT1. ]S47w4 Tho public are fnrliiriilrn to trn?t my sfn John Viilliinrton iny account, ns I shall pa) no debts of bis ROBtrtetlDg. l'rvt! .ott. A iigust C3, 1ST1. I8Í6IB81 HAR1I0N V0LLAKD. GotoR.W.ELLIS& CO's for strictly Pure Drug6 and MedicineB ,Painte . Oils. &c. Estato of Edward S IW3 3 AlüM non .„ tha ru, ,. „, ;f'lsa„ „ Jaalitenaw, i,u, ■■■ „t Uu treW5gA .'. A„„ irt mi S.iturday,ths ,i,:v tv;, ■■■i.'" i . i H. ?ít.í onc thoumnd ei), í, iÜC Preaoat, Iliin J. licukes, Jttgeot r„i In the mattct .4 the estáte ot ÉlwurdÏT'eased. tL Onreadjngand ffltkg pctition, rt. . innBooth, prayiñg Om m taii l;riTttlllU n lile in thi oourt, pnrpoittkg to U tl, , ""-'i. atauKM -.1. M.-A. w f;';"' tmte, and t admüuitruUon oí sari „. T1!? jrohtedtoaMnesnitablepenon. ""'il Thereiipon it ia ordered, that Mondar th, ■, uoon, i! assi(,Ticd i"r the hearins of -..,7 lh lm thnt the legatces, ievfeoe. and hei?' „Ttó' geascd, uu all other persona interetted n?,'1. ure requbed to appeer ut ;i tensión of ,.liri ,:"a u, tb be hulden at Probate Office in , tl, ■"". Albor, and show cuuu, II uny 'tlurt i yofi j.ny. of the petitioner ahould not be tr!1,.jVÏ 0 furthcr ordered, that laid iietitiont-rS;. : i" aaid estate uf .f" ! al nid petition and the hearing tliènnf il11! copy ut this oi-dor to W publianed in tlie'jïL?1! gut, a newspa.] er printed und circulatinjthiïï?1'i y. three. succesivc weeks previous to sJd du l4ttt. li b0PT. niHAM j. BEAKK, Joof l.„ï,.( Estáte of Lyman Whitney 0 At a aculan of the Probate Coar;ï, „V "'■. of Wasbtenaw, holden at the Probate m City ol Ann Arbor, ,,„ Mondav ,'u ' 01 Noembor, o Ihe ycar o,e tta1i,2?,4 huudred and scventv onc. ■ "" tlgij Presmit, iliriim J. 'Benkc. .ludi-e of Prnk On iv:ul.i,._. and the petition. dol ut, Maiy A,,,, Whltoey.prayloiiihat n cert,i fi" now on fllo In ibis Ouurt, pnrpuriiu" to biT1" will and test inent ..1 iiild decensvd, uw ij 511 ted to Probate and Ihat she mny be.pLÏ! Bxecntrix thereol "Wuuaoi Thoreapon tisordcred.that Monda? ih,,i ,, day if December u.-n, ,u teu oMUckin ,"k l;t nounbeaaeigned for lliehciriiif-ofsnint.,-; '"' the lesrateee dorUeeaani heir, ,,'?1 sald deceased, and all otbtr persona tuiïJS, nal.l eatate, ure reomlred t„ appear ai,w sald uiiurt, then t.. be holden, at the PraK ' in the Cily of Aun Arbor, and show cL í1"' tberc b, why tbe praver of the petbjZiiïï? not be Eranted: And t i furtlierordersd il11' petltioner t;ivu nolicc to thu persous ÍBteS!,'1'í ' SaM éstate, of the pendencv of sald peiitSi the hlMrlnt thereof. bycnuiii:; cony „f 7 " to bc pnblished i a tlie Miekiam a raí,, , „!L' i jirinted and efrcnlatlng In s:iil Cou'ntv,thr """ ive week prevloas to sald dny of berli 5ttt CA truecopy.j UIKAJ1 .1. Bfn u49 j'ui.'c o! Pr;, Estáte of Caroline Kettner CTATK OF MICilIUAN, County of Wash,'a„ 7 AtaaeBUonol the Probate t'ourt lor iw'1 of Woahwnaw, bolden at the Probutc Offil "' City of Ann Aibwr, on Xuesday, the twttttiAÏJï ot November, in the yc-nr oue thoüvaim IS t ' died ;uii wvvnty-oue. '■'■- ■ Prosest, ilinlia .). lJcakcs, Judfteof ProUtt lu tho mattsr of the catato of i oio ised. ac"ïi:, uu rciidiiif; oud tiliiiK tbc petition, uulvrmsj. Gottleib F. Uauer, Admiuwtniter. pcirin. ttau may be licennccl u, aell certain .-al cstnte SJfij! deoiaxd died seiicd. ra Thcreupon it is ordered, t hut Tucsday, the twtiir c,.day of Ductmbev next, at ten 0'clock in tl, T noon, be ikuigned for tbc hearing of sn i L_ and that the huir at law ol Acceued n.niuT' er persous inteieeted in aai'l estntc, are r(ó.j„,jt Ijear at i si„i ut said (.'