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Chanct;y Noties. THE C1BCUJ.T COUBT for the county of Waslii tenaw. ln-Chanoary. ! MAUY l'l'AYKY.Coinplaiiiiiiit, ) ■ , n. ! i MARTIN Ii. IM'.AVKY, lief. jumit. ) [t j i'ii;u-'K] i!y appearing to this Court hy ; davit of M:iry IVaw y,thr oomplainant, and by the return of tin; Mn-iiif tór Hu; County of Waaatennw, ma la u,im a rabncena iaeued In tha bove caoae, that i the reeidenee of Martin L. Penrey, tlic defendant; is unkiiimii, and that the said aubpauui eoñld DOt be i serv.-d apoo ilf aiild defendant Tby reaaon of his aenoe, and f liis whereabauta being unknown ; th i.fora, on imiiiiiii of D. Cramcr, om tors for camplainsnt, t bordered thal the derendant, Martin L, l'oavey, onaae hln appaamm in thiacuueeto bo i : nrithin Ilirr.: montha trom the tirnt , 'ion al tltieoidct, nnd ín care of his appt-.irituce lio eame lus auswer to the oomplainant'a bffl to be Wed, i and ii copy theroof to be serve. I on 1). Cmmcr, oue M Ihi solicito forooinplainant,aeeording to the rules i ""'! proel i of the coort, and in iMmH thertof that ti:tï saiil bül be taken aa ennfesaed; anti it iw further ordered, ttuit aaid eomplninant, wKhin twenty clays cause n atpf of this order to be pubHsbed in in the Michigan Arui. and thal s.ii.l BubUoation continue for the ti-rn: ni tl. ii ii cu aucoeaem weeks, once ' In eaeh week, o that the ail oomptajMnt canse h ropy of this nrdar tobeperiKmaUyeervgdon tbedefonMnnl at lenat twenty day before the time abore pre rribod iurhis appaöraneii Oct. 17th, 1S71. K. UKAHAX, Circuit C'ourt Comniissioner, Washtenaw County Michigan. D. ( rameb, 1315 One of the Solicitors for Complainant. Chancery Sale Notíce. IN lTR.SrANCK nnd by virtueof thedecroe of the Circuit Coort for the county of Washtenaw, in chancery ; intheeaae wherejn Vargazet MeNamara, (iuurdian u oomplainajrt, and Koe Conaty and James Curarty are dofendanta, the undersiened, one af the ( muit ' ourt CommfMtoncn for tlie County of WaahIiiüuv, wül aoll at public auctimi, to the h'iirhfut liiilder, at the front door of the Court House, in the city of Ann AiIhii, in snideounty, ontheSOth day of JanBury next,runoon, thefbllowingdeaeiibed Utnda and premises, viz.: The aouth part of the northeaai M tionalqusrterof section tlurty-four, contatning sixtyoineaarea mora or h--s; and tlie north mft of the northeaai (jnartcrof the aonthciMi Qjnartftr ol oetion I liii I y-four, eontaildng tliirty-tliree acres more or les ; i and the northeait quarter of tbcsoiithwest quartcrof ' section thirty-flra, oontaininR forty aoea mrare nr less, dl in townanlp N'o. one simtli of range No. three east ; ! all the nboTe dekcribed landa benig In the county oí I W htenaw anuí sute of Mrébigstn, or so much of i í lauda oa iwy ba suiücïent toatttbOy soid decree, with inteïeat rul cosíjí. Duleü, üectfober 7lh, 1871. H. BEAHAK, One of tho Circuit Commisbioncrs for W'ashteuaw A. J. PAwrr.n, County, Jlichipan. Solicitor for Complainant. 