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.Tínico Cooley, of our Su]romc Court, has reoeivod a vory fiattering coinpliinent to his learning, abUityand industry, iiv a joint applieation from the family of Justioo Story and tlio publishers ot Uiü great work of that distinguished jurist on Constitutional Law, to edit a iicw oditioii of that Oommontary. The last (tliird) odition of this book appeared beforo tho robeliion broko out. Tlio first was published soon aftor tho nullifiuntiou troubles, and bet woon tho two but littlo had oociïrred to briug now quostions into the doraain of Federal Constitutional hiw. Now, however, the stato of thlngS is different. Tho latesi iimendmonts and the war have brought forward many now and vory serióos practical quostions, which Judgo Story could not possibly have anticipated, but whioh now requLro cxamination a:id discusaion. 8omeofthe8e have been the subject of judicial decisión Others must bo examined and prosented in tho light on!y of fundamental prinoiples. At a moderate estímate, Ulereare ft thousand judicial decisions to be examined, sifted and made u.s.) of, and t ho public iivcnts of tho last twolve years will also demand attention and form tho subject of frequent reforence. Story is tho standard work on Federal Constitutional law, while Judgo Cooley's recent boolt (OonstituHtm'il Limitations) wils on State Constitucional law. The two thiiitis t'or the most part :iro distinct, and tho books are m ide use of indifferent olassea ofoourts. The latter is a book for tho lawyor aliiuist esclusively; the former for lawyera and gtatesmeu both. We deem the BoIeotioB of Judge (!ojloy a fortúnate one, andaré glad to know th.if lio has oonsented to undertako tho work, althongh involving au Immense umount of lal nu' in the cxamination of the most important legal, historioal and political questiona, It is in the line of Ins tastcs, and tho superior mimier in which liis firsf ■ i'fl'iirts in this Keld of leal reBearoh were performtíd, and the prompt rocognition of his book as a standard aiithonty apon therabjeot treated, are sufioient guaranteea that we mav look induo time for a most valuable oontiibnr ion to eurrt-nt, Lega] literaturo in tho work to bo undcrUiWn by Liiüi. f gao nul lier Sttpreme benoh aro complimontecl iu the faot as well as tho iiuthor bimself, and wa t;ikc pridn and pleaaure i-i making thc -Detroit Tríbune


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