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presscd i proterenco tor Kime otner man than Gen. (íkav,' as the Bepublioan candidato far President iu tho eoniing cnmp&ign, the Bay Öity Jiwrnal hcaves thia neighborly aad brotherly "Boland" at its dovoted hond : "Had the Bnt&prtt Come out squaroly for Senator Td IJBÏJ 'N or Gen. McCLELLAJT, it would not havo been more inoonsistent as a Ropul;lic;m journal." To which the in! baok au "Oliver," that is :i gentle nsitiuation that tlio exoegtiva "luilty" reservoirod unAor tho JotírnaP editorial kiu was owing, porhaps, tr tlie owner of tlio aforesaid skin holding an ollicc uuderthe favorite Ouaxt. Our Valley cotomporaries aro probably both right: tho Enterprise coifld not do a more disloyal tiiing than to opioso GliAXT,- ]#in!,'iple bcing nothing and partisanship everythiiig ii the party it representa, and the adminis tration being the party and the Presi dent the ndministration, - and the Jouf nol oouliln'twell be aakod to voluntaril; drop its slice of " bread and butter." Col. JAS. FlSK, Jr., of theNinth New Yorlc Regiment, nmgnato of Urie, adrairal of a Sound (Uvi, Isssee of tho(ii;in Opera House and Beveral theaters, the Gko. FiiAxris Tkaix of Widl Btrcet, ono of the hurocs of tho " Black Friday," ownorofsimdry legislatura and judges, has gono, in li i-i o wn phraso, " whero the woodbine twincth." In otter words, lio was shotby Edwakd S. Stokes, successful rival fot the affootiona of Helen' ■ ld, on Saturdsj at about 4 30 V. 'M., in tlio hall of the Grand Central Hotol, and died at 11 o'olook Sunáay morn'ng. The murder wasafoul and oowardly ono, two shots boing flrod without warning or opportunity to dofend, one taking effect in tho bowels, proving fatal, and the second in '. u'di!r. We have uotthei spaconor t;istu to gormandize on tho affair, and thoso who want details must go to tho dailiüs. 8ïOKLS was immcdintyly arrcated, and waita tuial in the Touibs. - Fimc's fathei is roported inaanebecauso of his son'a takingiiT. The Democratie State Central Comruittco üf Missouri held a meeting on Monduy, and, aftor f uil and free discussion, resolved in favor of applying th " passive policy, ' so successful in tha State, to uational politics. An iddres was adopted, the tolegraphio synopsis c: whiob will bo fuuiul in nnothcr column. - The Democratie Stuto Com mitfeö of Illinois met at Springrfteld th same day, and unanirnously, though no formally, eaáoraed the poeitioB and viuw óf the Missouri Democracy. - There is ono serious obstado, if n more, to applyinj tho " passive polioy to national politics, and attempting on largor field what was done in that State And that is : thero aro not dissatisfiec disaft'octod, recalcitrant liepui.üean enough in ïuany of the States, to take th load as in Missouri, if even to composo an electorial ticket, that is, not enough possessed of sufficient backbono to induc them to follow their convictious aml re fuse to support Giiax t. A Chicago dispatch says that bcfor li ti ving that city for tho West, tho Grane Duku turned over to the Mayor some 3 or 40 begging lettorf, recoivod by hin while there, all froin fcmales. One young lady(?), from western New York, advoca tod her claim " in six closely-written pa gos for a sutu to nable her to marry a widower whom sho lovetl dearly." As th fool-tiller doesn't make annual trip through tho length and breadth of th country such letters can easily be ac counted for ; but why the Mayor of CUi cago should inerease the injury and adt disgraco to our repatatiou as a people b; making tliem public is bej-ond compre housion. Ho 8hould have iidniinisterec the trust and aid coufidod to him by tli Grand Duke to thoso " deemed worthy in a quiet way. A. T. Sthwart sworobefore theWhitewasliing Comuiittüo Chat thn "General Order business was a monopoly and injurious to trade :" a "nuisanée" as well as an extortioh ; and that he had so advised tlie President, but without Lket & Co. being removed or their plundering in the least abated. Tho Presidenta coufldontial and private Secreter?, IIokaci; Poktek, is said to bo the partner of Leet, with moro than a strong preeumption that the President may shareinthe spoils. Is not this tho interpretaron of Cael SCHTTBZB remark about 'ithe power stronger than the Secrctary of the Treasury " which sustained theso abusos 'i The Courier of last week, published run controllcd by the Chairman of the Ropublioan City Oommittee, placed Dr Dougi.ASS, the Democratie Mayor of this city, in uomination for re-eloction : on an independent or law and order ticket, o: course. As Mayor Douglass has been doing nothing moro or loss tiiau ho was pledged to do bcforo his olection, and was clectcd to do, and as tho Democratie party can do nothing loss than stand by hiui, the Cottrier'ê nomination, if designad to doprive tho Duinocracy of a candidato, ia premature. - HHM A PRIVATE letter from Denvor, onder dato of January 3d, gays : " We have had moro snow in Colorado this winter than ever boforo ; it has laid on the gvound now seven weeks. IIow is that for a grazing country? If it keopa coming, good-by cattlo in Northern Colorado.'" Whicn picture is oertainly not very flattoring to colonista who havo been told of open and balmy winters, and that cattlo would turn up their noses at cured hay, proferring to orop the nutritious graseea. Hut probably the exceptiou will only pruve the rule. Tim war of the two Badioal faotionein N, Orleans still continúes. Gtev. VTauHOUTH'S House has possesBion of the Capítol, wliilc tho Custom House body runs in a huil. Tko Sonato don't gct a quorum togethor iinywhore, a largo nninber of the mciubers bcing off on a gunboat uxcursion. Bo that no bloodshed rcsults, wo don't know that wu havo mach won: Bympftthy with sither tide than tho woman liad in the inling fight botwecn her husband aad t'othur bgar.


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