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Blue Eyes Behind The Vail

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ür. isago was late at breairtast. Xnat was nat nu uihísqí! ocourreiioe, and ho was disposed to be cross : whicli w&s liknwise nothing new. So lie rctirod bohitid ! ;he newBpapar, and J(;vourcd hia eggs i aud toast without vouchsifing nny reply I co the reinarks oi the fresh-looking little ' ady oppositc, to wit: Mrs, Edge. But she wa gathcring together her forees fot ;he final onslaught, and when at length Mr. Kdge had got down to the last para grnjh, aiid laid asid tlie papeii it came. " Dear, didn't you say you were going to have a hundred dollars for my new furs, to day ? " " What furs ? " (rather shortly was this spoken) "Oh pshaw ' what is the use ot'being bo extravagant 'i I have no inoney Lo lay out in usoless follies. The old ones are good enough for any ïcnsiblu womuu to wear." Mrs. Edgp, good, moek littlp soul tliat she was, relapsod into anobedient silencc She only sighed a soft inward sigh, au.l presently begau a now attack. " Henry, will you go with ruo to my aunt's to-night 'i " " Can't you go alone ?" " Alono ! How would it look? " Mrs. E's temper - for she had onc, fhougli it did uot oftea pairada itseif- was aroused. " You so negleot those little attontioneyou used t nay. iuu onco; you nov31 walk with int, nor piek up my. handkorehiof, nor notice my dress as you once; did " "Well, a fellow efin't bo f ore ver waitin; on woiuen, eau ae?" growled Mr. Edge. ' You could bc polite enotigii to Mrs. Wilrvs last night, when you nerer thought to ask whether I wantod anything, though you know pcrfoctly wel] that 1 had headacho. Ton don't care as much for me as you used to.:' Aul Mrs. Edge looked extremely pretty, with the teara in hei oyes and a uuiver on the round, rosy lips. " Pshaw," said the husband peevishly. " Now, don't bo foolish, Maria." " And in the stage, ycsterday, you nevpr askcd me if I was warm enough, or put my shawl nround me, whiln Mr. Brown was uffectionate to his wife. H wae mortifying enough, Henry ; indeod it was." " I didu't know womon were such fools before," sitid Mr. Edge, tts ho druw on lus overeoat, to escape thè tempest that was fust approaching. "Am I tho sort of man to make a ninny of myself doing polite to aay Bort of fcmalo oreatnre? Did you ever know mo to be oonsoious whetiicr i woman liad on a shawl or a swallow-tail coat ? " Maria eolipeed tlio blue cyos behind a li tie pocket-hfindki rchief, and Honry tin1 su agt; bangcd the door loud enougli to ;_'ic Batty in tluikitehen a nervous start. " Baining again ! 1 do believe we are g jing to have a Becond editíon of the deluge, ' said Mr. Edge to bimself that eveniiig, as ho ensoonood iix feel of iniquity into the southwost corner of tho car ai the city hall. "Go ahead, conductor, can't you seo wo aro f Lili, and it is drirk alrcady'r " "In one minute, í'ir," said tho conductor, as he helped a little woman, with a basket, on board. " Xow, sir, move up a little, if you piense." Mr. Edge was exceodingly comfortahlo and did not want to move, bat the lurlil of the lamp fallinir on the pearly and shining, golden hair ot' the new ; , h.' alterea liis mind and mi ived up. " Wnat lovely cyos," quoth hè, meAtally, as she bostowed a single aoknowledg ingsmile. " Eeal violet, the very most admiro ! Blesa me) what bu have old men like tuo to be thinking of eyes. There, sho has drawn a contounded vail over her face, and the light is as dim ns a tallow dip; butthose were pretty eyes ! " ïhe fair possessor of thoso blue shivered Slightly and drew lier mantilla close around her ehonldors. " Ara you oold, Miss 'í Pray honor me y wearmg my shawl. I do not need it nyself." Bhe üd not refuso - sho murmurcd a faint apology for troubling him, but it was nol. a rufusal. "No troubie - not a bit," said h', with alacrity, arranging it on her tapcring