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A Lasting Treasure

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TwoTOuthftU Bbhódlmatev blithe and free, Wandered toguliier by the naai Bsid ono : " my hopee aie hii;h :i hcnvtu ; To mo tJie future sliull bu giwn." Suid Iiis cnin;jHiiKTi : tl I wiH rihmd Aiiiimy: flie tuivmont of the land. My fame huil thrend tlie muze of men, Aud lightning qiüTCT tïoin my pen1 Thcy met again in fort y yuar, Aud told theu boyiah hopc-s aml CmMi one liíi'l Mt lii lu-arton ild, Andpt'ouud it - fftxjwin f rail aud old. The othor. living fullor Uto, Had iicd HM llMBlta ot worMly strife, And íillirtl his bou] with pnrpHo hi:r!i, - And wibdum ot the oaith and ky ; Hut bad not gathercd golden store, To acare ill-fortuno from liis door ; Nothing bttt Courage, It-ijv, and l-'aith, And Lovl1, thü L'omiuerur oi' JJcath. 'J jir:i innn, with a mournful smile, fc?aid to the pour, and ighel the whik' : '() fi'icnd, thou'st droomed thy lifo away, And now tliou art old and gl&y ; HhM not r ponny ftw Chine rngQ, Or lor thy cliildion's borftagO The poor man olipoiily nplied : 11 What niattvi- .' Life and joy abidc. Sly '-hildron, vporting in the Min, ( m do at beat whal I havu duue. J'vf liad my ploasure as I vtnt, And know the riches of content. Thon hast thy treiiHureB- I luivc mine- 31 3' beart my juáge, men's vcidict thiuc. But frif-ml, vfao'ti ohoaeo other waj's Than thiMSO Vu trudduu all my daya; Whon cornos that hour, aseóme itmust, ■Vhcn thou sltalt ininglc with the dust, Whoae ti-rasuii-s ihall the best endure- ïThoae of the ricli man or the jxwr T Tinne GOOM n( thf; pmf als of the grave, Xot even their .shadow OttlXSt thou save ! But what I've won by hard endeavor. Is mine forovcr and ïoiiïvcr."


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