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Henry Ward Beecher And Spiritualism

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followinf noto in tiic Trfvune: Allow mo to sny thut in tli! dlscoune ai Snnday ight, a ])ortion of which was reportad in this morning's Tribune, I did not discuss Spdritnalism " aa that term ia now undertood, nt tho Soiipturnl teaching repreMBttng tlio Diviito Sjniit. Modern Spiritaalism " was bBTely nllnded to, vjithout íiflirmation or deñiaL It' your report sfcaïrbo iutovprcted as an expresnon of Biy vws 01 tLi modern doctiiae of spiritualisme, I au unflfilüng tö eroBpöUsIblé fdr ta sfc.ito'.uunts. I look wlth prot'oiind niiivst iipon all wiie offorta ! i eduoe the ecientiflo truth from ;ili that. xtr:uilin:iry olaH of phüiiomuii'V wli,ii:;i hav(! boon so comtnon in our day, and to wbicli, at longth - in Eaglaud al leasi tho attoution of man of the highojt acientiflo attaüiment bas beun acriously tam ■!. But I liavo nevcr yol In-en oonvinood tha1 theso retaaifeable phenomena originated from the inter[Xsition of spirit oittsnk' of the human


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