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Cheap But Honest

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Many yoars ago, when Judge llobcrt M. Charlton, of Snvannah, (ra., was a young man, he, in company with bis father, the Hon. U. II. Cbarlton, spent every summcr in tho delightful villago of Clarksville, Northeast Georgia. One day Itobert was passing along the strect in Clarksville, it happoned to bo election day (mombers of Congress wero thon electod by what was callad tho geneial ticket system, and not by districts as thoy ae now) when ho was ncar a vordant but honeet voter of tho mountains, who accósted biiu thus : " Mr. Charlton, are you the man that is running for Congress? " " No, sir, I'm no candidato. My father is.'howevor. But imiy I ask you why this inquiry V " " Nothing, only I havon't voted yet." " If it isn't inconsistent with your feelings, then, 1 would liko it if you would voto for my father." " I would just as Boon voto fot him as anybody." Ir. C. thanked him, and thinking perhaps bis í'riend was seeking a treat, invited bira into a noighboring taveni. " What will you tak(! 'i " " I ri(!ver drink anything, but I seo they havo sonie gingor-cakes. I'd as lief take on o of thern as not." " Very well. Give us a cake." " My brothor is in town witb mo." " AU rigbt. Tako hiin a cako with my respecte." Another eako was purcbasod and paid for, and the two friends partod, " groeny" to find bis brother, and Mr. Charlton to join kis yoúng frionds in the parlor hart by. " The golden bours on angols' wings ' passod rapidly away with Mr. Charlton His friond was soon forgotten. Lato ir tho evening our verdant fricnd, very nmch to the surprise of every ono, stalkec into tho xarlr bmJ inqvured for Mr Cbarlton. Drawing iroru his boson a íour-by-six-inch eakc, he said : ' Mr. Charlton, hero's your nako. Mj brother liad voted afore I seed him." - - ■ ■ - - A man once went :m eeeeutric law yer to be qualiLed for somo petty office Tho lawyur sairl to him, " Hold 'i[ you righthand, I'll swear you.'btfl dflcíej (iofl could not ófoaSfy you."


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