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The Stolen Pass

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An editor id Horrisbltrg lost bis pass on the railroad, an i the omcers of the road to secure the arrest ofanyman wlio should presfint it. Tho next day he found the pass in thu pocket of his.'iuiulay trowsers, and procci-dud to takc i kfip upon it. As Boon as he offcred it to the conductor, that faithful officer knooked him on the head with his lantern, called án threc braketnci and the baggage-mistcr, dragged lihn. despite his frantic struggles, along the Hoor into the baggage car, where i brakemaa s:it on him while tlie conductor battered him up a lot to koop him quiet ; and thon they scaiched him to ascertain v.'hat oihor tliciïs he had boon perpetratinfr. With the exception of a ticket to the circus, that man had apon his person absolutely notliinij but vaiiroad jjiihss! Ha bad over Ml tho niaiu ro&ds and brundi Unes, and feeders and sidings, in tho State rf Pennsyl vania. He had i'ree tickets all tha ruilroads in tho Eastern, Soutlicrn, Middle and Westeyn í and-ïn tour of the Territmics. Hchd a pass over a raihuad iVoin Yddo to Yokobama, and another from Calcutta to BengaL He had a letter promising him One on the ncw road which is ]]■' in, Toito del Euego, and í manuscript puff xhich he teLu wrilton for a muii whohad assured him he should havu a pass over tlic road which the man said he was about to run under the Mediterranean fuma África to Italy, us soon as it uilt. The codauc'tót córicludeíl'tnái he had caught the greatest Kleptomaniac tliat the world ever saw. ]3ut wben he got back to H&rrisburg the aifair was cxpluiuud. And now it 'thcre is any oiie editor in ili S-.íc wto is complutèly sick of "géntlcwanly conductora," that editor resides at tho State capital.


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