1351 Chanberv Salo N'otíce. IN PXJR8ÜANCE and by virtue of the deeree of the ClTOUlt Court for the Cimiily of Wushtcimw, in ( hanany, in the eaae wherain Kliz.i Chandkr is compnnumt aml Charle D. ('utumg L defandant, the underdgned) ono of the Circuit ( louxt f kimmiaeioncrafbr tho County of Washteoaw, di sell at public auction, to the bigheat bidder, at the fnmt Axir of the Court Hooae, In the efty of Ann Arlwr, in suid county, on tho leutli day of February next, at noon, the Inilowiiih'ilesc ilii-il lamí and preiuiBCs, viz: All that traer, or pjirccl of land sitúate and iicin in the (ownof Briwewater. iu the county of Waubtonaw, and State of Mlnhigaat and more partieukirly knova nnd de scribed as follows: Beur tlie il)ie.ut qunrV-r v( section lhirly-thre (33), m twraaliip numbcf fonr south of rango number four e.ut, containiny one hundred and sixty aert-s, be the sjime more or less. DateU. Ann Arbor, December 26th, 1871. UICIIAI:]) HEAIIAX, One of the Circuit Coivt i'ommiwsioners for tlie Ceuaty of wiishtenaw, Michigan. IIinAM J. 1ÏKAKKP, Solicitorfor Complalnant. 13i4td ilortgügc Sale. DOTAOX.Thai'iHjj been rande in theconditionsof a nortsrage pzeciited l.v -Itjhn v. Bcntley, nudSa rahBVn'lej to Peter Snuiters, t earing date the S-h il.iv of Angoat. one thocaAnd efght hundred and .xty elaUt, nnd recurded in the oillce of the Regí t'. r nf I eoda tor Waanfensir County, Michigan, en .re elcvemh day of August, A. H. ÏSC8, auc recordé i in liher BS of niortaea, on page 236. on whteh tort KAgethereie clnlmcd tn br due Klde hnndRd i Hcvonty one dolíais and ttiiriy-fnjr cnits. and t!i y il -il ir :is uu BttiWty Ten nu pr vfiled In aaitl innrt -■!_-■. ,-iníl no sjit or prueoadlnj; at law harlug in tv ÍD9tltiited lo recovpr thedebt secured ïy siiiti T:iort. l'tju. or any prirt thircof; Notice is thöreforc hora uyifivcn, that by virtueof the power of tala -"ii tatnad In aid nortsaoo. au1.! af tUo sliivte in snch ! r uui!" iiw.1 pr.irttM?, the pn'nl martgage will be ruruclosed by a jiN: of lbo flfiid mortgaed premite!, tn-wltl ptece or pirct-I o; land lyinanil 'iciii' i;i the t' wnshipof Northlield. 'n Ihc Cuuntv ui waahtenaw, and Mate of Michigan known, bonnded and decribed as !ll"va towl! ihenorth :lBt quarler of the sotltheaet quarter of section mimbt-r rtfïcen, townhip No. one south of ranse Xo sUf:it aecordiiur lo ïne original huttv, contldnlne forty acre uf land, more or less, whlch aio will be nt public airction, tu the hlgheat Mddrr, at the soath door of the Washtenaw Cotiniy Conrt rlotiae, in the Cí y of Ann Arbor, in aairt Conntv. (that beiii,' tha place of holding Ihe Clrndt Court in tho af'resnid County) un Sauírdny, the twenty seventh day of January. A. I). one thousand einhi hundred and sevnuty-two, at teil o doek iu the foreDOOfl of that day. November 2d, 1S71. PETER SI!T"l.TEI5. Mortgait. Lawhkno FlAUn, tof MQrtgaycc. ilortgagc Sale. DEFAULT hanng bron made in the condition of a lin mortgatfe exocutt-d by Oatharnu Wall, of Xmthtklil, In the cimnty of WashtiMiaw and State of in, on the 27th day uf Aril, A. D. 1C7. to Sally Alm l'r.iy. pf Sapetior, in lüii nounty and State, and reoorded in the Regriatttr'a itriteof the county of Washtenaw, the third day of May, A 1. 1867, ai :i' , oVloek a. M-, In hU-r o( ui BKWtttag- t on page 47 vhioh siiil mortgage whs duiy assined by George S. Wheeler, Admlniatratoi of the estáte of Sally Ann Pray, late af Superior, Washteuaw county, ilfuftaeu t Natlum II. Pnv, on the 17 th day if -lanuury,A. i. 1871, and ïvcorded the 18th day of Jauuary a. d. i871, lnüberS of aaalgnmenta of niort.L pageWS) that ttasre is claiintil feo be due upan aid mortgage and note at thia datet the nmi of one luuidretl and forty-two doUan and thiity cetitt, al a n-a■onableSoUGitor'aor Attoxney'sfee, houlil any proOBedings be taken fco fbreolose this mortga&re, and ftirther infttallnieiitM to bentimedue on mtid mortgage, and no prooaedinga at law or in eijuity having betu hjid to n i iivt-r the same or any part thereof; Niítirí.