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Estáte of Philip Eiding. .OTAXEOF MICKIÖAN, Gounty of Wimlitenaw, s8 r Atasossiuivol tli. 1'" ■ ■ ' rt for the Cöuntyo: Waahtenaw, holden at the Probate Ot!U;c, in the Citj of Aim Axbor, ui Wednesdny, the aeventh d o Fi'l'vnary, in thu yuaï one thousancl eight hundred an gevent] -WW. at lliratn J. Bcukc. Judtrc of Probate. In the matter Of the estáte oí l'hilip Eiding, do. Onreading aml füing thepetition, dulyverifled, o: John Qeorge Kiding, prayintf that John Keek, 01 èome uther auilahlo peraon, may be apimiuted ad miniatrator of theeataté ot naiddeceasi Tlicreupqn it is ordered, thut Munday thfe i.nrth day ut' Harch noxt, at: ten o'olodk in the fore neon, be assigned ibr the hearing oí saád petition, an that tlu lirirs ;it law f said ddoMMO, and all othe: pereona Uiterasted in s:iid catate, are required to appear at a Benion of said Conxt, tiben to ba holdei at the l'robate Office, in thL it y ■! Aun Aibor, an show canse, if any there be, t'h. prayi r "f the petitiom-r BbouM nut ba Ktaate : And t is l'urther or nat sai'l jHititiun.-r ■ iv ■ r.'j: i .■ to the persons intereatcd in said catate, of the ptn'Swioy of oud jn-ti tiim, and Uie lieurinK thereof, by oausing a copy ottliis order to ba pttbUshea in the Sticht&m Arrius, u newg tlnted umi cirrulatiiiu' in s.til ('ounty, three BttOoeuiTe wci-ks previous to snitl Ssy "t hoariiiff. (A tarne oopy.) HXÜAM ■'. V, : ■: i ES, laaO Judce of Probate. Estáte of Charles Stuck. OTATE OP MIcrilQAN.UonmyofWitshienaM-, ss O Al asession of the Probate Court fur tlie Count; of Waihtnw, tolden at the Fcobate oflice in the city of Ann Arhor, oa Saimdny, ihe third da) ofi'V'bnmr.v, in tUe year oe thousand cight hun dred mul uvent-tvo. l'reseut, Hiraiii J. Beakcp, Judgeof Probate. In the matter of the estáte 'of Charlee Stuck deceued. Cliurles Shler, Admlnistrator of said estáte comes i uto üuort aud represonte that he ie now pnpareilto rcuder aia llrst accoimt na soch Admiu istrator. Thoretipcn it is Ordcreil, that Monda;, ihc fuurth day of, at ten o'clotk ín ihc forenoon, beaaalgned tor examinlnj; and allowuii. euch aeconnt, and that the heirnawof8aldíe ieaaedndaliotberperMaKlntereatedinsaideftata aro reqniieil to appear ataaeaaionofaaldConrCthei to be holden at the Probate Office, in tho City of Ann Arbor innaidCounty .andahowcaoself any there be, why the aAldacoonnt Uoiiid ooi be aUoweo: And it i fiirthcr ordered, that sail Adminístralo rsire nutice Ki tlu'piM'mnsiiUi'ri'ti;iliu said state, ol the pen dency uf said account, and the hearing thereof, bj cansfng a copy f this order tobfl pnbHshedln thi Ukhigan Argut,a newepaperprinteaandcircolatlni In s:iiclivnuiy, three successive weeks pievious to gaiddai of hearins. (Atrue copy.j JH1RAM J. BEAKE8, 1300 Judttc of Probate. Estáte of Cornelius