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'l'li ■ offii f the Aun Arbor and Lodi Plank P.oud will l' removed tothe tor of Ricti &. Abel on und mier the 2J iluy dí b'cbruarjr oext. .irm Albur, Jiin'y. Uta, 187Í. 183ÜB-3 N. B. COLí:, Socrotnry. pAR M FOUSA LE. Tho nndersiüiied ofll-ra tor Bale t!ie 8. W-. 5 of 8. W. K of aeollon 2, lo Dexter. s b. y ora n. '; orscii-n a, do N. U. K f N E. '„ of8ctlon 10, do N.W. KofN.W X oíSecMon 11, ,1o N. X oí 9. '. í ol S. li. J,or Soc. 11, (Jo Comprising 180 Acres of Land. Known m tho MII.LMAN FARM-hcrctoforc owned and occupled b s. lying bont S miles n'.rihwcst Irom tho Dorcr Mills, nim 3 miles o?? a lhe vilh'" of Pinckncv. It is a desiradood Farm, Handsomely Sitaatel Goorl for Whtfat, Oorn and ottwr (nhw. nni J',-}] "L ni! ';f,v'"laI o t U a h.amfnl sin AM Ol' WATKK, tbe outlct ot Silver Lake niDDlpí aeran It. A good title will be riven anü it wlll ha iold chehp, antl liberal PrmS of credit giran dcsirodj lor two third of ihc nnrchnae mon?y. Atn Arbor, Jany Hth 18T2. ' ' lSS6m3 ' NOTIOEi SECOND ANNUAX CliÉI Olt Sft THE 1W IJJIIM' STORE Tuesday, Jan. 16 FOR THE PURPOSE OP MASKING DOWN GOODS, Aftcr wliich time everything will bc offurcd at cost and below cost, as I intend to mako extensivo alterations in my business next Spring. Cali eavly and secure your bar1gfiins in 1MBB0VS, LACES, COtLlKS, CITFS, rjftSIERÏ, GLOVES, BITTOSS, T7 AïliRKRf H!EFS, TRITllii'tGS, "I7EI.TBTS, YELVETEi:.S, Qlf.K AÏD eWTOH TROItmtiS, "NllBÜS, HOODS, n Ett.nvTowx ïars, kxttis y.ibss, TTJIBBOIDEH1ES, SiPRIS, TOWELS, Ui ORSETS, FROW 30 CESTS IPWARD8, pOtKET BOOKS, DEttFlUERY, Uil Ons, TlRl'SHES, COJIBS, UIRS, TO CLOSE AT A SACRIFICB, A IBIJIS, mTOMAS ASD SI-lPrER PATTER1S, TT OOP SHIRTS, Aud a grpftt inany Articícs too numcrous to meation. PEMEM3ER THE PLACE 47South Main Street. One door from tbc ccr. of Liberty. H. C0HE1M. All i.ooils marhcd in Plain rijïures, and Ioitivcly only One I'rice. A NEW REMEDIAL AGENT, Beceiitly dlícovercd and bro'.isht I" use by ouo of tliu most cniiueut pliynkiaiw in New York. KENNEDY'8 CONCENTRATED EXTRACT OF PLNUSCANADENSIS, K pura; aqneon Extract possossln;; superior astringoot nd tonlc propcn'.us, aml recoinnicnded by Uio Inghebt medien, nuilioriiius in ILe couutry as nu TJNFAILING REMEDY in all chr ule dlseosoí of the muenns stiríace, and a siiilc"m the remora! uf morbid discharges, of wbatever natnre. Prescrüti'il by the Medical profesión wiili eignal and uniform necees in ti' traatmeat of Chronle Diarrboa ""d l)yiui'Ty, Nlgbl Svet8, Utcrine and l'ulmomiiy liciuurrluigc, iu couli nt tended wllh protun Bxpeetoratíon.and i an i"jeciion tu I.i 'uccirrbwaor Whii ■■. ' Icorati Dsofthn Da L't;riu and uiher Tastnal dlsoascs ; tn Oatarrh, Pile, Fia urca öf Mm Anus. Buraa, Bcalde, BxcurlatioDS, obatluate Oleen, aod o all caaea raqalrlnK a poirerfol abtringent and toiilo rcmcily. Tnoao affllutsd wilh auy of the above di5Cso6, ymi nol wisiviii;', ui cftll Upon thelr physlclaa, can pureliiwe from Huir droiffrM onis or two dollar packttfiaa of the iDodiotaöi'WHb pliysicittn'c) full dire tioufl í"i' u:.c. EXAMINE THE ARTICLE OP J. MAMÓN SI AIS, M. D. From thf Medie ll Oaziltc of June 84, 1S71. I havu naed Kennedy Ooncantralefl Kx-trnet of inadenai lor about dsht moutha In luoe . i ■ of tl-.e rectum, raclñi ana oervtot uu-ri I mvo naed i', cónriderablj dltnted, aa i vii'innl . waan wlthijTeat necea ;it I prefer t appl it o th Oítioi e on cottoo wool oither puro or mixed ltb glycerlne. orglycerlneand roe wiivor Thn LI -'loitl n maln intact Tor two 'r ttirícor g iven tonr day, and tben be rqnewed ín tbli wny nava con cbronlc granular vaglnltlea remodied Ín ti , fcw days thut bul realated thu ordinury remedirá Br weeks ; ana 1 nave en itrantlar aronoiía, wi-h raeorrhaa. diaaupoar Tery raplJly undr ii use. I - avon t time to do more taan eau tlio altentioc gf iv profesalonal brethren lo i tií-i neir Kxtract, hlch _ ám 8iire will hoiui bt! rtcoiíuizod as a valuable ud. i ilion 1 1 nui materia medica. 8H7 nladiaon vennó. í'or B.iio üy all drngglata. FARR4ND, WILLIAMS & CO., State A'ruis., SlicU.


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