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- Romen. b iug tho old adage : " A !s s[ic;tk loudor than words," we prcfcr to wail and wutch before taking it for, Qrant roally means civli service reform by ondorsing tho report of du-lig' Mcdill & ('".. "ii'i promiging to put thclr plan in Operation. Morton, Uonkling, Chandlei & Öö. may have somtthing to gay. Ëesiaes, the plail is not tho most praotieable and givos the President no auw power or ftxes no binding restraints. - Tlo opinions of the Snpreme Oourt in the legal-tender cases aro to be giren lo the public on Janu n y 15th, fot whiob the public is not ovor-anxious. Themajority opinión being concurrid in by Jusli.'.s Bradley and Btrong, two legal-tendor attomeys, appointed for theii known an.l exprossed opinions, wiU not cummand any groat amount of respect. - Svery öaturday gays of Senator Edmundo, of Vermont, who introducod aa elabóralo civil-servioe-reform bill, and Iheu made au anti-reform speecli, that " tho pcople are happily oomiñg to un derstand that lic (Mr. ESdmunds) is a vcry orotchety person, whose bai-k is frequently more oiïuiisivo than bis bite." - Sonator Morton having infonnod tho Senate that the civil service in this country was botter than anywhere olse in tho world, Senator Trumbull exoluimod : " Well, if thoro is in thu world a worse civil service than that of tho United States, 1 pray Ood to dollver that pcople frOffl it." - ■ The llurul Xm Torier don't go its ]ile on (jrant, but favors ah independent reform ticket in the coming campiign, with Samuel J. Tilden, of New York, for President, and " üur Blair " for VicePresident. Half sound. - When Soloiuan wroto " Thoro is nothing ncw under the Bun," he evidently bad not raad tho draft for a new city charter for New York, made by the " Committoe of Seventy," and " fearfully and wondorf'ully made." ■ - An Indiana woman who supposed she bail been a wifo for fourteen years, obtaiuod a judgmont of $1,168, as componsation for services during tho time. Wives are not rated vory high by Indiana courts. - Mk. Sidxey E. Morse, a brotlier of Prof. Mohsk of telegraph fame, the author of "Morse's Geograpby," once a popular text-book, and for many yoars connected with the New York Obaener, died on tho 23d, aged 77 years. - " Brick " Pomoroy is roportcd as sayiug that "the Democratio party is damned." Thon ho has uccomplished what ho has been ailuing at for years. - But bettcr bo " damned " than follow the lend of the Brick Pomeroys. - Chas. Taiman, assistant pressman in the Methodist Book Concern, Cincinnati, on Saturday night last shot Lcr-nzo Deazel, a saloon koeper, who was " kindly " trying to lead hiui home after getting him drunk. - 32 below zero : that's what tbe mercury is reported .-is gotting down to at Owosso on Thuisday morning of last week. No wonder that tho Owossoites want a ucw railroad to the southward. - The Itcv. Dr. Roeert J. BiikckkxRinGE, unele of tho ex-Vice President, and a well-known and prominent Presbyterian theologian, died at Danvillc, Ky., on Wedncsday evening. - In New York, on tho ovening of the 23d, Robort üalloran, a discharged driver on the Third Avonuo Railroad, killed Thomas Larkin, a conduc.or, with a carhook. - "Ten feet of snow on tho level," in tho Littlo Cottonwood mining district, Utah, and the "sun not seen for a week,'' aays a telegram. Lovely country that. - Nilsson's insano lover has been com mitted to a lunatic asylum. Thoro are not lunatic asylunis enough in tho country to hold a titho of the insano lovers. - The Prosident refused to accoi)t tbo rosigrattioïi of Öolicitop-öenerftl Bristow. Ho s'.iouM have soiit a"purp" or some other valnable artielo along with it. . - The Metropolitan fias Work?, New York, explodod last Saturday nii'it, loaving tho city above Thirty-FourtÉ' street in darkness for sevaral dars. - Solicitor-General Bristow is roported as getting bis back up booaase not promoted to be Akonnan's successor. Result : rosignation. - The steamer U. S. Grant was driven ftshoi-e on tho Pacific eoast, Astoria, on Saturday last, and was a total loss. - Qminous. - The to-bo (noxt Monday) AttornoyGeneral Barlow, of N. Y., proposea tu smash the Erio ring, irrespoctive ot' persons. - Hon. Thomas C. McCroery, Dcraocrat, goos back to tho U. S. Senate as tho sucecssor of Garrot D ivis, of Kentucky. - Tlie Washington correspondent of tho ackson Gitistn thinke that " Mr. Trumbull is