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Bayonet Rule--official Protests

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Th CtoyeraoiB of tho throo States of Virginia, Kentnoky, and Missoari, ono Dcinoorat and tvro Republicaus, took occasion in their recent messagos, dolivered December 6th, to enter strong protests against the usurpations of Gongross, the Ku-IClnx liiw, etc. Wc quota : From Oovemor Wnlker's (of Virginia, Ucp.,) Mossngc. Tiri'. KT-Kl.rx U1V. AHhough the Gonstitution authorizns d intervention in the local aífaira of a Wtate only upon the eall of the Statu, 3rct tliis l.-nv iiuthm-izis SUch interventiou erren against tae will of the State, and to the extent of the overthrow of the Stato gOTornment and the oblitoration of Stato liiius, and the substttation in thoir stead of military districts and martial law. To the arbitrary keeping of ono 7nan nre oommitted the livea, liberties, and tho proporty of a wliole poople. Is not this the essence of despotasm ': What monarch possessos more absoluto power V What tyrant was over less untrammeled ? Whnn venality triumphs in our pul il i e. places and tho insidióos approaches of tyranny art! unheeded by the masses; whon at local olections Federal Boldiers, by order of Federal officials, with loaded muskets and fixed bayonets surronnd the polls, or Federal battle ships with sh it.t; I oannon beleftnuor a city and uverawe lts crazens m tne treo cxerciso ot the eleotire franchise; whcn imhecilo and corrupt local govornments aro forced upon a people, ana thoy aro punishod for thc inefficienoy and rottetmess of those vory governraenta by tho arbitrary dopriva tion oí' all civil govornment, all riglits and all liberty, arrosted by thouganda without warrant of law and drivcn 'o prison like cattle to the shamblos, it is timo that tho alarm bellwas sounded and tho propio awakened to a sonso of all tho dangors irnpending. From Oovernor Leslio's [of Keutucky, I)em.) Message. TIIE IRREritESSIBLE COXFLICT. This conflict of Federal and Stato jurisdietion will, soonor or later, if not remedied, produce tho most serious consea. I have bien unable to find in the Federal Constitution any grant of to the general governmcnt which woul.l authorize tho punishinent, by il authority, of brcaches of the State laws. We havo a State law donouncing the penalty of death against one citizon for murdering, within tho State, anothor. Sohav. i laws pnniahing asaaulta and ' affrays, &o., oommitted within tho jurisdiction of tho State. If led iuiy law punishing these oft'ences, wUcn cominitted withiu tho juris liction of tho Stato, it s certainly without warrant of the Constitution. [t was nevor deaigned by tho framen of that instrument that the local pólice of .tes shoulrl bo assumed by the Poderal power ; and the f act that this, in a great measure, is now boingdonethrough the instrumentality of the Federal courts and thi . . is causo for tho greatest apprehension and alarm for the safety of our iiistitutions. Those who are responsiblo for theso luiwarranted assumptions of power havo attempted to justify theiu on tho ground that tho State is unable, through hor officers, to suppress crime and onforuo tho laws. ïhis charge against the Stato is untruo; and ii' loft to herself and not intorforod with, sho would soon suppress the law-broakers, and securo as perfect ordor as we ovor had. From Govcmor Browu'a (of Missouri, Rep.,) Mossage. HECREAXT UKl'CBLICANS. It is not porhaps pertinent at this timo to discuss as fuily as the gravity of the aspect of national affairs domands the peril which throatens froo iiistitutions under oovor of the policies of centralization and personal govornniont which havo niet with sueh roady acceptance by mony of those ohargod to represent us. In tluir view tho national power must bocoine the central sonreo from whieh all authority shall descend. lts head must hold tho war-making power in th.. hüllow of ltis band. lts creativo fiat must bo suffioient warrant fir monopolios ïTi tr;nli, ii (iiiiico, in publio lands. It miy establish unjust systems of taxation to exeiupt somo and oppress others, to build up one ection and destroy anothor. lts offieering must sustain jobberj", control votes in Congress, díctate candidatos in tho Statos, and subsidize a press to donounce all dissent and herosy. lts hold upon popular sympathy being shaken, it doos not hesitato to placo tho elections of erery Northern city of note undor the charge of Federal authoritios and in presenco of tho military arm. Tiloso added muniments of citizonship; embodying tha sottlements of tho war, which in toxt are rostraiuts only against wrongs by' tho Statos, aro cited as justifleation for regulating at will the local affairs of the peoplo of thoso States. From this prolifio loin, too, is to bo sprung by incest the charge of all education, tho conduct of schools, tho choice, porhaps, of text-books, tho rogulation of undorwriting and insuraneo, the chartering of local railways, tho supervisión and direction of immigration - propos'tions already in somo degree initiatod and very urgently prossed by those who compose the political syndicato. And last, though not loast, loyalty oven has boon transferred from the causo of the Union to the person of the President, and swift obedienco manifests itself in surronderiug to his discretionary control thrit great writ of right, sole guarantoe of tho liberty of each of us. All this is siiaply high treason against republican principios.


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