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Promises An Investigation

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Grant Las promiscd an investigaticn nto tho action of his friends in Louisiana, n connection with reoont diffioultios toweoii tho two wiugs of tho liadioal pary in Xcw Orleans. Thia is a mero dodge. lo promiscd an invcstigation into tlie outrageous conduct of his officials in thnt ity in controlüng a State Convention of ;ho party witli bayoneta and Gatling ons, but he never made it. Ho assurcd a ooiuimttcc of his party friends that if heir (thmgos against Casey and Sharpe vore truc hc would havo thoiu removed, lo know they were truc when he made he promiae, bocauso thcy lmd oossulted ïim as to tho expodieney of resorting to orce as a means of controlling tlio Stato 3oüvention in tho interest of tho adminstration. He dld not investígate tho harges against tlieia bocauso ho knew hat an invostigation. into thnfacts would cave him no alternativa but to removo ho guilty parties l'rom office, and that ho lid not inlend to do. Ho does not intond o tak! any action in regard to tho presont difiicultics, liis statement to tho con;rary notwithstanding. Ho is roady to ndorse any act, tacitly if not openly, vhich his friends may commit in tho promotion of his political aspirations, no natter if they amount to armed revoluion. - l-'n, l'r .


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