-is 'iven, that by virtuo of the D018 of aale oontoinod in anid mortgage, I Bhajlsellat atthUe auotioTi, to tho hWheat biilder, on the ninth day of Mivrili n-xt. at 'J "'elm:k i-, .m. ofaoid day, at theCourt House, in tbc nty of Ann Arbor, in said county, that liehiK the place of holding the Circuit Court for tho County of Washteuaw, all that certain tract or par cel of land kmiwn, and deseribad as follows, to wit : The noi the;st anarter of the southeaüt uunrtttr of section number tnree in township nnmber one south in range number six ewt, lyinir in Nortbticl'l, In the county of Washtenaw, in the State of Michigan. December 7lh, 1871. NATHAX H. PrlAY, John N. Gott, Assiqneo of Mortgagee. Attorncy for Assignec of Mortgagee. Mortgage iSale. DFiFAI'liT havinff been made in the conditions of a certain moï1.if,'ü cstvuted by Selden Marvin and Ann J. Mal vin to Mihin (.ilover (now deaeused], beariu date the twenty-thinl day of November, one thous" and oitfht bundreu and sixty-eight, and reeorded in the office of the ReiriHter of Deeds for Washtenaw COWlty. Michigan, on the third day of December, A, 1. !m;-S, in hbor 39 of mortuales, on page 410, on whi.-h mortfiape th'.Te is claimed to be due the aum of tlve hundred and tv.vn1y-two dillara (♦22}, also an Attorney's fee oí twenty-íive dollars as provided in said mortgaKC, and no snit or proceedjnfi ttt law or in chauceiy havinp boon institutt-fl to reeofer th& döbt accuredJry said mortgage. or any part thercof ; Notiec ijs tlicrefore liereby nvi.'n, that by irtueof tho power of aale oo&tained in aaxl mortgage, and of the statute in such case made and provided, I shall scll at public auction, tn the higbeai bidder, at the south door of the Washtenaw County Court House, in the city of Ann Arbür, in said county (that being the place of holding the Circuit ' ourt for aaid county}, on Bntnrday, the uxtsantb day ofHarch, A. I). 1872, at eteven o'clock x. m of said day, the premises (lescribed in naid mortgage, to-wit : A strip of land one chain and fourteen links wiile, and e.vteiulin across the northeaat aitartav of section twenty-one, in tovnahip three south of range five east, in Washtenaw county, Michigan, the west sido of which is parallel to and seven roda east of the west side of said quarter section, and the CiLst sitie i.s sixteen ehains and Hfty-seven links west of tho east half quarter line, eontaining four and G2-10Ï acres, more or less ; also a piece on section twenty-two, same town and range, to wit : The south sixteen chnins and seventy-one links wide, and tho east sovtmtoen ehains and ninety-nlne links alonfr the south sivie, and seyenteen ehains and ninety-six links along the north side of the piece, in the west half of the south west quarter of ivt on twenty-two, contAininj; thirty acres, and being all the land owned by th( said Beldan Marvin and Ann J. Marvin in said county of Washtnaw at the timo said mortgage was made and executtl . Uated, Ann Arbor Iec. Uth, 1871 Mll.AM OIOVEI!, Mortgagee. CELINDA (LOVER, AdminisD. Ckamku, trarrfx of aid Mortgagec. Attorney for said Admintstrotrix. 1352 Sheriff Sale. QTATF. OF MTCmtiAN, County of Washtenaw, ss. O lïy virtue of a writ of execution issucd out of and ander the seal of the Circuit Court for the county of Washtanaw, State of Michigan, datcd the twenty-nrst ilay of Mareh, A. 1. 