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The Old Year And The New

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An oíd man totters on the road Bow'd down with aje and caro; His locks are white and lloit about Liko mow-flakea in the nir - The clouds are gath'ring darkly round, The niffht seems setthng fast, wind sends forth :i moaning sound, The owlets Butter past. The old man halls along the road, Ile seea the gather g gloom. No hope h;is he - no power (o stay His tast approaching dooni. He soes childrctl pass him by, And sadly turns his face; He knows toj wcll thal hc nui-1 (!io, The New Year take liis place. He hears the children clap thcir hands And iboQt aloud for glee, He maiks ihor-i hosten on their way The glad New VTear to ie. And then he hears the midnight chime Ring out. his fun'ral kncll ; His lilefadea fast- he retó at ln-4, The New Year breaks the spelt. A 1 i; lio child now leads tlie way 1 lis step is lii;ïi! ftnd !)■■!'!. Jlis hair is bri;ht anti Boats about Like threads of burnished gold, The cloutls ave passing swift away, The nioï'u ■' i and clear ; The night is ] i -the sun's bright ray Brizigs in the glad New Vear. Farewell Old Vear! your work is done, A in-w une lilis your place; The darkest night will pass away The morning ! m i :■ ice ! We canoot l'rin l!ie dead to lifc, Nor t uWd hours recal] ; Bul in llic coming year we mav, PerhapSi ?tone for all.


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