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Governor Hoffman And The Interviewers

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When tho indefatigable and irreprcssible reportera of the raetropolitan press contentod themselves with interviewing tho Kepublican leaders, or such highborn youths as Alexis and Princo Pred, tbc hir 'of Graat) we belïeved tbere was room for high night in this Empyrean, and we did not tmnd the poetic aspect and rainbow tints that illumincd these reports. Uut when these reporters como down to earth and deal with the plain prose of Democracy, we know how to test them. Wfl havo testcd them and found them a delusion, indeed a humbug. Ban they have, but so long as to hear what is not said ; eyes, but so sharp as to sec what does not exist. ïhus tho Boston Post tells us of on o who saw the signaturo of ex-Governor Seymour to a letter recommending Oroolay for tho Prcsidoncy. Now, we know that tho ex-Governor has oonquored his politieal projudiooa .jjainst the sage of Chappaqua, but thero avo heresies inregard to farming whicli lio cannot so rcadily forgive. He regañís tho theory of subsoil ploughing enuenciatod in "What I Know About Fanping'as a kind of low comody intended to tickle aars of tho grouudlings. There aro other uietUods of iaveetilig tho lavgost amounts ef labor and capital so as to produce tb least results (thus encouraging home labor), to which tho farmer of Üueida still dissents. We onhesitatingly say, thorefore, that lui 'lid not sign the letter roferred to. Next, Gwornor Koffraan is interviewed and iu the Now York Eteniiig Post we have an aocotint of it. At last vo are told ho renounces auy pretonsions to tho Presidency. But a y car ago we stated as much in the Argun, " by authority." And then comes thia aunouuccmont : " In renouncing thé prospect of bcing a candidate, Governor Hoiïinan also ronouncos his long-cherished adhereice to the Democratie party. He is unreserved in his convictiou that tho party bo dissolved." Here is invention for you 1 And upon this text the New York Tvmti proaches a sermón of a column long, for the benefit of the govenimetkt, as ifitwero gospel truth. These "dissolving views ' uro the work of the reporter. Governor Eoffinan knows that tho Democrulio party livos, moves, and has i futuro. Never was the party so much needed to save tho Constitution and tho canse of representativn government. And when the reporter says that " ho is ready to act with Horace (uixiijy, Cari Sehurz, and Cliavlus Sumner, in forming a party on the basis of national reform, a striet construction of tho Constitution and tho supremaoy of the civil over the military power, he does not misrepresent his opinions and purposes. If thoso leaders will put themselves at tbe head of a ïaoveiiient for an honest admiuistration and Constiutional government, thoy will find Govornor Hoffman and the Democratie host ready to do the work. If tho statesmen of Washington fail to realizo tho situation, the peoplo will still move on. TUey will make Ihcir own chiofs. lint Iliey will not rolinquish thcir work. Tho causo of reform must go on ; and it will win.


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