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Longevity Of A Good Deed

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Here is a neat little story trom ivenucko. About twenty-fivo years ago a young man from. that State took a horsejack rido to Virginia, whero liis fath(;r camo from, and on his way he mot a man and his i'amily removing West, who woro so poor as to be reduccd almost to starvation. He had compaasion on tho wretched group and gavo thcm a $20 bill with which to reaoh thoir journey's end. Iu about rü'toen years the young man reccived a letter from tüe man he had befrionded, saying ho was a prosporous merchant in Southern Kontucky, and enclosing a $20 bill to pay his loan. After anothor ton years, which includod tho rebellion and its termination, he was elected to tho Lowei House of tho Kentucky Logislaturn, and being a man of talent and iniluenoe, was chosen Speaker, in tho contest for whioh he luid notioed that a strangor, and ono of tho other party, was his strongest supporter. His curiosity was aroused by this, and ho asked tho ruan's motivo, as hr. had nevcr, to his knowledgo, seen him before. " Sir," replied the mouibbr, "you will recall, when I mention ït, a little sceno that occurrod when you werc a boy on your way to Virginia. It was you who savod my wife from starvation. Sho told ine, time and again, that novor did ft morsel of faod taste so sweet, so uttcrly delieious, as that you gave hor thon. She was just six years old at that timo ; but when she saw your name, during the lato eanvfiss, among the probable prominont candidates for tho Speakership, she laid down the law as to how I should vote. This is all. Noithor she, nor her father and mothcr, brother and sisters, nor myself, can l'orgot you." An oxchango says it looka as tliough a man jvas aehaméd to publicly show himsolf in company with lady when h hangs about tho oburoh doovs on Sunday cwniiifis, waitíng and watching for hor io uiiikci hor appearanoe, so that be muy u' to her in the 'Unk nnd oft'ev liis i


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