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Physiology For Women

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Delivering the opening leoture in the (w Ladies' Course 011 Physiology, at tho Jniversity of Edinburgh, Prof. Bennett kade thoso oxoullcnt remarles: I have long fornied tho opinión that lysiology, besidee being essential to the nedical student, should lo introduced as i elementar subject of education in all ur schools - should bo taught to all asses oi' society. It is an asoertained act that 100,000 individuáis pevish anually in this country frora causes -which ro easily preventible, and that a larga mount of inisery is caused by an i: ncc of tho laws of hoalth. Women, in 11 classes and dogreos of socioly, have lOre lo do with the preservation and du ition ot' hunian life, oven, tlian men. It las boon avgued that, inasuiuch as even ïo brutes knowinstinctivoly how to take are of their young, so must women be ble to do thu same. But tho human inant is tho most helplofs of creatures, and othing is more lamentable thari to witess tho anxiety and agony of tho young lother as to how she should manage her iist-born. In no system of cducatiou are women tuutrht the structuro and ícnts of the ofifepring whioh will beconilitted to their onarge ; and cortainly, no rror cm be gioater thttn to suppose that ises and instincts are sufficient for eachinj; man as to his physical, vital, nd iiit.-lloi.tual wantd. The cnormous oss of Ufe among infants has struck all vho have paid attention to the subject, nd there can be no question that this is uainly owing to ncglect, want of proper 'ood or clothing, of cleanliness, ot' fresh ir and other ijvevtntiblo causes. Dr. jankester tells us, whon ably writing on lis topic, that, as Coronor for Central [iddlesex, ho Iiokls onu hundred inquests mnuilly on i'liiiilren found snffocatod in )ed by the side of their motliers, uiul he alculatf.s thatin this way 3,000 . infanta re destroyed annually in Great Britain lonu, attributable in nine cases out of en to the gross ignoranco of those raothrs of tho laws which govorn tho lito of ie child. But wonicn aro tho wivos and egul.vtors of douiostic households. Thoy lso constituto tho groat niass of our donestic 80ivants. On thetu dej)ends the jropor ventilation of tho rooms, and espeialiy the uicepins rooms, in which all nankind, on an sverage, upeud onn-lhird ' tlieir lives. Children a ■ too often shut p all day in crowded nurserics, and, vhon ill, aio subjoeted to numerous aburd remedies bofore medical assistaive is ent for. Theil clothing is often uselcss r iioglected, the dictation of a fashiou athor than comfort and warmth boing oo frequently attcndod to. The eleanliiss of the house also dopends on women, nd thi! ri'inovul of organic matter frem urniture and linun, the decouiposition of vhicli is so productiva of disease. Furher, the proper choico and preparation f food is cntiustcd to theru. All these re physiological subjocts, the ignoranco f which is oonstantly loading to tho greatst unhappiness, ill hoalth, and death. Among the workina; classes it is too freaently the improvidence and ignorance f tho women which lead to the in tem - lerance and brutality of tho men, from vhioh origínate half the vice and crime cuown to our pólice oftices and courts of ustico. Additional argumenta for the tudy of physiology for women may bc [erived from tho consideration of - (1) tho effects of fashionablo clothing - the tight acing, nakod shoulders, thin shoes, highïoeled boots - often subversivo of health'; 2) the great objects of marriago - theproLuction of healthy offspring- and all tho oresight, caru and provisión required, but oo often neglected through ignorance, to he danger both of laother and child ; (3) ,ho propor employmont of women, which hould bo rogulated with regard to thoir conformatiou and constitutions ; and (4) nursing the sick, which is oue of tho most ïoly occupations of women, and which vould be much moro intülligently dono f they possessed physiological knowledge. Heneo women in all rauks of society should have physiology taught to thetn. t should be an ossontial subject in thoir irimary, secondary, and higher schools. Si strong are my conviotions on thissubect that I dceia it a special duty to lecuro on physiology to womon, and whonover I have done so I have found them nost attentive and interostod on tho subect, possessing indeed a peculiar aptitude :'or the attkdy, and an instinctive feeling, wlictlier as survants or mistrosses, wives or mothers, that that science contains for thiiu, inore than any othor, ího elemento of ruiil and useful knowledge.


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