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UOLUMBTA, S. V., DOC. SHJ. The report of the Legislativo Joint Investigatüig Ccminittee, which has been sitting in Ñow York daring tho suiumer, with B.F. Whittcmcro M chairman, has ippoared. It covers nearly thieo hundred printed iages, and gives an elabórate review of the administiation of tho State finalices sinco thu instullation of hc present government. Rogarding the State debt tho coinmit;eo declaro that they cannct beliovo othor than the fearful truths that stare us in he face, in that bonds and stocks printed y tho American Bank Noto Conipitny to ho amount of $22,510,000 reprtsont the iabiljties of the State, for " which the iiith or credit of tho State, however unawfully presonted, have been pledged 'or payment. The contingent liability ncurri.'d ly railroad indorsements sums the total to $29,000,000. In conclusión the report says the comnittoe, in view of tho atrocity of these disclosurcs, tho work of the present adninistration, or, rathor, a ring coraposed of loading offieers of tho govemmont of he State, unhesitatingly says that the iepublican larty which olectcd thwn to ower must show its oondemnation of suoh treachery and knavory by au immediate and uaitod effort by legislativa enactnieiits, as well as by ovory othor deiberativo measure, to bring to justice ;hoso wlio have x'i'ostitutod the authority with whieh they have beon clothod and o flagrantly and criminally imjjcriled he trusts to them confiped.


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