not a hearty Grant man." - ' Gi.'ii. Shrridan has ]!auiicd a buffalo hunt for Alexis, for whioh the soason is sliaping anything but favorable. - Mrs. Chas Weisert killed her mother in-law, llrs. Anna Klorucr, at Louisvillei Ky., on Sunday, with a hatobet. -1 - Tho Senate adjoumed for its holiday recess without passing tho House Appoitiouinent bill. ■ - Bohenok has withdrawn from the direotorship of tlie Euiuia mine, or report is miatakaii. - ■ Alexis was "at home" whea at Ottawa, oapital of tho Dominion : climatically, that is. - Tho notos of Pivropa llosa captured Alexis and a valuablo bracelot on ühwstiniis day. - St. Louis proposes a civil service reform, au examiniug board for offioH-sockers, cto. - Catacazy no longor waits upon Alexis, and "tho Uoverumyut" hi-oathes f roer. - Alexis Christmased at Buffalo. A satistical reporter watched wliilu a thousand men passed a looking-glass used as a sign on the siilowalk in liroadway. rhfl rosult of his observatiou sliows that 999 men glanoed oomplacently at theii image as thoy passed. The othur man was blind. Fooi hwulred and lU'ty-two tvomen passed duriug the game huur ind a half, and nono of thi.iu looked in the mirror - all of them being engagu l intently exumining eaoh other's appearinco aud divss. A spooial t'iinii Salina, Ivmsis to the Leavenworth Timet gays : Twelvc buildngs wore burned in that place Sunday, noluding one livery sttvhle, hantossand addlery shop, drug store, two grooeries, ne hardware store, two saloon and biliard rooms, Wrlls i'c Pareo's express office, uiil Qeü & Co's bank,. Loss front iJOU.oou m i70,ÜUO. Insuianco kuuiLL Tuk AitiiiHc Monthly, thoughnot &po litioal publication, is yet intensely Itupublioan, aud soldom it' over Iets slip an opportunity to diaparagc the Demooraric party. Si king a pin just thore the front the Jauuary aumbei is not without poiut: "Neithor the Cincnmati CominercM, nor the C!iic.._'i Tribune, oor the Springneld 'aan, hut the New Vuvk 2'rintne would be displeased if Granend Grant tailed in secuiing a renoininuti u. There are tnany reasoosf t o, why Qen. Grant'a continuante in oiBou would be regretted by otücr poople. Asa rule, military men iro not tlio stuft' to mi:o good Btutesineil for an un;.iilitary and COinmutoial socioty. Par tliu most part they entertaiii e profossional oontempt for law, even when thoy avow Unir loyulty to it. Ut' tliis peouliarity Gte&eral Ghranfa administrotlon liis given ut Least ona simü iliustiation. Ddolarisg himoelf firmly opposed to iutitrvuiitioii in tin.1 all'.iirs of toroigD ïiatioiis, ho Las for som.; time pust main1 : 1 1 1 ■ 1 1 a pro.Lvt r.ili; of San Domingo, wliieh is in roality an illogal war agaiust Hayti, oarried on in the toethofa (listinut piovisioD ot' the Coiititition. And again, General Gerant suems ignorant of tlie elemcntary priuoiplej of eoonomioal science to the extreme of beliering that the chief hou'.cc.' of the wealth of this oountry is to bo found ia the caiaet of CalifoiTiia. Jiis ,-y-ti in il' appointmenta has been uniotelligible, Appointoienta suob as M. Uurpbya aml Consul G ral Jiutlui's ate possihh', vo soo, bcanse oominissiona havo beun iasued to thoo ; but how the aim niiin wlio appointed .lr. Murphy und Consul-General Butlei should also have appointod Mr. Fish anc Judgo Hoar is inexplicable. Bo.sidos all this, ho has thovvn a singular want of delioacy, to say t ' i loast,in reeoiving inaumorable pre ents, and indireotly proflting himseit' out of governmeat oontraota. To own stock in a cominonmd Quterprise ís one thinjr, but to own stook iut a oorporation whiüh is (laily muking valuablo contraéis with the dopartineuts at Washington is, for the President of the United States, quite another. We do not impugn his honesty. He ia no doubt innocent of all siiarc in the management of the 'admi.iistration quarry,' but suoh a soandal ought not to be poBsible." We QOttld oopy similar pnragrnphs almost without namber from the loading litorary publicatious, monthlies and weeklics, all of which goes to show that there is in the best infbrmed oiroles a itrong under-ourrent of feeling that Gen. Gu.vxt is not a fit President, and that lie ought not to bo rc-sloctid. And if these writers had not a superstitious droad of ghosta they would drop the now meaningless and insano cry of " copperhead," and aid the Democratie party iu defeating hiui.


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