Laughlin. STATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Waahtenav, ss. Ai iKcssionof the i'iubate Court for the Ueantj of Waabtonaw. holden ut the Probate Office, in the City of Ann Arhor, oh SatuiJay, the tbird day if i'vlir uniy. In the year one thousand eiglit huunty-two. ■ i, etimm J. Beakes, Jndgeof rrobr#, in the matter of theeatateoi ComeliuaLanghlin, ndlngandfltinffthe ivtition, duly veiilled, ol WilUom Hiici''. A.d ■ nagriag thal be maybe Ueenaed to sell the rel elte whereox aiu . ,üc'l si icv 1 for the pur] ributing aai iiaiops the penwoa interest. ■! in sai-I cThereupOB it i-i orden 1, thal Monday, Ui inth i! iy of Man-h in vt, al ton ralodt in the foreloon. be aaalgned for tho 1 ng 'i aaid petiüon, nul Unit the hiii al lnw of said deeCHsed, and all oth,. persons int. ueted n kwI ■■. anrooiiúd to apnár at ii session of aid Court, then to bi hoW& he Probato Office, in tho City oi Ann Axbov, andia, it any Üiliv 1', why the ]'iay( ■] of the titionar ohould nol !■ gluntod: And if is i p mona ttcreated in M entfttc, pf 'i"1 ndc ncy of said potiI the hearing thereof, by oansing a cnpy of r (o be published in tlic Uiclitgan Arrmt, a ewapaper printeo and droulnting in dd County, „„. „„■. . previouüto jniddayof )io,uin?, ,,„. ÏIJRAM .1. BEAKE8, lüljO Judge of l'robate. Rstatoof vn;,,, .i ■ 7 O Noticeis l.mby given, tb, w', "Yêht'i, fronrthnt ilatewero nllowod f,,,. ',.,,%' fi Z tl.--ir claims ngirinaf th tote el Sríí" ' iZ11" Baid (k" "'■■■i t.i i„,l,,,1!ll-'wij,r on M,, , 4y nf SlS-2i2 ek in tlio fiircii6n oi earh 0 tl ntst u Kutrf, Aii AïW, bVbrna.y.Hh i n ía! ■ __r Jü Bátate of Wldliam A VoP? CTATEOF M CCmOAlT, 1 w Mli O At u 8oonüflhc Probut Cenni hï!ff ■ r ■ of Ann.Arl.0, .rt, Sutiirilay. tlw thïTi ' ru;uy, in th ycur onc thouxina ït? K v.„'y.(:, "'■"I l'n ■-. nt, Iliiani J, ]:i:.k.-s, Jlidtre of !k 1 n tlie mattet of Ui utaté of WiUh,,,(),,i-,.:,.lii,,'1,na iUin tbc jKtition dm . Frank Nowland, praying ii,,t , oCTl2S, -■..■m.iii of kwI -i.-;,,! ,n,"v Y -lkeliw mh ((..■, onathnt OnitnútrHUon of s-aní . mth tbs will anasxad. . " "4l5ffi , Thcrenpp red, Úut Mond; tü nuun, 1: .i.-M.vm.-il foi timtti,. ,:;( ' w,,, tol ie holden nt tfic L'robat Offien u ï '-."".W Albor, imd show (muso, it :-.'jl,.r(. LC"Tl('S pmyeoi the petituuiur l,„ui,i not i.. LJJ. k; „ ■ ! ite " il ", f t( :iirl ].!itiiiii uil thehenring thereof ïï. '? I copy of ..rl i to be publihc1 m tïï'SSi " :,i". n nev -■ pur printed nnd -iivtii „j.,.. "'■ ■ BncccsHiTeweekspreTiouítoB i!!L ga Estáte of Lutb'T Jjydí " o Ata Mwion ti the 1'rob.ite -iniit faS.u f Wnshti na w, holdsn at the l'r.)l.i,ic.nL."'Clsir )f Aun AHi-ii, un 1-ri.luy, the íccondil''ltrilT iimiy, in tire ) onc thouswid tírt? F '" .1:1.1 seventT-tvo. ""' Wm In the immer of the Uta of I tmwV On re '■.v.!i1llili,,irtl..