1871, and to me directed and deÜTend, againat the goods, chattels, lands aud tenements of William M. Brown, defntdant Iherein namiit, T did, on the twenty-ninth day of Mareh, A. D. 1871, for the want of (oods and ehattels, levy U]X)n all the right, title and uuanat William M. Brown has in the following dearrfbed real estáte, towit : All of lots No. four, tive, six, seven and eight, in block one in (langer & Morgan's Addition to the Vlllage l Manchester; also the southwest nunrter of lectíon eleven, southwest quarter of uortHweaft QnaTtar of section eleven, and aouthenat ijuarttr of northeast quarter of seetion ten, all in town four south of range three east, all of the above deseribed property being situated in the township and villngc of Manchester, county of Washtenaw, and State of Hichlgan, which prcmises I shall exposé for sivle, at public auction, to the highest bidder, nt the south door of tlie Court ITonse, m the City of Ann Arbor, on tUe luth tlay of Januarr, A. 1). 1872, at lOo'elock A. M. of said day. Dated, Ann Arbor, Dor. 7ih, 1871. MYltON WEBH, Sheriff, By Joan Forbes, Under-Sln-ritf. ShorifF's Sale. OTATE OF MICUIOAN, county of Washtenaw, ss. 3 By virtue of onn exeention, issucd out of and under the seal of tho Circuit Court for the County of Washtonaw and State of Miehigan, againat the goods, hattka, lauda and tenemanta of Julia Silk, and to me ciirected, and tor the want ot goods and chatties I lave, tina twenty-tliinl duy of Novcmlier, A. 1). 1871, vied on ail liirht, Utla and totereat wbioh said luliü Sü'k bas in tbc following descrilxKl pioperty, to wit: Commeneini.' at it bia.-k oak s!mn]i four chaina nul thirty-si'veu links west of the cuntir of BCCtlon inmber twenty, thenee weel along center line of Mitd , il i.. u twoehauuandaizty links, theneenortb tlnrty ml ime-half ilejrives eaat ti beaiin;;. one chain and ixty-eitcht links to a stakn, theni-e easliily two chnins nd'twenty-livelinks,totho place of beginnuig; Ihe bove doscritMHl property being in the reoorded plat of he city of Aun Arboí, ciiunty of Washtenaw, and tate of Miohigan, which abuve premisea I shall -xpose for sale, at public anction to tli liürhcot Melder. t the south door of the Court e, in the city of Ann Arhor, on Saturday, the kweotieth day of Janury A. I). 1R72, at ten o'clook A. M. ef s:-l 'lay. Dated. this -iih, .ly of Deoenber, A.. 'S71. 1341 MTRON WEBB. Sheriff. PüYÏICIARI'TiisijRIPTIÖllS VCCCRATELY AND CARBFXJLLY PREPABED fiY ! R. W. KLUS 4 Ï}Q.,DBVQGI82S. Estáte of Tliomas S. iMgrafcT" OTATE OF MICHIGAN, Conntyof WJr 0 At u scwion of tkIiulmtet-ourtAT!, 01 W i ihtea iw.holdcnat thc l'robsfc Otfk,. .?"!. of Ani, Arbor, onThuraday, the t„,mll ,1 " tl itV oary, in Uil' jvui uim; thoueulid eHit L,. ""n Praent, Hiram J. Ueukes, Jud-c of rt ín the matter of tlio estáte oí 'fUunuK dfCCUMHl. "'"Ptltii, Arthur Case, ExeoutOt of uiil c-st-ite ' r.,11,1 ;,,„! rrprawuts that heisnow ,roi „i?" k, an i-. tima account a aui-h execntor! totm. TboMpa U Montead, thul Ved id. ,. . ttrst oay m Jnnuaiy uutuut, ni tno'cl ,-k 'i , !■ uoun, luuúraed lor i Muuining ,u,i) , mi ''■'- í-.rL eonnt, nd that the léanteos, devisee,. „ il Mud deeoueeó1, ud i.ll other penon i, suil eatutc, mu required io nnpcir ... said ( „urt, then to I hulden at theP tatho ti OTA ,V.W, and .h, . why tlw) Htid uocount should „Í ■■ lowed : And it i forthei ordcied, ti,,,t ,'í ,w 1 uoiice to the persona intcrested n "■■■ tote, od tbe pendency ol aidneeount -,1,1,1 íf a. thi-ri,,f l.y,v,iisiiiicopyoithUor.hTfbp,15S& 111 ti,,: I,.