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öfinator .Buckingham, of Connccticut, who has been made chairman of the Jnuitwiii eva hingcommiltee, coTnjlai is ,hat he ie alreody loadod down with tho iurdens of tho dutio.s imposed apon him )y virtue of his position. He has alroady on hud iSchenck'a connection with the Kinimi sil ver mine, Torn Murphy's bltldjeon management of tho Now York lladoal State Convention, and other equally grave quostions, but ho has not boen sharged with any oxaminatioa into the nanner in which Caecy & Co. securod tho control of the Radical State Convention n New Orloans, nor as to who was responsible tbr the uso of tho Unitod Statos ;roops and Gatling guns on that occasion, líuither has tho investigation of tho nains through which Buckingham scured his own olection to the United States Sonate yet been roferred to his committee. Thore aro vast numbers of othor important quostions which ought to e handed over to the Buckingham comnitteo on whitewash ; Gront's interests n tho Soneca stone quarry, and how ho ame by thora, would be interoting to hc public, as wll as tho facts in connection with that littlo exchange of territoy near Chicago, which socuredone Jones a position in Belgium. Mr. Buckingliam will want a groat deal of whitewashing is it is, but ho wonld want moro if tbe3O tliinirs wora nut in tho hands of his uittoe.


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