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Frozen Plants

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Somo clcaiv still ïiiplil. .lack Frost wil] fuid li is way into the lady's parlor 01 chamber, in wbich she keeps her planta, mul, .-ili me ! nrxt nioming her sweet pets will bc as rigid as the artificial Mía. her bOnfiet.1 Tiow, vhat shall bödönè'r Dou't huiry thuin into a warm roi the sijl.e of tho gtove, aa yon would i frogt-bittea ei i main whore 11 ' y v.ii.' .: e tïio window slmt.1. i ,) the eurfains, 60 :is to make the room quito dark : I klc the ]' 'M ïfati r ■ the eisten!, and mait thcyrcsult. Do not nllow the i than forty-seven degreesfor ( lionrs. It' a few drops of spirit "f oninphor nrr thrown into tho dish of water I Bpriiikling, it. will bo all tlic 1 Planta tn atad ia (Me wy, tliouili frozen bo badljr tiiut tliü water wil] wliin sjriiilclecl, yet by keeping tho room dark and cool for an cutiré ilaj', thoy will cciiiii' cut ui.harmcd. Tl is s:nd that the three hardest word, of tho l'.iiuii:-U lftnguage to pronni conseoutively, aro, '-I w;..s mistaken;"


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