-. ,,,,„„ Jrm.i.anewspapCTprintMSÍíS latine; "' Couníy, thiec succiíwiTe L,"L". tosuid I ai" beuring. """Hitj, fA tiro; copvj IIIRAM .1. ÜEAKES [i5 Ju(ieoflt Esbite of George Satton 2dT OTATE OF MICHIGAN, County „f w-,,, V,ílí"slon;f f',"1 '■'"''"'■ L-ort fortErE of waantenaw, holden at tl; iTolmi,. nür1? City of Ann Arbor, on Thorsday, therUrÏÏSiS af UcccnuVr, in thj soui one thouiui,Ui-k!?) ■ml sevonty-one. "■'" tanjj Present, Hiram J. Iteikes, Jad uf 1',,, In tho matter of the cstnte (.1 UmuTÏÏ incompetent, """.J ik Dean, Guardian of ] wtaie ._ ] eourt and represent he is now bren??1'1 onr Ida ateosia aooooni aa mh.!i tumrdiati Thereupon it is ordered, that M.m,!,y 'tk . ninth day ol' Juuuury nest, at ten o'ckJl11!" forenoon. t ssinwl for examinin ní "i inc; sueh account, inyi fuut tlie ntit S i"said incompetent, and uil other in0M Z, in said Mtate, aro required to uure,. .T0 Bion of auid Cvurt, tlieu to lieholili 1 -,t TÍ ' b,ite OlBce, in tho City of Aun Artm ■ h OMnty, Rad l.„w ■.,„ ,, t' any thcIC W ?! said account shoulil not l allowc il' : And ' , ' oixlcivil t luit said OuordiaD givcnoticc to (i ' ini.-r, -.,!,-.i ,n raid estáte, of the pwrfn,,. Jf i : count, and the hearinir thereof, hy enné " ! of this order to be publúhed „ üú- MichZ'." anewapaper printed and circulatüw inMÍc'""' .Atcopy, SStAff Estáte of Alice I),Chas.;. TAT B OF Kil HIGAN, „f WL. 1' AtsMuicuuf the PtbbateCourl tOT thi of Waahtenaw, holden at tkt l'n.l.,ie os ■ I1 mty ot Ann Artos, wi ïuefday, the tw.i,-.i;l?,'U ot Diramlerin the yeur one thoucand eiclt 1 ■ Hiid eventy-one. "■! Proent, OiruraJ. Ileakcs, Judge ol TroUt In th; inatter. of iwtute "01 Alioe n n minor. ■ vl"% i'n:ir: (r. Chuse, Guardián of aid til . mto (.'■urt and represents that bc ia now mmoS reader hia flnul aocount as Kuch GuiudUn. Thenuijon it is ordercd, tlnti í!H,v n,ctmi onddnyot Janonry nest, at ié 'i-l';tinuïïï' Ixi iwignaJ lor exunininv al illimin-soch?" arut time thc next of km ui s-.M minor u"i other penen Mensted in wild .'siatc-, urt rémúL. appeur ut asentan r s:,id L'inirt, thiutowvku11. the LTobste OtHee, in the city of Ann Aibw , County, auil show canse, if a'ny tliuie be "ï iuiuiit sbonld not Ik; allowed: -Vuil it k fcïi er (wdered, thnt mid l.uanli, gi,t Miï '- persons intcrestnl in said entta, n tlit p-, , aid acconnt, and thc !i.-.irir,k' thvn-vf. ;„!" oopy of Uiia onlor to bc piiblishtd in Le jSï ■trgut, a newaip:pi-r printed and circulnh,; .'oity, three succeaiwve weeks preiiuu toiwl of henring. I (Ahuecopjr.) HIRAM J. DKAKF? 13M Juk-eo! l'iot,!, Estáte of Ci les Bete. OTATE Oï MIHi,;an. 1 ounly of STuhn-.. ■ AtaaeSKiaüt the l'roUitt-l ourl for ti(,.;! Washtrnaw. holden ut the Probate Office ir, Zij, of Ann Arbor, on Tueaday. the tvcnty-nxttfaj I "ecember, n thc yuar u Ihousuind eight brn-Wij aertaptyiMie. l'reaent Qiram 3. Boales, Judge of Probato In the matter of the Cstate of fharles lr L. oeaacd. Onrcadiug and (iling thepetition.iiulritrilWJ Anna lúxi Ik-hr, pi-ayinfr tiat shc ud hiliplu oraome other soitable i'rns, may ipKml(3i mniistratora of theestHtc ol naidaconacd ThereoponitU ordercd, tbatMoixluy,UKitirj(M ond day of January next, at ten ')W in tbt'l noon. bo lusigned lor the hearing of siid peti(i,ui that tbc hei at lau of mud deceaaed, n,d il) ai. panona interested i s.t-,1 ott., m appaar it a stsioa ot s;,il í'ourt, tlitntiíbchíB at the Probate Office, 11 thc City t' Aod AiIk3 show oausc, if any Hiere be, why the tnrr lii. titioner iiioulil not be granted : Aml it' fl)ní. dered, tisit said jtetiUuiier ivt notice toïhtpenui intcreste! in said estáte, vi X fc iwidenovof miÏkj. tion, and the hearing thervbf, by wm fi ' order to be publishcd iu the Hichigiti .