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A Scotch Shepherd's Prayer

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Thero ia no class of persons moro de vont luim tlvc shepherds of Bcotland. Among t'n. in the exeroüe of family wonhip is aovar negleoted. Itis alw-tij'sgonoabout with deo rum ; but, formality biding a tilinte dospised by them, there aro no coin■ . ns so truly o.iginal ocoBSionally, or real eloquonce, and not. unfrequontly i'ur a pluin and soraewhat onbecoming faniiliarity. One of the moet potable min t'nr tliis sort. of bomeLC Kredde cloqueuoe wub Adam Soott, of Upper Dsngleisb. Hcre is a short sample: "Wc parteeklarly thonk Theo tbr Thy great aeaa to Meg; und thát it ever oam' tato Y. mr tiead to tak ony thought o' sic ;i u-'lrss bow-wuw M lier," (ftlluding to :i gr] of his who bad been miraculous.wd fion drowning). " For Xhy mercy's sake, o ïhy puif, Duir sinful' oreefcurs now addreuing Thee in thoir shilly-sh i ly wüv, and fi;r üio s:ik" o' mail' than uu daur woel nanio to Thee, hae mercy on our Bol-, Ye ken Youriel' ho's a wild mischiovous,, and thanks nae mair o' ooramitting sin than a dog does o' licking a dish. But Kit Thy hook intil his nose, and Thy iridie intil hia gab, and gar him coma jack to Thee, wi a jork that ho'll not fortt the lanust day hc bus to live. Dinna rget pair Samiö, who'i far away frae s the night. Keep Tliy arm o' power bout him, and eoh, Sirs, I wish Yu wad ndow him wi' a little spunk and smeduni to uct for his sel' ; for it Ye dinna lu'll bo but a bauckle i' this warld, and a )ack-sitter i' the next. Thou hast added ne to our i'amily " (one of his sons had ast m&rried uuiit hia approbation). So has btien Xhy will. It wad liever lave been mine. But, if it is of Theo, do 'hou bless tho conneetien. But if tho ucl hath dono it out o' carnal desire, g:tinst ft' reiison and crodit, may the mlil rain o' adversity settle in bos habiation," etc, sta


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