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Religious Advertising

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Concerning this vory matter of advertising thero is eornething more to bc suid. Aiuong tb ë doctors of medicino it is 0:10 Bure and infalÜblo sign of a quack that ho indulges in 1 üonal advortisiug. It mny not bo wiso to insist too rigiuly upcm tlio samo tost for the detcctioa of the religious quack. Bat it' onc 1 igious is" in almo: t o lay mwnIng newspapör, he will fiad somo maouncoHionts whioh, to ssy th sont sound. Not to uiention tho persistent, nnd probably 'm ss -vvith wliith toe Prophot Ico warns of the wrtith to comp, :iul linds in eaeh week'a news a weleome opportunity to add a Bcreedof doctrine to tin; bin'dt'ii of his grieYOUs testimony; and not to im.'ntinn noticea of so-oallcd spiritual "oüolea," "séances," "harmonio or progressiye bands," or whatever they ïiiay oall thomselfos, it is easy to iincl among tlio regular und oven orthodox " intimations " much tlmt SUggestg the if the familiar h.Min-yun iowl. At ono plnce Mts. Blank, ■' the sucecs-ful leader of ohildren'a will address the ohildren and friends; and there will bo "exoellent urasia and ginging by th ohildren;" Miss Dash ist. Subsequently "graad ri and tea social." Or again, the Honorable Mv. Whey, a candidato for offioo in the impoiiding elccti.11, and ingenuously idvertisi wiil give li is views on cortain pointsof a politico-religioua soit. Or yet aga'.u, a Reverend Bn disoourse ut 7 P. m. on that fruitful, soul stirring, and n o t bvi n elionl themo, " Jehoiakim'd Penknife-eeats free, indoi bo I1, that none may 'or failure to roeeive thu ts are also freë on that othor ocoftsion whon "The BleI Constitute a Superior Voung will be tlie topic of discourso ;" anq :tures, with unsatisfled w ■ whetl rmon on "Per;onalBxaininatiou," wMch waan 1 Fortha ■ i serVicë "t1 tho samo da; , li logio ion with the first diso Am I -.i supi rii lurely a practical quostion; and, in that case, w.hat olements eonstitute mor ought to be a matter of public interest and importanco. - fier. (Ico. J. Bacon, on " ime Kind of Spiritual (tiackcry ;" 8crü for Januury.


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