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■ Sk.ssions and tiie pólice stem of bnsluess, but nothlng has re,T1ip Catliolic Chui'oh at Chelsca was -rtilly unrooft-d in llie gale of lust Satrij iftcrnoon. -Ifvuu want a beautifully exccnted letKkttit, o lirst-class paper, ive your orti'lií Anous office. . vac ition aiul " the boys" are 1 so .lexis proposes to give Ami I liecold shoulder. I -JniiN Sei.fe, ol Sharon, slippeel an1 j .:, e en route for home from Manchesurday afteruoon last, breakiug kkft _Tif First National Uank has dec'ared iKn4iinual dividend of flve per cent. so'l". S. Tax, payable ou and after Toisday next. -Wedtesday was one of tlie most tedia iiays of the season. The wind was :. 11 ir'wcst and cutting, haviug no rexet :ur hom- or cara. -Sau'a Clans made considerable of a io i ihe store of fi. J. Joussun, hut he II j'.iv Hals and O:ips left, a!so Laches' -' furs, I{ol)es, Gloves, etc. -Tlie Wkst8, ot" tlie Wültmore UsSouse, h ivo issuedcarUs for a New 1 1 li.iil, aud propose to make lt the iMtittractivc eutertiiinmcnt of the seaIt -Alittleitem In tlus paper about the mneroftrcalin;; l'rust-biiien planta may V.iUiít Inte, ijut anoihcr freeïe like th.t lhe nla'ht of the 20th last , is uut all lm ;'5i;bio. -Tlie argnmint in the lon; peudlnj; araCtSüQf ÜUHTKR VS. ELCWTEB was laoencetl in the Circuit Coui't, JuJgc iur presiding, oa Tucsdny, auj is still h(ninca. -The ladies sliould read the adverliseWlüf" Vick's Floral (Juitle " in this isue t'tke iuGUs. It is the most elegant cata: kpi Hit lias come ouder our uotice, ol worthy of Vick, the leadlog Florist -Soine of our nieicliants, jrofcssional 3i, mul officials, recoutly ordered lithuFfed letter hvndd, etc , froiu a New Ik sutioncry flnn. They pu,id doublé Boe prlcee aud got no bitter 04 w work. Servecl 'em rlght. -Iftlic Anous has a lady reader who fwpu.s to offer winc or other luloxlcatlng tn%ti to lier gm-sts on the coming r Day, we ho)e slie wili '■strrad the artlcle in another column, Bid "The Curse oí Sironjí Drink." -OnFritlay morniny; last, Prof. FortD. ;ietsllof the medical class, presented a 'iöne watch to Jitnttor NAasti, with a "'Wat it migtit be okl aml useful before tóould give place to a suc.eessor. Jlr. UBlhM held hls position since 1866. -The special train bearlox Uie Grand ■Alexis and ■alte vlll pass the sta'■ilothscity at 10.30 o'clock a. m., haltÍ in miuutcs for the distlogubthnd "erstotakeaclrinkof Ice water, in oory of tttcir far away northern home. -The Detroit L'ght Guards, Capt. 'commaudiug, 50 In number, atteuded Ill5veii by the Pouteii Zouaves om "tosday evening, iuaugurating their " mory n JIcMauo.n's block. They 'clegantly uuiformed and made u line ftorance. TljeI!. S. B. Club are to Inaugúrate the 'ïearl)y a masquerade ball, at Hang '11, Monday evenlog. The music "furnished by Gvvhiuer's Hand, and fÍW time, with good order is promteed. Quines can be obtained at the Hall. See "'misemcut. -Tlietaxcs In the First and Second "k of this city are about Si). per cent. iWess ot last year, over which there is lierable profauity Indulged. Iu the 'Ward they are a fractlon over 3 . at. on the valuation, aud in the "l Ward a little over Z}4 per cent. , The heavy wind which prevailed on 'y afteruoon last did no great in 'L lbh City 01" viciuity. out Rot up amuslng street scènes. Mcu's.liats (lics hats aud toggery eujoycd a . on of motioa more enjoyable by i , J'8"011 tllaQ wearers, and uow anij then Wau measured fall length on the 'b gE8eicor conditlon affording uo ■ption. (Thert: Was a" alarm of fire on Sunday ;, roon last, eaused by the burning out cbimiey In L. C. Risno.v's stórc, ülling w lid story with smoke ao that it poní dü iE LW Put O" 'lis 1"U1) i')e fly," cai-ried his boots in fttln!41 aniUOk Ot hlS ""PP"8 after fltlc f n to lhe roof jf his Just a '"ahurry.thatwaÈftll. ar thousand flve hundrerl dollars f%tirC!tliiUde1 at Cllelsea in WOU tiOöal 8and rarnlshing thé Üongfeja. lQtl8aa ' bulldi"= ■ basement tji ay 6cnóol aud prayer meel. aJ for a uew bell, &O, The cborch was rudedlcated on Thuwdy of list week, on wliicli occasion the sura of 11,600 was ralsed to froe Uic churcb from debt. - While drlvlng acrosa th rallroad u-ack ni'ar Scio vtlluge on Baturday eveulng laat, Dr. LEwrrr'a bowe took rright at ft mOVlDg train, .suddenly wlieuleil, upsct tbe eatter aud thhtW the Dr. out, tuin ed and re crosseil tbe track in front of thfl !.i;iiii, and made for bomc, whero li arrlvcd with liis Imruesa and uothing more A torce w:is Immcdlately startecl in searcb of the Dr. He ivas itaoned by beïng tbcown froni tlie cultor aud soruewbat bruised, but recovered froni the sliock before tlie cold got liold of him, inaking a narrow escape.


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