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The Curse Of Strong Drink

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There is a way of making this 9uloct ; practical to you, deur brethren. Howxèw giróles rtc thern into whioh some loss hm not como through tU is pn-valunt sin ! ilow fnw families thoro uro in this ohuroh this atteraoon that have not boen , cd moro uuarly or moro remotaly through this vico in sjin;: ouo of tho eirolos ia which they fhomsulvoa move, if ïiot, indeed, in their ówn immediaté cuele! It is impossible for us to exaggerato and overstate the evil and mischiei that aro beiug continually dono in tlio ruin of men ' and womon - their ruin in soul, body, ■..i estáte- through their indulgence in the sin of inteniperanco. Piros burn tuemsalves out; but this flre haa the ' ruli.irity of iiudiug i'uvl f'oritself; for how often has it happened that tho drunkeu wife bas driven the husbaad to deapaii ! and to drunkennuss, and how ofton has it happened that tho drunkcu father and ; mother have ooismunioated to tho vory pbysical naturo of their childron tho ' 1 and self-dustroying appetito ! ' Sow of ten bas it h'j]))"iioil tliat i family ' of social position and attraotive manners ' has suecceded ii inoculatins a wholo i circle - pui iiaps a whole noigh Dorïiood- with ii iovo of drink ! How inevitably does it happen that, whon a man bas onco ombarkcd bis means iu the trade, bis interest and lus prospcrity will grow with the growing Iovo and passion for drink among liis haplesj neignbors round aboutbim! Our firo doos not consumo itself for lack of fuol ; it inakes tho fuel by which it is suataincd and upon wliich it feeds. Bretbren, I am not spoaking of some remoto and distautera ; I am not tallcing to you about the caters of China ; 1 am ipeaking here, of your own peoplo and your own kindred. These dronkards tbat ai e round about, whon they bcoome pauper;;, you must support them ; when they becoiuo criiuinals, you must detoct their crimes, and then couuneand puniah them. And to what cost you aro nocossarily put in protoctiug yourself againat them '■ As you take up tlio Monday morning papers, and glanoe over the Crimea and casualties of the twenty-fours that have gone boforo, ;i:id ns you look at the poor, besott , áegradod, and animalized wretohes that have been Boddenly llung into eternity by the pistol or tho knifo . i companions, you may gut a momentary riaw ot'tlio horridiliis thing. jiut you see only a part of You have to look at uil lts ramitications ; you have to think how tations to God; how it sears oonscience; how it blinda human spirits to all the interesta of time and of atornity - these you havo to i 'i Kr info account in making :i correct estimóte of tbo magnitud' and frighhful character of the evils intemperance entails. li ig somothing to have societies organized and mamtaLned for the enuncia( iation of right ; -, and khe organization and extensión of effort in (liis reforming direction. Yotutg men, do not the ;iil whioh these sooietiea can o you. If yon think that yourdo not need tliom, recolleot there are many other young men thatdo; bat there ai who have been wounded, and have tallen down, y .M ■ 1 1 ■;, inj; to Btand np i a'id recover thuinsèlvi s, and they nood a great deal of hulp. Don ■ these icieties, but go into them and help til ; and if it should Boem to you that some of the a not tl nients are feéble, why, do you Bnd bètl i ■id put int. their mouth ■ al ■, and work this thing aa n for the bom it ry of your fellow-creaturee. It is truc, : : you, thai y tur ■' ad your ïtiliit :m ■ : . . ■ olidai.-., ,i t,i :.;, ,:k ; your beads ave strong and you oá Ivés wil b feot truth, and you sometiiaes do say to others, " l oan tal ■■ ibis tliingor lo'' ■ i1 .Id with it or without it." Then my brethren, if yon oan do witli it oi without; if your ruinds and tastes are ii of oquilibrium in relation to it il without it for the s ke of those whi are in danger through the means of it their sakea, put tbat thing awaj ; you cannot but soe is toe slopi down which such multitudes run swiftl] into tho sea and are drowned. 1 make myappeal to Ohristian wonen uothers and sisters! Blothers am ! whom love and devotioi in iv crowned queons in our homes, whosc and whose ta tos do so muoh t( form our habita and to determine tho .■■ti'i1 t' our iv. ;. to whom all man llantry accords at least the show o et and of devotion, I make my ap ou. Mothors, your sóns ma; e íj i any danger, you fondly I bul there are othors with hearts as tenid they are bi ing biokcn, slowly br iken, by the ruin of tlnir son?. ema to you ns if thöse I manly brothers ofyoursnevcr luoed to ruin ; but thera a e other bruthen as brave and as manly ;s yours ; and to-day, while L am prei in this churoh, they are in haunta of un. nd th y are orushing out of their sisi its, bébanse they .. .u lu cd to ruin. I make lOtbeTS and sisti ; ■ e poor'shattored remains of ty oould bo arrangod in rows before you, how woold you iike to stand ny in tho pn ii co of tlicir mothers an 1 sitvrs, nu! sny " T hclpcd to produce those resulta. I put tho wino-glaas to their Kps. I made it lu-liionablo and manly for them to Uriuk. I uvC'l thiin to the beginning of their oonrse, of wMoh tliis is - ü-od torgivc inc '. - tho meluncholy and miserable reduit " ? Xor do I plead with you simjly on man'a account. Mothers nd sisters I this s not a man'i ñs cmly; for 1 1 i - ".' it, thia Is a woianu's sin, too, and ti t'ir gte iter mcasurü thnn mitny poople aro ready to sospect. I liro not trust myaelf to describe tlio tbinga I havo soeu with wumfD, young i tsoder, aiu :n ■ , Vioautifui, apon whoso more impressible tempocameut tnd flaer organizntion tho destróyer bad taken tiinn.'v hold, and with woiuen no lenger young, but whost f'ml tu'l h"sj w:rn doad Jong b fore tbeir eyea were oloced. For woman'fl sake, for yuur owu sister's eako, i ruike my appeal to you. Mothora and 'útors, dioowmge and disoonatowinco thc UMgM that ïutkko it so oasy to learn to dopt-ud upon tho eocoitement thit is givpn by the cindly gUvsa of wm ; aud, when yuii sfe tht wine rosorted to to giro lost. iroa to tho oyo, to givt lustor io tlie ehak, and to givo mteiaoy to tUo to&gue, lot uio bos.'och you to soo in these tUings uticoqscáona propheoiei of tho timp thii -í'uiU oome when destruotive flret shnü bc kindlcd in tiio ftoul, whou tho hectic of dUease sh:iü burn apon tho oheek, and whpn tho incoherent luumblinijs shüll indioate the conflnned and


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