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Taxation And Turnips

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Undor tho partially accurate heading of " A Ciistuin-liouso Swimlle," tho Tribunt publishes thia uotofroin a correspondent': '' the Editor of the Tribune. Sik : A little over twolve moiiths ago 1 mrchased a plantation ia this vioinity, nd importoil tor planting small quantiies of wheat, barley, oatt, rye-grass and urni]) Beoda, in all not oxceeding four jushels, dono up in one aaok. The iric(i was $9, uid (he sea carriuge bout $3, by the sïiMinur Hurojia. Before could get a d.jlivuiy of the bug and its pntenta I was obliged to pay (13.00, o liii-li (12.45 was ouargad in Now York ity in tho following bill: New Yokk, AniniHt 11, 1S71 Captain John Stewart UtBendanoa Brothers 1T ■ De paekage ex steanwhip Europa, maxlied wis guiri ut lij', percent 5 .(n C a..atamps, fess utc 4fla Cartage I"!"".,.'.'. LOO stw ::::::::""::::::!:! M, 1 bad vr;n ordara for tmportiag stock ndfarmini! iptaraento, but onwoeipt of tfia abore I confMi 1 lUgot euouiii iiud counteriiiumlul those orde. Fredriokatmrg, vtt., Janoaij HJïm.W1' If any of tho raadors of the Tribune tul rotain the power of doiilg their own :iinking it will nobably ocour to thcin hat tho Custom-housG is not the only articipant iu this swindle. The montrous penalty wliich John Stowart hüd o pay for hig iinpioua attempt to fertilizo he rubel soil of Virginia was made up lartly, indeed, of the extortionate fees ivied upon his sack of soeds by the ofliïals of tho Grant-Lcet Custom house. But nearly ono half of it, it will be oberved, oondsted of the duty imposed upB his importation by the Radical majorty in Cougress under tlio constant cry id clamor of the Xew Yurk Tribune, When we askod the. .Tribune the other lay why it was preparing to accept the ïomiiisition of President Grant after helpng to provo President Gaant a partner in he jobs of Leet and the " Whito House uess," tho Tribune confossed and avoided jy averring that it must necessarily suport protection against freo trade. Let ho Tribune do this if it will or if it must, jut let it cali the thing vrhich it supports by its proper name, and profess its readiness to tolérate the " swindles " of the Justom-house as the condition precedent o perpetuating tho swindles of tho tarff. For what more outragoous swindle can voll be iniagined than this, which makes a farmer in America pay a penalty for attmpting to increase the producto of Amrican soil and to put food into American niouths ? On tho stupid and anti-social hcory of the protectionists themselves, hat the ideal object of American niauship should be to impoverisli other ountries as a means of enriching our own, his particular device of Protection is a nost transparent swindlo. If a man goes o Europe and fetches away a bag of corn, f wheat, of barley, of turnip-secd, and jrings it ovor to America, and plauts the ruitful germs herc, he plainly deprivea iurope of the benefit of the crops to con'er that benefit on Araerica. With what ace, then, is he made to suffer for offerng this contribution to our resources ? A jeutlemun of bucolic propensities, whose Kimu is s.Diictii'ii-: meiitionod in connocion with the TrUnme, is wel] known to have given the strength of his mind for overal yoars past to the growth of turnips at Ghappaqua. "SVus this particular ax introduced iuto the tariff by way of ' protecting " the rutnbagns of Chappa[ua against the " pauper labor " of the Jld World1' If therc is auy one raw maerial whieb. we in America possess in uch abundanco as might well put Mr. Ieiiry 0. Carey hiinself at his ease about :oreign corapetition, that raw material assuredly is land. In the production of he coniniodity of turnips land is the jrincipal factor. How, then, does it come o pass that after applying the whole 'orce of his genius for years to the developuient of the turnip erop, the farmer ot Chappaqua iiuils himsolf unable to sell urnip-secd at a remunerativo rate vrithint interpoñng between himself and the Surópean turnip-grower such a barrior )t' taxation as will compel tho farmor of "ir. iiia to forego his importations from ibroad :uk1 submit to the domestic swindlo 'i It comes to pass in this wise. The farmer of Chappaqua has been in eague all these years with a vast numer of other pt-rsuns, each one of whom las iníisted that he slill be holped to a swindle in his own industry as the condition of helping Iiis coadjutors to swindlos in thnirs. The resulta of tho activi;y of this league meet tho farmer of Chap iqua, as they ineot overybody elso who ives in America, at every turn in life. The laborers of Europe, against whom ;hese confoderates protect each othor, can juy to-day botter bread, botter clothes, netter tools for their raouey than the farmer of Chappaqna. His particular swinlle in turnipsho pays for himsolf in boots, n coats, in ploughs, in hoes, in carts, in lorses - pnys for it, and pars " through ;ho noso " for it, wherevor lie lives, and moves, and has his being witliin the fisoal control of the United States govornment ; and so ho insists that John Stewart, of Virginia, sliall ho made to rciniburso him, or elso that Virginia shall jrow no turnips. Now the Custoni-honso swimlle is bad, vory bad. But the tarifi-protection swindle, when oue looks at tiie extent of it nul the suftV.'ving it canses, at the good it forbids, at tho scliisluicss it fosters, the linos of caste it draws keen and deepens - the tariff-protection swindle, wo say, is Far woree. Tlio Tribune protests against tho loer and more obvious swindlo ; and so far the Tribune does woll. But when one nsks tho Tribiin whothcrit willfollow up its protost by nction, it falls back, exclaiming that it cannot attack the Custom-house swindlo in tho centre, for, abovi all things else in life, it feels itself bounc to stand by and defend tho greater anc less obvious and more dcmorulizing t.irift' proteotion swindlo. Whereof tho end wil as8uredly bo that thn Tribune, succumbing to the service of the greüter swiudlo will find itself also supporting tho lesser The turnips of Chappaqua will continue as before, to supply tho " White liouso rnesB."--. 7. Wvrid.


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