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A Persian Tale

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Thoro was onco a prince, who, having been mnch displeased with one of his nobles, determinad to puuish him The prince commauded that hc should bc shut up in a liigli tower. Into this tower thero was only one entranco, whicli was walled up iuimediately aftel the uobleman had benn placed tliere. ïhus all hope of escape seemed to be cut off, and tho unhappy man was left to porisli. lnside the tower thero was a long winding stair-casc, by which the prisoner roaohi the top. Wiiilü looking down from tin re he observed his wife, who liad como, indulging a ftiint hope thafc she inight be able, by sonie moans or othor, to aid hsr husband in eseaping Erom his place of coufinumont. Ou inquiring if sho eould be of aiiy service to him, he replied : " Oh, yes; go and procure a bhick beetle, alittlegrease, askiúnof silk, aball of twine, and alongrope." Thepoorwifo hastcned to obtuin what her husband asked for, wondoring, no doubt, at the strangfiiess of his requeat. Sheaoon returned.furnished with the things. Her husband then di ni t . ■■ i her to put tho grease on the beeÜe'a bead, toasten the silk to its bind leg, tho twine to tho silk, and rope to the tuint!, and then to placo tho boetle on the wáU of the tower. Ou being set at libertv on the wall, the beetle, smelling the grenso ou its bead, and not beiug ablo to disoover where it was, crept up tío towor in searcli of it, till it arrived at the top. The nobleman OOUght it, and taking the silk trom its hind log, carofully drew it up. Whon he oame to tke end of tlxo silk, bo foond tho (wino, and noxt he oame to tho rope. Pastcning this to a crook, he lot hiuisclf down, and thus made bis escapo. A prisou cliapltún was lumenting the want of sueoess attending liis ministry. Of one iniin, who had been condoninuil (o d( ath, ho said he had great hopos, the priso&er having been assiduous in the reading of the Bible, which had boon givcn liim. Th o chaplain, at'ter groat cvertions, obtained a uoiumutation of the sentenoe. "I callcd to inform him of my success. His gratitade know no boands; ho said I w:w his prosorver, his deMverer. '"And here," lic added, as ho grasped my hand in partiug. ' here is your Bible. I may as well return it, for I hope that I j ghail never want it again.' "


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