{nirl, then tolhU S the Piobatc Offlre, tn tte City of Ann wftj show cause if ,my there be, wliy thepr.,oS petitioncr should not 1 (rranted : And prdered, tliat said petitioner pvc nutire to tl T Interested In sukl estáte, of the pendenn tf tuin tion, and the hearing thertof, by eatuUi tmj this Otder tu be publishiil in the UUkim J, newspaper pi inted and circulating in siid (w, four sucrcmivc weekapreyious to said dar ef U' IA truo copy.) JBURASI J. b'KAU' IW Jlidïe of PtÜ. Estivte of Fiederick H. Lyon. STATE OF MICHIGAN, ci.unty of Wuhtans. At a aeaaton of the Probnte Court for tWit, of Waahtenaw, hulden nt tlie lrobate JS j, city of Ann Arbor, .n Tuesday the tireii:y.iisi'dn j November, in the year one tbou.sand lirfit Itchd and Berenty onc 1'resent, Biram J. Bénkes, Jndgeof Probate Jn the matter of the estute ot" FriIvrick Lt deceased. On raading and ffitaft the petition, duly mm H Samuel li. Bend, praying that n ivrtuin in. ment now on lile in thts court. purixirtiiig to be Üt tast will and testament of s.ud Aecenssi, mar y mitted to probate and tuut hc may be mujiiirf Executor thereof. Thereupon it is ordcnii.thnt Mondar, thteUM day of Dcecnibvr next, at (en u'rloi-V'iii the tmmc be aangned for the hearinr of :iiil jietiiion. udtfat thelefratees, deriseea and In-irsat liiwofxuddeaari, and all other persons intereerted in said eatatt, iren. quired to aplicar at n ücsoio of snid rom!, ihm telt holden, al the Probate Omd', in tin: cily of Annfc bov, and show ouiue, if any there be. niiy ihppnw of the petitioner .should not be granted: Aürtiii (ortber ordered that said petitioner giTe nofitttotlt persons iutcrested in said estáte, oí the pendían if said petitmn, niiFthc heorinc thereof, brcnaiga copy of thi-s order to be publihL'd in the Jlitüfn Aryus, a nowspnper pristed and cireulatitr awi county, tlireo successive weeks prerioua to MjdiaTcf hearinfr. (A true copy.) HIRAM J. BtUB, ISO Judk-c-offttfale. Estute of ïiinotliy J. Tuot. OTATE OF MtcitRiAX, Ckninty of IFiüm,! ' At a aesaion oí the Probate Court toi Wushtenaw, bolden a the Probate imiru, intkeGtj of Ann Arbor, o Thunday, the niuth dar ú November, in the year oue thousand ciglithuiidrNtEd seventy-ope. aent ilirmn J. Beakcs, Jndge of Prolmit. In the matter of the éstate al Timothy J. Tn, deeeaeed. Onreading and fiüng thcpetitioii, dulyverifiid.'! John C. Tuomy, prayiut that hoor aoine othei iti ble penan may be appointed administratei of fa of aid deoeased. Thareupon ir is ordered, that Mondar, tltí enj i day ol Di mbex n-t. al ten o'duek in Ü noon. beassigncd for the hearing of said petitioc, ai that the heirs at law of .--:ii I deoeaw 'i, aul all otbn persons intereáted in saM estate, are requiiri w appenr at u .■icion of said ( 'ourt, then to be hotóa, fit the Probïitc Office, in the City of Ann ArlOT.oi show cauoGi i! any there be, irhy the prarer ff tbtpf titioucr should not be gruntcd : And it is furtkt ordered, that said petitioner give notice to tbe p interested in saiil estate, ol the pendency ol '!ti, :i:i 1 the he n ir.L' tnercof, by causing acopyoílW ordn to be pithlished in the Mietiffftttt JnjMï. n new printtid nul eiixul.itini.' in said Í muity, tkw sttGoessh e weeks previou to s;ii4 day of hearing IA truc copy.) I1IHAM J. 11KAKFS, 1.M8 Judscof l'roto. Estate of Thorns - minors STATE OF MICIIK.'AN'. Coonty of Wusli!wi:i. At n sesion of the Probate, f ourt for the ( of Washtenaw, holden at the Probate Office, in i ii y of Aim Arbor, on Patnxdny, the eievcEth dtf of Xowmber, in the year one thousand eight tufdred and aerenty-one. it, Iliiaiu .1. licalics, Jndge of l'robftt?. In the matter of the estaré of Samuel 1Í. Tw, Etneline li. Thorn, Lewia .f. Thorn, tK-new l '! bom, ifniy Thorn, Enphroniu Thora, Aiice TLota, and Frank C. Thorn, minore. On reading and fllinj; the petition, duly vcrifiw, Rarnh ' . Thorn, Ouitraüin, pruying thnt abc niT ■' licensed to scil certain real tait bclonginïtas minors. 