(rfni, 1 m paper priuted and circuluting in !s;ii,i (uonir, ibn succeasive weeks previousto :iid ilny of licurur (A tUK copy-i liil'.AM J. BKAKF5. WW Jtt(l ui Pretal Estáte of Stophen Y. Griffin. TA I K c !.-■ Ml' 111, S.X, ConntyofWulihart,. ij At i, hi-mi'iu1 tho l'iftUtte Coiirt ftkei'iii of Wíisíitemíw, Iiocitoo ,it tbc Probate Offii, 11 lit CSty of Ann Arbor, on Thursday. the strariiij of December, in the yeur one thousand ekftt ln% di-ed and eeventy-ane Ti'csent, Hirsm J. Beakes, .Iiulgeof VnUtt. Ill tlie matlerof thc catate vi ïtcclKl V'. lililí. donfii, Olí rondingand fllingthe pclitiun, dtir rêriteï, Asa M. Dnrling, A.lininisirutor, pijii Hit it maj be ! 1,-..; 10 inortKiigecertuinreiMJtelVsffit siitl deveaaed diíil neiaan Tbj feopon it is onlered, thirt 3foniy,'itatf. ninth duy of January n,:xt, at ten oYfrickilfottm noon, be assigned for the hearing of said ptbtiR, and thnt the livirs ;,t luw of siiid decensed, iwljllouer persons interest 1 in ;,i,J itate. rerctuTiijpear nl ;i si.-sion of said i'ouj-t. tl,tn to lúhuW(i,it the Probato Office, in the City of Ann Arbw, d show c:tuae, if any there bo, why tfeepiryffoilU petitioner sliouM not bo granted: .ioditü forti ordered, that aaid potirioner {rive nottcetotht jva - ! f,, auid estáte, of the nendency of raia tion, and the heatmE cauamg ienai this order to be puulisned in the Michpn Arfit.1 newapaper priuted and circulnting in nukl Ccdij, fonr suecessive weeks prerious to said dav ei hfaraf, (A true copy.) HXBAM J. l'.'KAKFS, t8H Jude of Fret. Real Estáte for Saío, STATE OP MICHIGAN, County of Washtetiw, In tho matter of the estáte of George S. Fw, deceaseti. Noti,xi is hereby jjiven, thnt in pqiwikí of in order prantod to the undersignw, aüö istratora of the estáte of said daeeaaed, by Út HJ adf?c of Probate for the Countv of Wiwhtiaa, ( thesixthduy of November, A. Y. ISTl.Uiere nl j sold al public Ttndue, to the hilieet bidder, II' ( dwrllinfi house on the p?erolse hïTfrrssfter dtril, in thc County of Wnshtenaw insjiid State, tin Vidceday, the seventcenth day of January, A. I ' o'cloek in thc ufternoon of that day (subject toalocumbranceN by mortugr or otherwise exwíinp í ''- time of the death of said deeeased, and nl subwt I the rieht of dower of hia widow therein), theMlwC described real estáte, to-wit : The west Wl " Southwest quarter f Beetion sixteen, ÍB töwostop : Kouth of faifm iourtsiat, cuutanB)r ghtjaii or U-ss, in said Stafo. Uated, November 6th, A. I). 1871. JONAS FBEER, JAMES C. r'r-EER. 3S0 AdmmiKrrt". Real Estáte for Sale. STATE OF MICHIGAN, xmty o WaMtu In the matter of the cstrte oi aiolin' ü1": deceascd : Notice is hen by grven, that in pnrHUMeii an order ernnted to the undei"sipncd, .J dnnnistriW the estnte of aid deceated, by tlie Hon. Jodgeoin bate for tho eoiinty of Washtcnaw, on Ük' t"' sixth day of December. A. 1). 1871, there ill ' ut public vendue, to the highest bidder, t door of th tlwirt Uoumc, ia th !ï l "i"} thc county of Wushtrnsw. ssid Ste, onTw the thirteenth day of FebnsR, !"