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Special Xotice. It bccomes absolutely aecessary for the Publisiierof lie Aiïgvs to mak'i imrticJiuto collcction of all spms uc him, whotlier few sabaenption, adrartiaing or jobLng, and M no response is made to editorial invifaions, noticv is here yy privón, tliat If imnudtatê settleittitand paymenl o all bilis mort than one year old s not made, the asMstance of au ojjicmï agent will be tilled in. " A ivord to the wise." P. S.- Paymcut will not bc rofusctl on. any bill loss fian a year old. Datod, Dcc. 8th, 1871. tf E. B. PONT. "HOW TO GO WEST." Porty ycars ago,Ill:uols was as far West as most eople wlahcd lo go, and jourueys wero maie in ïie lofjciidary " l'rairie Schooner," but in these iiyn of Procreas and Improvcment, the word Wegt has cometo mean Iowa, Nebraska, Ciiliforuia, and lic Territorios, and the travelur rtincheí almoet any loint thercin by a splendid Line of Kuüroad. ThisLincof Haitroud is the Iïnrlingtou Uoute. v'nich Btarts from Chlcaso by the Chicago, Burngton Q.iinoy lïiilroad, aud, rnnnlng throagh iiirliolciu, reachos Omaha, Liucoln, Kcbraska City, St. losejih, Atchison, Lcaveuworth and Kan. as City, connectiny with the Union Pacific, Kansas Paclflc, and other ruilrof.d ruuuini; from thnee tics. Poople going to Iowa, Xebraska, 'Kanfiis, Calijniia. or nuy potut in the Territorio, will itudy heir own lnterests bysomg " Py way of Buniag on," for the ratos of that line aro always as low ae ny other, and it is the best route In the West, KM-efore you nre more snie of your safety and coinThe nnr'.inton Kouto has admirably answered hc qucslion ' Eow to go West?" hy the publicion ofan excellent Pamphlet , contain'.uf? a large, ruthfui mapof tho Great West, and mnch i. teren - ng Information which cin 1)3 o'itainct1,, free of harge, by adclressinE Oeneral Pasionger Agent, . i M R. K., Birlington, Fowa. S. T. - 1860---X. This wonderful vegetable restora;ive is tlie shecn-aoclior of the feeble in d debilitated. As a tonic and ordial for the aged and languid it ui3 no cqual arnong stomachics. As a remedy for the nervous weakness to which women are especially ubjected, it is Biiperscding every other stimulant. In all cliraates ropical, températe or frigid, it acts is a specificin every species of dismier which undennines the bodily strength and breaks down the animal spirits. 1355-yl . LYOFS KATHA1R0N. For I'rRservIiifr nncl l!outif uur the Human Huir, To l'rcvcut its Falllug Out mei 'i'uruing (ïruy. A wcll-proeerved ITeadof Hair, m a pcreon ofmiddlo age, at bespciiksrefinemeut, elegance, hoalth md bcuuty. It may trjly bo called woiaau's crcwung glory , while meu are ntt inacusible to lts advauagca nnd charras. Few thi ngs are moro disg'.isting han tliln, frlzzly, har.'li, antnmed hair, with hcadiuid coat covered with daudnifl'. Vs:t a barber aml ym 'eel and look like a ncw man. Thlis what ïyoi? KalUairon will do nll the time. The chann vllich lies in woll placed Ilair, Glossy Curlt, LnxnrlaStTreeses.andaOeanJlead, ia noltseable and rreilttlble. Sold by all Driiïglsta and Country Stores. Jwfy


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