1 i. reupon it. isordeietl, thnt. Mondny, the elewn!" ilay of 1 leeember next, at ten o'clock in íl' foi i ussijrued for ti:c henring of said petition, ' m-x; oí kin of said minora, and all other pers ested in auid estate, are requircd to appeaz at 'i9A ol aaid Coart, tlien to be loldcnat the ProluteOt in the ( ity of Aun Albor, and show eau ' there be, why the prnyer of tbe pelitioncr sliuW1' be grantcd : And it is further ordered, rhnt titionergive notice to the next oí kin of snil ïwidct, and all other persons intérest in s:iid estáte, peudency of said petirion, and the nearinpth '■■iikim a copy of this order to be publistcd jij" Michioan Argus, a newspnper, priuted ':r.'t eiii'ul1' in said eouni y, three suocetoh e weeks previous to ' day (f hearing. (A true copy.) 1IIUAM J. BEAKtt 1S48 Ju.le of ( Estate of Edwin J. Bliss. OTATE OF MICHIOAK, nuity of Washteiit O At a session of the Probate Court for tlie W of Waahtenaw, holden at the Probate Office, mJJ; city of Ann Arbor, on Tnuidsay, the ïiimb "T ot November, in tbe cnr one thouiud eifc'bt bi dred and seventy one. Prrseitt. llivalu J. Itcakes. Judec of Probate. In the matter of the estate of Edwin J. BI " censed. MoryT. Blissand ïhclore Stimson, AdmM tois ot' said estate, eome i il to Court imd rcple ' that thcy are now prcpnmï to re&der thcir fiu1 eount is such Admmtttraton. , _, Thereoupon it is ordered, that Monday, "'? , ciith day of Decembei next, at ten o'clcck in "■ foi"finoon, be aaalgned t"r examining and ;ul'1 ' Bttoh aeooant, uq rbat the heirs at law of j ■ ii. and all other persons inierestcd in asía, tate, are requixed to appenr it u session f i1:!'1 J then to be boldan at the Probate Oltice, in tb? oJ" nn Albor, in said eounty, and show r.itic, uw there be, why the eaid account should not W 'T lowed : And itis furthcr ordered that suid Adminw tors give notice tn the persons interesteff m aaMJ tate, ot the pendencf f said oocount, aad tbaiYr ing tlxnot', bycausing a copy of this order t " pubüahed in the ifíclugan Aryus, a 'nPV' printed and cir-ilatii in snid cminty, three gucc ave weeks previous Xo jwid day of hearinff. _ (A truc copy.) HIRAM J. Hl'-AKtP. l.ils JudïC0fPKbuttEstato of Yalcntine E. Bott. CjTATBOFMICHIOAN.CoimtyofWaahteaa; At u session of the Probate ( ourt for theCej1!" Washtcnaw. holden at tlie Probate Om-, in the l' of Ann Arbor, on Satui-oay, the eleventn day , November, In tliTurouc.tbotsudeigbthunorcaiUJ SeVCnt -ii:;. . Pneent, Iliram.I. Brakcs, Judge of rrolatp._ la the mattei ot the estate of Valenüne B. " On ronding and filins tlieictition.dulyvenfleo,' MaryA. H.,lt, pr.iyinK bi William E. 1S}!1 Ir person, may be appuintcd oumu stratotoftbe eatote of sadd oV wed. ... I I reupon it is ordered, thnt Monday, tlie eJ entli day of December next. at ten o'clork "l foremaiii', be assigned for the hearistf of ■■ P1' " th.' and the heira at law of sni.1 di-aed, and '''"" r persona mi. i w.l in said wtnte. are rinimi "Jj pear at a session of said Court, then to benoiiini; the Probate Office, in tin' City of Ann .j" show cause, if any thcro be, why the pniyer ' r petitioner should not be prautwl: And it {■ lu" , ordered, that said petitwaer rive notiec to gJE, interested in snid estate, of the pendenc? flt !"""J.u„ ind the liMriir thereof, ky causing cop) '"' order to be puoUshed in the ttidUffa Arpu, "' paper printed and oirciüHtiiiff in said oounw, BuecessiTe weeks prcviotis lo kkï dsy of henrrog' "PHWICIAES1 PIESC8IPTIÖÏS ACCURATELV AND CAREFULLY PREPABED fl Y B. W.KLL1?. C CO.,DRÜOOIS1S:__


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