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Formal Calls

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Saya :i writer in 1 1 r : If thoro is any ono thing more than al] that is a dis igreeablo task, it is tlic boro of making a round of " fashionable calis." Why, rfftot hn wo canaoi táké our work-hnd go totho house of a friend, spend tho afternoon nñd take tea as our grandmothers used to do in the good oíd times, is mora Ihan I m imagine, 'i'ius having to fuss and flz and put on all best olothes, saslics, ourla and furbelows, tien go out at regular intervals on a tour from house to house, givea mu no satisfaotion w!. and oliliaj.'S tiloso on whom you cali to go througli I lie :■: me ordoal. ';, How plcasant you icol to ring til at tlie door of somc formal aoquaintance, and hear'somö o'n'o run nut of the hall in dismay at your inopportune arrival. Notvrithstanding you wait a moment, of oourse, nu olie oomea to tho door,, and all you eau do is tomaku the best of it, thank your stars you ," áro.liot as othuï woiaen are," slip } our oard under tho door, and odngratulate youreelf on thus Bummarily ha ing your list of calis to makc leaKnea by ouo. Again, on calling at another house you aro sliowii info the drawing-room with all cereuiony by the s rv.un, who with tho assuiancn that "jMrs.H - - wiD be down in a moiubnt," leavos you to yourself. This cali reqúlres great patióncb, and if you can so control yourseli'. ue p your norvea calm and mimi Serene utitit you loavo, you may know it has been " good for you to be thore." Aftcr waiting exppetant for ton minutes you lean baok in your ohair, survey yourself in a handsomo pier glass oppoaitpi Hiid rp-adjust yourbow or stray ourl, and smopth your new " Alox.-ndre's." At last you tire ui', audbegin to rondor it' Mts. H will arr muke her aripoaranco, for, of cours, you have gueesed leng ore this sho was dressing. You you had not callcd there that day, but- you did. You isbjfou could leavü the hoúíe but- yon: cau't. The servant after ushering you is ini'ormcd her mistr:s8 and went back to the dining-room, andit wo.iUt novor do for you to take "Frouoh luavo." All this time remeinber you aro leauing back in the " (■'■■; ■ di-'.ii;'' in such a mannor thaf you can not musa your elegant sash or runiplo your baüuuo or ovursi.ii't. iiadies mi ' kiw. v;hat iVirtitude thai requrres: pin lly Mrs. II enters, with an elabórate apology for hef tardiness, or ignores it entiroly, and you greot her Bweetly, make a few remarks and witlidraw, satisfiad that your list , instead of two, for want of time. These, of courco, are not what we ludios jneot overywhare, for soine eallS are 'vftry p3eiïsant and lead to iiitiinalB and faithful friendshipg. But such as mentioncd, and other mstances :vs lUsa ble, do much toward making formal calis a bore. Let me ask : Will thoy over bo out of fashion P Can we look forwnrd only to tho millennium to be absolved froiu this form of etiquette 'i


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