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Trumbull On The Presidential Course

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The New York v" of tho '.2l inst. ilies head llús ticket : '; 'y. .■;',..'- Lymax TrvMisn.L, of UÏ'IHÜS; fiar Viee-Presldetil ,Samii:i. J. Tir.r::, . tn laaking the noiaination the 1 riefly .-:.■ !:-!ii's thelifeof Mr. TihTMbcll, and tbon addsthe fólluwing purtvgraphs toprovct!i.t he oiiL'ht not to bu o' I ous tu Uu; Demooracy : iugh Mr. Truinbull has been ■■ prominent Kepublican, he has on many nota■ '.,.: boliestü of pa rty. On , i ii' tho impe "■!- ment of A.ndvow Johnson, of mnintaimng the iust rights of tho States, of resi ting rj asiirpation, of sustaiiinsf tlie n[enoe of the Buprorne Ooun in op n to i'Xcrntivi: and logulftiii luents, of hostility to tbc San Do mingo swindle, of reiormation ! the oivil ie, of a thorouzh oipoauië of the eurruptions of the Admiuistrution, and of general amnesty to the late robels - ot to onumerato othor aeasuro3 - Mr. Trumbull has üollowod tho dictatos of his owi jiidj inent. Xhia be has done in oontemp of inakidictions from men hiih and low in the ranks of the Bepublican party, few t' vrhom, howi ?er, have dore I to question ;lii: puxity of his mutivüs, aml not onc oi' whom wm ever able to overthrow the ai guments with whioh ho fortiiied his position. Concurring goncrally in opinión upon these subjecta with tho most enl ghtuned merabers of the Democratie paity, does not Mr. Tri mrsi' t'uniisli astrong reaaon for his support by tliat party at a crisis when naarly all of thee ijuestions will be put at issue in tho approaching Pregidential campaigD 'è Butitmay bo said thoi'e fewSouthorn maloontents 1 i 1 Btephens, Toomba, and i'orsyth, who havo declarod that they will not support Sor the Presidency suoh :i man as Lyinan XrumbulL Well, suppose thüy will not. Not to spoak of the oifrontery ot' these u&punished traitors undertaüng to díctate the mxt Democratie candidato for tlio Presidenc] fico it to say that if Trumbull and Öranj ■ the field ;vs rival nominees, ;:il the lïiunds ol' ïrumbull can ou!y oontrire to get Diivis, Stephens, Toombt, and iorsvth to tako the stunip tor Grant, thoy will insure Trainbulf's Olectiou by n overwhelming majority. Even a well1 suspicion that thoso architects of ruin favored tho Buooeaa ot' Grant over Trumbull would kul Grant stonc d ad. Tho dilomma of the Domocraey is evident. Thny must nomínate a candidato with a good war record, and who is sound on the tiiree constitutional amendments, or lose tbc wholo North. Sm.-li a candidato would doubtlesa lose sonio rote aiaong tho 'Southern maloontente. But Lyman Trumbull would loso no more uf this elass of voters than wonld Wiliiam S. Gvoosbock or Sanford E. Church or any othex regular Democrat with sucli a rcoovd and on suoh a platform as would give to the party a reasonable assuranco of süccess in the NortU and West ; while TruniljuH, by a larga and euthui Republican following, would uiotü than mako u] for tin; defisction of a small knot of unhung secossionists in the South, uul hore and thuro au untamud Copporhead in tho Xorth. Those isanea of tho last fiftoon ycara whieb have separattjd Trnmbullfrom the regular Dciiiocratie organiza: ion have gonc into bifltory. New quuitions now loom on the horizon, and on these Mr. TrurabuU and a Urge body of bis Itopubliean asgooiatea ure in clase mcoxi with thegreal miss of tho Domooratio party. The cordial unión of these fcwo elemente is eesential to -uccessin thu appioaohing Presidoutial struggle. These Republicana will folio w tho load and share the fortunes of Mr. Trumboll ; but the large luajority of them will not erabai'k oa board a puroly Democratie oraft ondei a gtraight-out Democratie pilot. Mr. Tmmbull is of Democratie training, haa held high trusts under the Demucratic party, and now agreea in opinión on the most important questions with the wisest Btatesuien of that party. Why, tlien, should thoy notaccept him as their candidato for 1872Ï The only imswer which can be given is at hand. In tho past few yeare ho has diffored with the Democratie policy and the Democratie party. But that policy has boeu exploded, and the party which sustahicd ithas not won a national victory in tho last fourteen yeare; and moreover, and this is conclusivo on the point wo are now discussing, you eau never convince the fout or fivo hündred tliousand Republicana who huil Mr. Trutnball as their leader that in his differences with tho Democratie party he was not tho truer Democrat, and was not right whilo the party was wrong. Mr. Trumbull is a statesman of eminent ability and long expericneo ; ho is a profound constitutional lawyer ; ho is a man of spotless integrity and raro courage, and is admirably iitted to tako tho lead in .u: grand movoment for Reform upon whioh the country has so earnebtly entered. Anothcr article in tho same issue attributes the dofeat of the Democracy in 18G0 to the dofection of a largo nuinbur of Democratie leaders with a largo folluwing of voters, and adds : As it was with the Democratie party then, so it is with the Betoublic&n party now. There are ïuany distinguished leaders among the Repablioaaa who ure utopposed to Grant' s Admixtiatration, and espeeially to his ïü-nomination, and who, under no conceivable circumstances, will vote for his ro eleotion. Kut they boar no proportion to tho. Kepublican masaos who cherish the saimi sentiinents, and if the occasion arises will carry out their convictions at the polls. Grant is weak among tho Kopublicuns in the 8enate, as the debat') on Trumbull's rtjsolution demonstrated. ILï is wepJc in tho House, as the discussion and voto on the San Dotuingo and tolograph swindles provecí, lint ho ís lar weaker witii tnat solid body of Ropublioana who neither hokl nor dcsire office, than with their independent representativas in tho two branches of Congrcss. The only really embairassing quostion whioh misos out ot' tliis statc; oí' tbings ís this : Havo the Dcmocrats suflicient sagacity to seo the drift of tho tido, and oourage and liberality enough to embark their tortunes apon ít? Or in plainei words, have ttey gense and indcpendcnce onough to win tho next PresTdential elcction by joining with tho anti-ürant Kopublicaus upou a National Eoforin platfyrm ? ís it exaotly modest for tho 8un to ask tlio neariy 3,000,000 Jjcmooratic votors to throw theinselvos at tho feot of tho 500,000 or so disaffeeted llepublicans ? but if Grant can be beateu in that way aid no other, it uiiylit possibly bo wel! for tho Democrucy tü out a very largo júeco of íiuiíilile pie. Jast now, howover, wc aro not disposed to bito. In THE Ohio Legislatura, on Wednesday, Senator SheHMAN was re-eloeted for the term of six yenra from the -Ith of March n.-ixt. The vote stood : SHERHAN, 73; Gun. MouOAN, 59; Cox, 0; Si HENOK, 2; Pkkkv, 1. - W. B. Allisox has boon nomnatod by tho joint caucus of tho ItcpubLoan mombers of tho Iowa Logislntuio, ;o succeed Senator Haulax, getting just wo more than tho necsssary vote. Not aany tears wil] be shed throughout thu ounti-y at this rf.sult. Secbetauv Boutwei,!, asks an approriation of $1,232,000 to supply estimated efieicncicB for the flnancial year 1871-'", nding the .'iOth of June sext. The Preslential elections tided oycï the "defleincies" will be found to aggregata ïmiiiy iincs tluit iiinouiH.


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