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S. S. Garrignes, State S;vlt Inspector, jas made liis iinnual report to the Governor, 'fbe following extract are givon : rhu past year has been oneof iUm ided imjrovement in tho Michigan salt manu:'actur(! ; not only in the general (juality of tho salt manufactured, but also in the charactor of the barrels in whieh it was paekod. Tho modo of manufacturing aalt is gradually changing frotu tho old raethod of boiling in kcttlos to the moro Linprovod mothod of evaporation by stuaui, in wooden grainors, and in largo ron pana. By tho direct applieation of Rro heat this class of manufacturo has tho advantage ui' au improvod modo of setting tho brino beforo it is evaporated. Tho grain of tbc salt is more even, and owing to tho large aniount of brino in the process of ovaporatiun ih; irupurities eau be more readity separated. In consoquenoe of the various improvoments in tlio salt manufactura bv a rigid inspeotion, I have the pleasure to stato on ruliablo authority that Miohigan Balt bas during the pas) seaaon taken an adTftnqed position in mst of tha Wesb rn d Che salt prod lemtory of tEe State is inereusing its area. BinO6 ray last animal report two en put in opeT oiitsiilo (i the Saginaw Valley, cm ille, and the othor at White I both in ïïuron County. Tho laet i i i Btablishtnept was ahnost enti'ely oyed by the rarages of the iiros that gwept over thut part of the State, bv.t i ted to in operatlon by )!.■■ season. Those bloclcs wore for the ent ■ year onder ir. inspeotion of the . tor ar Port Austin. Tlio distanoe apart of these loe&lities lu:3 in;' ingpeotion in" said district. During tho eariy pari of the mannfaoturing Beason the saM produoing ter it iry of the I divi lod as last until tvo months beforo tho close of tlio on. rdiu 5 1" the rei ■■ ■'. fcho qn of Balt ineeted ip. 1871 1 T b.".r; is a comparativo stateme it i 1 for the three yearg : isr.9. :o. isri. It, VOe 518.9SS 66R,3ifl 6SI.4M u. "is 1 nnality,. ... I9.H7 I ',818 8,177 ilal 5G9'6M 018.U79 7S2.43J The inerraae in 187Q over 1869 waa in 18T1 1870, 102,463 barrels


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