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Ways And Means To Rob The People

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Ihcre is a committee in tho national ouse of Kepresoutatives, whosc original bject was to deviso ways and nieans to :tain rovcnuo for the niaintenance of ie goverument. But for several yearsi esigning men have taken advantage of ie unsettled condition of the country to niku this comraittoe the agent of thüir livato interests, until its offorts havo, eemod to bo for ways and incans to rot ie tax-payurs for tho beueüt of tho inonpolists. The managers in this raerconary revoution aro shrewd, and tho stops by whíelí'. ïey havo accomplishcd tlieir objocl liavo ees gradual, and thus apparontly tviing. When the country deni'anded rev-, mie, thoy would plead that the peop.lo üuld not pay taxes unless thsy wero wdeoted aguinst "paupor Inbor" and" Brit-, sh gold." What they mcant by pauper, abor wus roaily labor tUat did rtot piy ribute to them. AYhat fh-y irieaTU ?.-y, iritish gold was all capital which entoretl' nto competitioii with their special interst.n. They souht the support of theproueers by placing a tarifï on raw materals, and thus they made this tax an 6Íuso for asking three-fold proted 'or them-elves. Stip by step they proceded uutil every conccivatile interest v:is drawn into their copartnorship inu,l niule (lepimlcnt upon th'e ring. Tho irinciple seemed to be tt conceal tho robleries of tho great monopolies midor ;m nterminablo dust of sinall protectivo du-, ies. They raised tho duty on om; urticle. only to excuse a " lift " on auother. The ever was appliecf to a corner of the strucnre only to ruake another wodge necesary elsewhere. Thus tho revenue systtiu f this country has been orectod on a soios of blocks until it has no solid or subtautial foundation, and cons;quently jrices are influted and business is fevorish. and uneertain. The present Congress was elecLed to le'orm this unnatural systom ; and the piesnt Committeo of Ways and Means xra&se-. euted expressly to perform its logitimato; .utios, which aro simply to devise moans o rais? the largest aruount of revenue at he least expeaso to the poople. Tho onimitteo bogan this work earncstly, nul with the confidenco Üiat the iskV vould be easj', becan o their duty soonicd, o bo plain. But the monopolists have lot abaied their efforts to misjead then. indeed, they are more thoroughly organzed than ever, and their lobby Is moro, langerous to the welfare of the country ,han evor. They appeal to Congress in, ehalf of all sorts of special interests, in. order to divort attention iïom the main.' uostiou, and they besiege the Ways and ileans Committee with tho most trifiing; claims for the maintonance of every littlo vodge which has beon drven iuto tho aritt'. becauso they know ihat if one sup)ört is withdrawn the wholo fecble hu)erstructuro must finally fall. Frpm all mrts of the country deli'gatións havo ;one to Washington to look aft er pótty ntorests, and to defeat the reform which. Congress is expected to make by delajing action and creating confusión iñ fhe acion of the committee. The couiinittee would do wrong to lis- ca to tho clamors and cotuplaints of in-, orested and selfish persons who have no ;hought but for their own profes. It ia not a quostion for the committeo to iocido whothor the salt and coal and iruu cings can acquire wealth in a reasonablo, ;ime ; but it is for them to say tlat na monopoly shall extort money frbm tha jeoplo by the interference of Congresg, :or that is not onc of the ways and _meana o support the government. The monopolista do not advocate measuree for rajs-. ng revenue, but for raisirig tHeir OW dividends. Tho committeo should simjly take cvidence, first, whatdu;ics can bo dispensed" wifh i ordej to reduce taxation without material loss to the. ruvonuo ; and, second, what duties can bo naintained at the least expense and with ;he giuatest advanago to the revonue. If ;hey will adópt tliis plan, and rvasonablo plan, of invcbtigation, wo may expect :t re:'orm of the present tariff abusos at an oary day. If they go on wasting time ;wih ;he rings who systematically befog them, ;hey will acöomplish nothing bat tho pornetuation of the system uf robbiae; tho


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