? o'elock in the forenoon of thnl ififr ?ithject to aj cumbrances by mortirne or otherwise exwti' " time of the death of said ikceascd), tho folluiyi J senbed real estáte, towit: A p;,i-cel of Um city of Ann Arbor, county and State sft""k scribeil a '"Hitiicii':irr soventy feat east . northweat corner of rot one in block tw soutj " ron streot, rane live cast, thence cast o tht line of suid lot twonty-six foct, thence south '■! feet, thence rest twentjr-aix feet, thence oor"1'! six feet to the place of bcgiuninf;. Duted, December 26th, A. D. 1S71. ,„ UOTTI.IKB F.HACW 13W At'.mmijW"'Real Estáte for Sale1. CTATE OF MICHIGAN, County of '"ÍT O In the matter of tho estáte of Ileman wj deceaseil. Notice ia hereby given, that in P1!"" of an order granted to thc uii'lersifrneu, aduno" of thc tate of said dtwasnl, by the J" j Probate for the County of Wiisbtenair, on tM"r day of September, A. I). Ib71, there will 1 "' " ' Public Vendue. to thc highesst bidder at the W" denceof suid deccascd in thc townshipof S', the county of Washtenair, in suiil Statr, iü ( day the twerjty-ftrs't duy of Febmarj', -' -'ItniS ten o'cloek in the forenem of that ilny inuiO!" eneumbrances by mortpapeor otherwise esistij9 time of the death of said deeeaacd, r,d nl "w thc risht of dower ot' the widow of said deeeM"1 in) the following described Eenl Estáte, tu !'v(tj3 southeast (juarter of the southwest quturtr' thirty-two, in townsliip two, uouth of . r8Df;i',)i(, eaat, eontaininp forty fiores more "r less, in 1J' Dated, January 2d, A. D. 171. BU8SELL ■WIliri'LB, KUTH A. GAOK. M AdminUmt. Real Estáte for Sale. , STATfí OF MICHIGAN, county of WMb4líwi In the nmtter of the estáte of Siimutl ' j Emoline 1). Thorn, Lowia J. Tliorn, 'rjíjucí, rhorn, Jlary Thorn, Euphemiu Thorn, AU '- and Frank"'. Thorn. minors; Noticn i liertoy. tliat in pursuiince of an order prauted tottie ngned, Oaardiao of the catate oi naid miuors Jj f Ilun Judijeof Probate for the couoty of v J?. j , on the eleventh day of December, A. !' ',. . if will be sold at public venduo, to the higheí I be dwelling house on 1!,. pniniscs 1'crl':? . ' „ s scribed, 111 the county of Washtooaw, ts'J ,;■.. l'ucsilay, the twentteth day of Ffortuiry, - (U at ten o'oluck in the forenoon of that day, Wg.( ill encumbranties by niort;raf.'o Krirfiicrwu'111, hc time of sale, and also subject to the '-';'.,:„, iof the undersigned aa widow of Charlw IntJriii: cascd), the following described renl ""'"Ai' Tlie undivided eight-nintha (8-9! of euchol I tM' 4 „ nir deücrib.'d parcela of land. via.: Part . „jrC vest subdivisión of the southv.t fraetionsl Q ,f sectiou Beven, beginning al the northewt w' said lot A, running south onedegreeand ttm '- .( utseast thlrteen ohaina nnd 1., links to heeastln f suid lot A. thence sonjhej indthirty minutes west fwentj Tt h&ty-eiglit link to a M:ilce iui the '"í'T.Úf section aeren, thence alona unid lir " rest, thirteenehuinsanl tw.. links to 11 1 1 corner, themw tlie quarlcr line '"""' legreea and thirty minutes erst twentr "j hirty-onu links to the placo of beginning.iO" j, irenty-six aml 50-100 acres. Also 1"' A. J livision „f the nirthTt-st, fnv-tionul qu'" ■ft:, n geven, containinj? eighty-onc and And iriso of the sonlh pnrt u" th wis' : Bouthwnl fractional quarter of sedion ax, ' ,iiü oity or : all in townahip foor south 01 '■""■ ast', in aaid state. Datcd, December llth,A.T. IK1.1 otóU 13S1 tiARAlIC 'I' pAMrltlES' vit-hint.' to besupplied with TirTK rej afi" pjoase leavcth-iroidersfor the samo ' " :or. Hnro and Fifth stríetf. n noLJ, 13-tfltf ""'


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