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ti L fS. . o I 5 7 ffl H Itp s 1 MI t--i üoi-S i H B w j e. s mg -a J pg8o P ia oí H S tí i f i :- í HOLIDAY PRESENTS. EVEHYTI!1(; THE DRY GODOS UNE ! Uscful and Ornamcutal FOR HOLIDAY GIFTP A T C. H. MILLEN'S. A VALUABLlí STOCK OH Graia Farm for Sale, The abovc f:xrm is sitnatod in the Townf hipa o Dexter and Putnnm, Liviutrston aud Waetht-n:iM Oountic8. Ten ralles from Dextcr, níue miles fron Chelsoa.and Are müea from ■'n'kniy. It contalns Fivo Hundred and Twenty Acres. IttswttH watered nnd plpnty of ttmhír. Ab'iutonehalfundrr a K''d cultivation. Terms of sale eaíy, littU; monuy will be requirod on flrgt payroent. P. S.- Ifnot ld soon, I wiil lease eaid farm íf I eau rtml the right man. ". W. COOKB, Posto(tfccaddrs, Plückncy, Mich. 1343m3 SAM. lí. KEVENAttíü Coplea Oíd A1BS0TÏPES & DAGLERREOTYPES F1EST CLASS STYLE TO ANY DBSIRED ST2B. Commissióners Notice. STATE OF MTCniG AN, County of Wiwhtennv, m. The ondenined, havnig lKcn appointod by the ■'róbate Conrt for Bald cmnity. Commissioners tore:eive, examine ;iinl ;tl.just ;tll claims md dcmundH of ■Upetsom rtj;iinst iheest.itcof Frcdoiick H. i.yoii, luto tí s:ud oouuty, dowascAl, hereby gívc notice tliat six aontba fioin date ue aUowecI, by order of aid Prosate Conrt, for (awUton to present thcir cluimf ig-ainst tlie estáte of said deoeasel, and thi( ttny will neet it the resideuce of Henry Shier, in Ypsitunti mvii!hir), in Bnid county, on Siturdiiy, tho thii ttfiith lty of April, íintl Tuesilny, the econd duj of July íoxt, at ten o'clovk a. m. of each of said day, to ■ecoíve, exAmiur, nnd Ojuet auid ohviiu. Dutfd, Jonuory Sd. A. V 187-:. líKNRYSniEII, 111 UAM EATON, 1 355 w-l Commissioner . Comuñssioners' Notice. DTATE OF MH'il itiAX, county of Washtennw, sa. 3 The undersígned, haring boen appointwl by the tobataCourl forsaid county. Oommlndoneta torecive, examine and adjuet all OUUUni Mkd demanda of ill p6T ODI ;i-':iiiist the estáte of T.yiuan Wlutni y, ate t uid ooanty deoenaed, hento pre notiro thut Ix months trom liitr are nHvweoí by order of sald rohut(í CoQTtf f oí1 creditors to present thcir claims ir;unst the ostete of s;iitl dt'ceased, and thnt they will noot at the office oí' Xinde&Crauü, in theeity of Ypsianti, in snid coutity, mi Saturday, the twenty-fourth Iny of Fcbruary, and on Tuesilay, the etehtoenth lay of June next, at ten o'niook a. m. of ech of aaid tora, to rceeive, examine, and adjust mná elaims. Datcd, Dec. Ifíth, A. I). 1871. THOMAS KINDB, 13O3w4 AZiBBBT OBAKB, Comuiissioners. Finest Assortment of Toilet Goods in the City, by


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