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- Au Indianapolis correspondent of Mie Cinoinnati Eiuuirer asBortsthat "grneral order " Leet is a cousin 0Í Mrs. l'rosidcftt Grant. And tliat's why Grunt rocomniondod him to Griunell, and why lic was ablo to procuro tho romoval of Grinnell and tho appointmont of ilurphy, whcn tho fornicr rofused to givo hiiu full control of the " gonoral order business." Thero is nothing liko boiug "a relativo of tho government." - Joscph B. Lyinnn, for tho last four years agriculturaloditor of tho N. Y. Tribune, and prior to that inanaging editor of the Hearth and Home and agricultural editor of tho New York World, died at his rcsidencc at Riclimond, Long Island, on tho 29th uit. Ho was a gradúate of Yule, an accomplishüd scholur and writer, and au enthusiast in his special dopartnicnt. Holoavos a wifo - "Kato Kimnibeo " of the llcnrth and Hume - and six childrun. - Gen. Grant mado a nig bid a few days ago for tho support of Greoloy : declaring in favor of lovying no tariff duty on articles not producod ia this OOuntry, and confining the dutios oxclusivoly to fabi-ics and producís coming in oompetition with American fabrics and productions. Which would givo the government no revcnuo, and bc a tariff Bololy for protection. What mauufactory stocks havo rccontly boon presentcd to the President? - Senators Sumner and Carpenter had a lively sot-to on Monday, over tho former's " Civil Hights " attachment to the pending Amnesty bill. Carpontur was willing to eompel couimon carriers, hotel keepers, etc., to concedo cqual privilego to negroos, but objected to' having them forced into his pew at churcli, claiming that that would bo unconstitutional, becauso conflicting with a man's religious rights. " Straining at a gnat and swallowing a camel," Mr. Carpenter. Botter go the whole figure or nothing. - ïhe Supremo Court of ühio has just decided a case involving the coustitutionality of tho liquor law of that Stato making the liquor seller rosponsible to wifo, children, guardians, etc, for damages dono by their eustomers to person and proporty, or for, by such sale, depri ving families of their móans of support. The law was held constitutional. The law of our own State, passed at the last session of tho, is modeled after that of Ohio. - Despito tho attacks made by Morton, Carpenter, Butler and other leaders of the Kopublican party in Congress, upon " Civil Scrvico lieform," and tho unqualified doolaration made by these leaders that tho Presidont is seeking to mako thii " new departure " odious, tho New York Evening Poet persists ia counting Grant a sincero reformer. " There aro none so blind as thoso who won't seo." - A Detroit corruspondent of the Midland Times says that neither tho Free. Press nor tho Union satisnVs the Democracy, and that it is proposod fo to bny out the one or the othor, and that W. II. IL Bartram (" Cheiik ") is talked of as " General Utility Man." An cvidence that the "fooi-killer," in going the rounds of Detroit, missed his mark. Senator JEdmunds " got np on his ear " on Tuesday, and seriously proposed a resolution of inquiry, based on mero newspapor roports, that Grreat Britain intended to revoko the Treaty of "Washington. Supposo that somo reporter should intimato that Edmunds was an ass, would it warrant a Sonutorial demonstration ? - A Washington lettor says that Zack Chandler has reoeived an animyinous letter from somowhero down in Virginia, warninghiiu that ho is tobo assassinatod becauso of his opposition to amnesty. - Who rtid tho great original "blood-luürr" got to writo that lettor? That's the quGstion beforo the debating school. - The Chicago relief bill Btill hangs fïro. lts alhígod unconetítutionality is the least reason, the real one being that the protectionists sec in it tho ontering wedge of destruction to thoir theories and system. The proposed legislation relieving Chicago brands protéotion as fraud and extortion. Mrs. Laura Fair, convicted of murdering her repentant paramour, Chittenden, has been granttd a ncw trial by tho Supremo Uourt of Oolifornia. Nota vevy fisir proceeding : considoring thut tliu minie was perpu trutod bei'oro a multítudo vi' wiClirsses. - The churoh which tho Frcsiifoirt itti;iiLíst Washington don't udmit negroos to equal rigfbta and privileges with v.rhiti folks : whiobtisieaid' Do Be the reasoo why Senator Carpentr wantod to amend Sumner's "Civil 1 i gh rA.sittachiucut " to the ainiu'sty bilí. - Mis. Gen. Clister, JVIiss Storgu, and severál ladies of LouisviEW :ml Memphia wcro invilod to accompany the (írand. Duke' party to New Orle.uvs. Whai say thc eastern bellos who iaüed ef recognition ? - Tlio Hjv. Dr. Cuyler has been on trial this week beforci tho Brooklyn Pi-ebyteiy tor permittinga woinan to preoch froni his pulpit. A tesolatioB of censure faüed, :uul the matter was eertiüod to tho Synod. - Bishop Ames dnsiros the Uev, J. P. Nowman, ]). D., to go to Japan as a iuissioTiaiy. - Er. W ouldn't the Bishop bc ploased to have tho soon to 1)ü Senator liarían go to Japan along with Dr. Nowman? - Now thut the liritiiih Lion is shokin; his iiiüin Zaok Chandlor will foam and froth at the mouth worso than over. It will be a gafo cxeroiso at bis distunco irom tho animal. - Iloraco Greoloy was Gl yeais oíd on Saturday last, and the anniversary was colobrated by a larg; oompany of frienda and admiren at the residcuce of Alvin J. Johnson, New York. - Chandler is sujtposed to harbor toe icted thftt " withojit a little blood-letl ing " the pcano between the United States and Knglaud is scarcely worth preserving. - An oxchango tolls a wonderfnl 'story about a orowing dog in Dooatur. What of that '. hasn't Michigan a roaring Chandlet ? - Tlie Frenoh Asaembly has determinad to tormiriate the commercial troatics between Franco and England and gituu. - Wenona biaga of threo distinct earthquake shoolis on Tuesday morning, sliorlly aftor eight o'clock. Wenona is opposite Bay City. - An attempt was mado to assassinato M. Thiers on Monday evening. Tho shootist oscaped. - Catacazy is to bo given a position ol honor at St. Petersburg. What an insult to Grant and Fish ! - Tho next Stato Fair is to bo held at Kalamnzoo, provided Kalamazoo forks over 13,000. - The annual pension bill, appropriating over !?:),000,000, passod tho Senato on Wcdnesday. - The amnesty bill still hangs firo in the Senato ; alao thc educational bill in the House. - Boutwell opposes any material roduction of the tariff. " In coursc he dots." - Fish isn't estranged trom Sicklus. Bo much tho worso for Fish. - Archbishup Rpaulding died at Baltimoro on the 7th inst.


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