shoulders, and then as the young lady hamled her fare to the conductor, he said to himself, "what a slepder little hand! if there is anytMog I adtniro in a woman it is a pretty hand. Wonder what liiini of a mouth sim has got 'i it must be a dcligthl'ul onc il' it corresponds with the hair and eyes- plague take the vail." But "plague," whoevsr that mystioal power may lie, did not tako posseeeioc of the vail, so JÍr. Edgo'a enrío the blue-eyed damsel remained unsatisfied. "Havo you room enough, Mis; y I fear you are1 orowded. Pray sit a litt'e olosor to me." " Thank you, sir," was the soft roply coming from behind the v il, ns Mr, Edge refleoted- liko an angel from a darkoloud. Andáis beart gave a large thumpaa apretty shouldertouchedhisown :y overeoat in a heátating soit ot way. "Deoidodly, this isgntting quii mantic," thought ho, and then with an audible whisper, " what would Maria .„„; pi The rest of that long, weary ride was delicious, with the shouldor against lii own. Iiow gallantiy he jnmped up to pi il 1 !■'■ itra ) for Ir i' bj bappenod tu be at the vc-r street whore hc mtended to sUi'. Aml under the cuiastancos we hardly blame hira, whcn the cars ptopped so suddanly tliat sho oaught at iiis arm, for tlie squeezo h" gave tho plump, rosj band- any inan t .- would have dond the same - it wns svioh au invitiug little lilly. "Allow me to curry yojr bastofc, Bfiaa, as ouv pata lies in the same direotion," sai.l .Mr. Edgo, oourteou9ly, relio ving her üf lier burden as ho spotte; "and - and- niaybe you'd ftnd less diffioult; il' you taks mv arm." WCll, waan't it delightful ? Mr. ' forgot ;]!■■ ■ ta and pitohy darknoss - ho thought ii ■ was w.iiking 0:1 rO305. Oiily as he approachod lii- door ho to feel a litt lu norvou. and wia ■ i the little incognito would not hoid on - tigut. Suppose Maria lioulil ba at th'j wmdow on the lookout, as abe ofton wa, liow would híju interprat matters i aouldn't rnake her believe that he only polite to the fait travcler. B . )i'm swaeping deolaratiov.s in the moruing - elm would be sure to ivcii'1 A he gtopped at tli" right nwo ber, andbadeberadier, be was astuiiVli id to sec her Hk ■■,.■ 1 ia up the steps to enter. Gia ioas Apqllol Jj' 1 urst iato aj 3old psrspiration at t'a.) idea of the yjuag ■ lady's crior. "Itliink tou muït hav? invlo ui'stake, Miíis," he stammorad; "this caa't r house." Butit was too lato - lbo wn alr.'i ly in the brilliantly lighted !i ill, an 1, turning iround, f li t dripping li ibiiiimonts, and made a ov bow. " Wny, its ray wife ! " gasped Itr E, " And happy to see that youhare nijt Forottcu all your gallautry tiv.-.r.l u pursued the merciless Jittie ei blue 'ycs ('tfify were pretty) all in h dance with Buppressod rogu y. Edgo looked froia cilin to Hoor iu vain for a loop-hole to retreat, " Well," he aid, in the most shoopish of toncs, " its the Krat time 1 was over polite to :i la ly ii the oars, aud hung me if it rimn't be the last." " You see, my dear" s-ti 1 tho pestatic little lady. " I dida't expect to ba delayed 10 long, and had not :my idea t should meet with suc.h attention in the cars, aml thatfrom my husband, too! Goodness rrií'ious; bow Aunt Ti-iscilla will enjoy the joko." "If you teil t'uat old harpy I will nevïr hear the last of it," Baid Hdge in deeuoration. " Very probable, '' was tho provoking reply of his wifc. ' 5iow, look hcre, darling," said Mr. Edge, coaxingly, "you won't eay anything, will you 'f A follow don't want to in laugiied at by all the world. I siy, M:irii, .)U slrill havo the prettiest furs ui New York if you will only koop quiot -yon hall, apen my honor. The terms were suist uiory, and Maria oapitolated - whoïwouldn't r1 And that is the way she got tboso Bplendid furs that lilled tho hearts of her female friends rt-ith envy. And pei'hap3 it was wnat made Mr. Eilgu such a cuurteous husband ïvet since.


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