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'jpIK MICHIGAN MUTUAL LIFE INS. ( IOHN .T BA.GLEY, President. JA' OU S FARBAMU, Vico ■ resident. JOHN 'f. LIQGKTT.StcreUry. .IAMKS .:. WATSON, Artnnry. , L. M. THAYEli, Ueucral Agent. 1 . V AKS AIII50R BOARD OF CONTROL For the City f Ann Arbor, and 'luit . ' of A ii il Arbor, tin ifiilil, WebaMTg ■ Bclo, lilHin, Ucxtrr, SylvauuiiU I.yn ' don, i:(hmóiiu:k insured for$.",ooo ; Tlon. 'hiirks Tripp, Kliliu B. Poml, Ii,ilHon Wod9, a. r., cTï.Henry I). Hennett, Wm. i'. Break, y, M. D., Stephen tl. Vetetor, J. Q. A. s.-ssi.ins, Iieonhard Oraner, Wuncu Xiuuiuin, lyimuii'l llluud. OFHCERS OF TRE ItOAU : CIlAKLm TKIPP. l'rcsiil ut. E. II. POND. Vioe PrasMent. 31BPHKN M. WGK8TER, Tremarar. ' W.V. lilliAKKV. M D., Medlc! Eiamtnor. J. O A. SBSS1OK9 Altiiriirv cd AseM. liEO. L. FOÜTK, Secretnrj ard Dhtmi Agent. ; Insure vrlth the Michigan Mutual ' cause it invests the fimds of its i icy Holdeis of thi Distiict iu , the District, under the supervisiou of the Boaid, TOERBBY ASSI-TINO TO DKVEI.OP Oüli KKSDfliil.s Policy Holders secure to thcmKclros The Highest Ratea of Interest There is a (lifference of fully 3 per ceut bctwccu ratea t Inturtat Kast aml Wcsl. $1 fino inveated annually for 50 ye.irs, at 10 per cení , nmotinU to 1,280,290.40 $1,ko lüYefttsd ttiHuuillj' for ;0 yi': at T per ctu'.., niul'fl to ■ 434,080.0 Diflurence, 843.3 13.4U The hiher tho rates of interest reeeived tlie less will be the cost of insuriiuec and the larger the dividends. AH TilioieB ar ISTon-Forfeitable UÍ'tor :iyi i uli t oí Olie :mu n:il J.-'reiiiium. It paya D.vidends on the First Premium. IT ÖID S!TWKLFTH OF AU THE BIS1HB8S MBS IX TUIS STITK 11 IK70, itirsniii nn ut cojipasíes. It can Furnisii Undouiitep Asurance TL MlCHIOAN MkN AT LES8 OOR T1IAN ANV OTllKlt COMTANY. The Company is Prohibitea by Law fron Speuulatiny; in Real Estáte or ÖtheiwiseItdoals lnCASnONLV. "Itisan obvioii priucl pie if Ufe Aasurance that it eannot Ira done ou credit. The article lu which llic Compnny clfals must bc paid for iu Ciwh bel'ore it eau be cupplied." SALINE BOARD OF CONTROL For the Tons of PiUwficld, York IiOdl, Saline, l'rralgm, ttridgewiUur Shuron auil .ilimcUcster, Gco IS. Pnlmor Atfy. at Law. V. il. Divunport, liankur. O. Goodinji, Farmer, John Iik:h:i ds. Fiirmer. Gteorxé (oe, Pamor, II W. Doett, l'";irmer. M V. Rork, Principal Union School, C u, MerchauU D. Lftli.iron, Frtrnur A. 1). biimuer, t'aruicr. OITFICKRS : II. W. HASCTr. President. O. QOOD1ÏJU, Vi.-u l'ivsuleut. W, H. UAVKNPUItT, Tr. asurtr. QBO R. I'AI.Mi.l!, Atty. QEO. L. FOOT.Í, Scc'y and Dist. A gent 135fivi6 1 1 . H f i ? } 't -J HAKKISüV'S ;.u-0on and itiiiüoi! Flre-Grntes aml (as-Lof nnsurpaw ed in Beauty of Design ttnd Finish. IIarrion's indirect ribbed RADIATOlt for Ilih and Low Presure. P. A. BI LXlXftS, Detroit, 13.55m3 Solé Ants for Michigan BOOKS. i BOOKS. J. S. WEBSTER & CO. NEW BOOK STORE NEAR THE " EXPRESS OFFICE. LOOK TO YOUR INTEREST AND CALL. BOOKS. j JVl O N E Y. The subscribers are at must al] tiraes in a sitúation tö fnrnish p.arties with money in snms of FÍto Huudred tú Vive Thousaud Dollars on unincumbercd farms. COLMAN, ROOT & KINNE. Ann Arbor, Jao. lst,18T2. 1365tf PLOUR. RRAHAM FLOUR, Bl'( KWHEAT FLOUR, COEH MEAL, FEED OF ALL KIXDS. AH tlieabovearticlosaro warrantcd to havo 'uo superior in For ealc at Partridge's Flouriug MillsN. D.- Grisihig dope at shurt notice. iSrTc. a. leite lí CONTINÜES TO PUT ÜP, AND FILL Pliysicians Trcscriptions, At all honr, at No. 1 Orejrory Blook. f. A.LEITEK & CO. Aun Arbor.Dec.22d, 1871. 1S54 kjONEY WANTEÜ. Fivo or sis thotmml dollars, or moro, u. a mortige ol nnincumbered psiate worth tlirec nos tue .iniuiu.t. Enqwire of 1352w3 fl. W. MOatlAN. pEOPLE'H IBUG STOivti R. W.ELÜS& CO. A.asrisr abbob


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