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Entertaining Princes

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Now that the (rand Ihiko is about to levve tho metrópoli tan citios of our Easteru coa:t and t:ike a turn through the provincial regious of the American i tinent it may be worth our whilo to devote our sober socond thought tor a moment to the visit of bi.-i Imperial Highness, aiid considor whether thore is not ' thisg esseutially ridiculous in our mode ot' ho&oring representativos of royal blood. i There is little reason why our democratie people should go crazy ut the appearance onthef ehoree of persons who stand remóte ohau:e of becoming rulers over tho " L'lTote xnonarchies " of Enrope, to 9:iy nothiug of more youngor brothers or distant relativos ; and yut thoy will climb upon thtir roots " ave to tho vury chiniuoy-tops, thoir ohildrcn iu their anus," to seo a grand duko pass thestreets ofGotham. Xhea couxe the arduous aul thankleas labora of oonunitteemen and pabilo i'unotiouaries, who do their utmost to pay extravagant homuge to tho sciou of a ïvyal raco, when we profesa uot to believe in tho superior wisdom or givatncss of men born of the blood oí' kings. But so t tiloso atttjution.i aru mu.iut as a cotnijHuieut to a frieaadly natioa, though the most absolute of ex.istiug monarchies, we iiud no t'ault, provided the attontious thomsolvos are such as display our own national diguity and rood sonso as woll asaffordresi gvutificatlou to the aogost individual to wiioia fchey are paid. But what roüsou Uave wO to ui)posu that a Buasian grand duke or au Engüh prinoe ctesire.-i i be taken iu oharge by graybearde ttee-men, ndputturongh a courso of balls and b'iuquots without heing ooniulted with regard to his own pieferen .-3. ïerribly bored tho Duke must h'.ivo beon with tlioso crowded bülls iu j) atieular. It may bo that ho oould l'oot it l'uatly Hnd with great dolight in Moaoovite mearana, but ho invariably got into enxbarasaiog coiupiicationa -witU tlio " liaucicrs" and the " Portland Kauey,"and must have experieuced anythimg but jjloasviialilo enótios iu tryiug to throad tho iutiicaciua of our "flthereal daucos," the liko oí whioh he never saw beïuro. S) far as the social pleasuro of a ball is oonooxaed he must have fomr.l litcly, unless it bo suh to bo stared ut by a Mr _'U dvossod crowd añd to be ï- otini through a maïo of proiuenading ouplcs Ly uu auciont aa honorable comlittoe-man. At to partners, he was uo oubt foroed igainst his will to put up vith tho maturo wifo of a high official, or he antiquatud reUitivu of a prominent n,nker. The society of the young of both .■xes wu.s deoied hiiu by tho inexorable lasten of oeremomes. Wln-rover ho went thero was tho inevitable altoru'vtiou of ball and banqiut, and littlo olso. lio takos a sail down the harbov and is enrapped into a waltz. He is invited to Jrooklyn only to bo put through a courso of quaarilles. Iu Philu.lolphia tho oulmination of all festivities is a bali at tho Academy. Tho sédate head of Boston is moro compleioly turnod thau that of any other municip ility. Those things in proper proportion were well enough, liut the jadêd ÏVince must ofton havo mentally exelaimed, " Something too much of this." If we had paid him tho compliment to supposo that he C:r. d too sea somything of ourpeople and institutions, would it not have been much botter 'r He might have visitod our great storos and warohouses, our fouudrios and faetones, our banks and exchanges, porhaps with interest and proüt, if ho had boen nllowod. That visit to tho City of Bpindlea whon Gustavus Vasa Fox acted as his eager cicerone to tho milis and print-work8 wns, af tor all, the most sensiblo and appanntly the most succossful attompt to affi rd hiiu gratiftoatiou that was made durin his stay upon our Atlantio coast. When i'oreign priuces from fricndly lands oomo to visit us lot us by all nienns givo them a warm wolconie and show them a warm welcomo and show them what we have that is worthy sooiug, but not boro them to death with an eterna] round of baila and bauquets, or mako thom objeeta of exhibition like


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