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The Connectient Democracy

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NBW JlAVií.x, CoN-V., ïeb. (.-The JJcmooratio State Conv.en.tien to-day nominabi-l Richard D. Hubbaxd, of Hartford, i'or üovüiTLOï by aeclaimafciuii. Tbc following is the substance ot' thfl reeolutiona ftdoptod bj the Gouvention. Thö first reoognizes Li: late airuendnients to tlio Constitution is dtsei'ving fhe support of all good ciii.i'ii ■■. The seooad (iemands witli equal aufftago for all a aomplote Hi'.iin sty ïor iül. Tlio tliivd demanda a genuino reform of tln tatiff, no discrimination in favor of stonopoliata. ïlie fourth denounoes the aouse of govOTulusht patronage lor the ocntról of ouuTontions uiitl uluctions, ftmd tliauks those Senators who h;ivo compolUd Uh; distilosure of these miadeeds. ïhfi fifth dcnouioea thö öentralization and growing eucroaol)u)ejts of execafaft; power, tha vise of coerción or bribery t:o ratify a treaty, the rjackirxg of the Bttpretnfl Udurt ta earich coiporations, the s laüng of memTSeis of Gongross not elected by the pcople. XJie sixth declares that tbere sluill be alu uprising of the pöople in drive froin power tlie iiieü who prostitute their official power Ecl&.h interest. TUo seventlx donouii'' - :i i: ropudiaticö of the 'natioaal debt. 'iltt) ei,'1it sympathizes witk th& Cubetos 9nd denouncea their Qppressors. The uitith favore a liberal systém of freo schools, and donounces any i&tarferencx of the govaminent wifch tho systein. Tlio last ro.solution ÍHduPses English's adniinisti itiwn and piedges support to Hubbiird. The following is the full ticket nominated i Shwrnor - Eicbard1 T). Ilubb.'inl, of Hartford. Lieutenant-Qovei'riór - Charles Atvsater, of New Haven. Secrctunj of state - John W. Stcdinan, of Vorwich. Trcitsiirer - Milo B. Richardscn, of Salisbury. fumpvolUr- Thomas Sanford, of Ileoidiug. 'Jtho delegates to tito National ConTention are : At lage - A. E. Biuv, of Hartford; Chutes 1. Ingcrsoll, of New Haven; Danl. A. Daniels, of Kittingly;Win. II. Ëarntnn, of Salisbury. During tho twclvo years Ssoox ISjQi to l'Tl no fewer than 2,'20,im) Gormans innnigratcd to this country.


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