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Balky Horses

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The brain of a horse seems to entertain but one thought at a time : for this reason, eontinued whipping is out of the question, and only confirms his stubborn resolve. But if you can by any mcans change the direction of his mind, give him a new subject to think about, nine titnes out of ten you will havo no further tronble in starting him. As simple a trick as a peiper, aloes, or the like, tHrown back on the tongue, will often auccecd in turning his mind to the taste in hig inouth. The pair of cattle to a log chain around the horse's neck, is an intricate and expensive remedy, and a good many peoplo don't havo a yoke of cattle handy for the occasion. A simpler and cheapp.r remedy that will result far differently is to take a couple ol turns of common wrappiug twine, such j grocers use, around tho foro log just below the knee, tight onough foc tho home to fooi, and tic in a bow knot. At" tho first cluck he will generally go dancing off, and after going a short distance yon can get out and remove the cord, to prevent injury to tho tendón in your further driving. Tho first lesson in this simplo process was in Lexington, Ky. ; subsequent experience has proved its utility when applied to balky horses. The philosophy of the appliauce soraetniíig on. thu same principie as that whereof wo once read for prevenling hens from scratching up tho garden. Put gaffij or spurs on the hens, reversing. thein - instoad of the points up, have Üiftn, pointing downward. Then, when the hen lifts a leg to gcratch, as it descends the spur the ground, placing that foot forward ; and the stroko with the othor leg is atttended with like results, until the hen wolks


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