-.t:i::i, ,-,lf a, EdwurdL. ltujMun, 1 '?? uowonfllein this Court, Durünu to Unf" will und testament of suid ditenmd miyuj."; Thereupon it in ordered; that Mo44 n,, , itiy of. MujiJi m-xt, at ton tfclo'ct in UtLÏ? I I ':v l.i-.n :til' "f ,i"t . tagntnes, devls Kis rtlid iu-ii ill oUicv penoni int. nst. .1 1 ii,-,7„ i„v?' diowcniuc.if ;uiy tlicte h ■'■',,„ f!' : ■ èrsbouldno) Anl t 5, "■ ■ , ' i„,u' sous intiSj-stul in a.M wiiife. ot the , snid potit;on, and thu hc;uin ifccteoj l'y Z2 Í of thia order to be put)l,l ñ ti 12" Argut,K ntwspnper prhitAt nm (-iiTulnh iT" ' tlure sncce3Bl ■ „ ui"! licwini.'. " I (Atr,:,. v; . . HIKAM J. B 1360 j,„:., TyOTICR Tlie ri jtos hnrt txwk oootfnilta oí Mr. Bei, j i arenow'n my Imttil fr Ilición, nnd itnwS pHyment of the saffio i denanded. Ifnotp!JZ oostoviUbi ni.-ii' vlifroou. Ana Arbur, Jaübsrr 90th, W72. UKtt XJ&ACX W. I100T, AaigiK ■QK. C. A. LEITEU gqmtinueS to put Óp' and fili Physicians Freriptton, At all hours, at No. 1 Wdibry Illock. V. A.1EITÏB4C0, Asn Arbor, Dcc. 22(1 1STI.135, , JTLOXJR. QBASin: FLOüK, BUCKWHEAT FLOUR, CttW StEL, PEEDOF ttLKIMK; A1i" wnrranted to bintt superior in For snle ïit Partridges FJonring Mills rt. B. - (ïrisiing done aS rtori notice. SAM. B.' REVENAltíH Óopíes Oíd 4MBS0TÏPES & DAGimWHB IN FIKST CLASS STYU TO ANT D3SIRED SIZE. JAKM FOB SALE. 'r'iio nndersigneil offers for sale the P.AV. Úot&.W. 'j ofBeetion 1, iuüeitci .f S B. ' , of S( cii'ii :. d N E. 'i of N K. ', ofSettlon 10. do X W.JOÍM.W '4 of.Scction 11. do n. o? 9. v. '1 of s:e. !,orsoc. 11, do Comprising 180 Acres of Land. known os ih'fi MILLMAN FARM-bewtol owned und occupied uy S. Vanfleet-ljing aboit 1 miles northwest Irom tt Dover illi. ' ï1 soiith from thu Villagc of Pinckey. Ili " blo aud Ooöd Farm, Haurtsomely Sitnatfi Oood for 'hiat, Corn. luid othcr Hi Hou Yard of wversl acres on it. and H STKiCAMOP WATER, the ontlet of Slltirl. runnlog across it. a Kood titlc 111 lw tlw it will lie suld chci.p, and liberal terms ot L'iven (if desfredj for two thirdü of the portü MOTCÏE. C. 8WJ AEn Arbor, Jany. l(th;'l8Ta. "S1 ÏÖOÏEC HEÊÉÏ To my fricuds and Patrons in the DAYS OF AULD LANG STK, And to the PubUe geiierally, I tak thi " ofaaylug, that h.wiug pnrchaaed I" Mr. t. il. Taylor, iu thc uld aad wellkno TOBACCO STORE! ON HXJIïON STREKT, two doors west of Cook's Hotel, fat theêlg jj[ Biu' lM!;iu,) I am prepared to oïerthem ."" stock of CBCARS! TOBACCO, SNTJFFi .PIPES & AtasreaBonablerates asean be tomA ' '" iSlorc in Ann Arbor. B keepict' ütock and payins strict attíDtloo bnsluesa, I hope to merltaWreceive a fait hare of mbüs ï1" PIIASE G1YBHE i Í C. L. PACK. IKTmS '[Jf BOOKS. - - ' eooKS. -■ J. B. WBBSÏEK Cfc m:w ijk stov: nk.vh viik. " EXPKrss OFFICR LOOK TO VOl K INTEREST AM) CAIXBOÖKS. jj5 -- - - GotoR.W.ELLIö&C'j forchoicoWinosandLiQu for Modical Purposes


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