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A "windy" Column

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St. Louis, Deo. 23. A vory strong wind storm pissed over this city this foreuoon, which did oonaid crublu dauiage, Beveral wallsof unfinishe h.mses bring blown down, ruüfs torn oft chimnoya and fire walls demolishcd, ion ces Lev led, smokc stuoks tippcd over, etc TwO young girls wcre somewhat injurei. by a mlling tonca. Severa! other person w.'iü hurt, but nono seriously. ïho stüiiinor City of Alton was blown acros tlio rivor. Several vossols were torn i'rom tlioir moorings, and two or throo losi thoir ohiiuneys, but 110 s'uious daniago was done. The galo lnsted about au hour, aud carne from tho west. IXDIANAl'OLIS, DCC. 23. A violent wind storm lius prerailed al the afternoon, doing considorablo dainaee to buildings. A portion of tho roo: oï St. John's Oathodral was crushod bi the t'alling of the front towors. At La fayotto a largo notabel of buildings wero uiiroot'cil. iiiuluding the Seoaud Nationa Bank building, pustotiluo and telegraph office buildings, üevoral persons were injurcd. Louisvili.e, Dec. 2:i. About noon to-day a terrino tornadl paseed abont four miles bolow Now Albany, Indiana, breaking down timberam doetroying seven hruidied feet of trestle work on tho Air Line li tilroad, inllicting domage ofseveift'.thousand dollars. Two men were on the in a buggy in the traokoftho storm. The horse, buggy and men were liftod up and oarried forty feet, but escaped unhurt. The timber in tho trestle work was twisted o:ï likc whipeords. Toledo, Oiiio, Dec. 21. Tho galo yesterday and last night ;i ono of tho most scvoro ever esp rienced in this locality. Telegraph polos were prostratod in all diroctiona and considerible dainagu dono to roofe, chimncys, etc. Thespira of the First U;:ptist ('huroh -:is irtown down, fulling ujion and partially erdsbixts; aji sjdjoining dwelüng, but without injuring any of tho inmates. Bui'FAi.o, Doe. 24. A heavy g ilo visitod this plaoo last night, iloing oonsideiable dumago to buildings, etc. It was tho strongest galc experienoed hcro for years. St. Louis, Dcc. 2 1. A vpry heavy galc swept over Springfield, Illinois, yi'Hlcrd-iy, and blow down the immense skating rink, the now rolling mili oi' tho Spnngfield (ron Company, and entdrely dostroyed the round house of the (iihnau, Clinton & Hpringfiold Kailroad, besides teariog off Beveral roofs, to[)[)ling ovor chimneys, levcling fenoes, i:c. Tho loss caunot bo loss than fJU.OOÜ.


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