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üreat absence of lorie now-e-days ■'"fbeCoanoY House uow conuhis 11 .„luUr borders." ' Thc Jonior Hop comes oír at tli ' ry Houw :lns evenlng. " '■)■:„: mll po scal' "l;ly bo """berei "!"„„ the urinas that were. , Rcady tor business- all hand at the .nmofflee. Seudinyour orders. Plenty of wood lu marketi but it Zgn" world " of greenbaefcs to bny it. if yoa havent, t calendar for 1873 ". tfp into the Ahgus ollice and get oue. c""1Th0 „fris and boys are laylog in amniut',,i Valentiue's (iay- WednesUay .Don't fórget tha " May Qncpu," by Jbetriflt bliorat Union, tö-night, at tiie nier House. ,A chance to "trip the light fantastlc ' n-ill be ïiven by the Ml. Wkits, at ulffhltmoit! Lake House, on the 23d. '1 Tt'f.v throw pepjfet, etc., in the oyes of Jwys who Jomp öo sleigha l Detroit. ,l,o! ihem get peppe%d hcre. .Rcv. 3. W. Owfield, of thiB city, Jïrered n poera at the meeting of the Sof Mlchlsan, lield at L:iwraice, Knng-jdmetlmoSttiie. Tlicrc wlll be a Social ánd (JysViSower at Flnnegan's Hall next Tuesday JJtng,thcl8tn inst, for the bentllt of motors0'' 8t ThonKis' (Jlmrclv. The store, ïio.SF South Main Street, pictl by W W. BH, was entered last Soiutay nlght b' wl' tOük stv" tril lOill artities thDcefrom. .. Kot enforeed- 'the city ordin.ince relajlre to eleauing snow oir of side-wnlks. ffoiiWn't it raako p'edestrlana wcar pleaswlt.rcouutefennci-:s if it should be ? Quite a Domber of ruuaways have yIU[iclied themselves iuto thc past weck, uskiug it Hvely on the etreets for a few Boments, but we hear of uo oue losing tocirneck or limbs thereby. _ Leut comes in next Wedjwsday- Ash 'ffeduesday- aud will cry halt té tin; Lay jjllfagklOliaftfeworKl, who have now for wmemouths continuously turued nightinM,y nd day UUo night by their rcwls. - The following persons were Cbosen Jltors "f the Ohronicle at the election held Uitöatunlay inoniing: Archer U Hrown, Barloni Win. 13. Wïlllams.Harry Busselt, Elins D Oulloway , George ï . Bobison. - The heaviest snow storm of tlie WIBtr was tliat of Monday night last, and the "fetl" óf the wcather - this Thursday morniirs - promisea that the fine run of ilelchliifi now thrce week old, is " to bc (i.iatiiHieü." -The resignatlon otJBéuÜmvá II. VtsL JBI,- tendered over a jrcftr ago,- as Coljeetor of Interna! Revende for llils Conjrcssiotml district, has at last beca accept1, aud Bkadi-ey F. QKAIfOEH appointeil u bis sucecssor. A good appointinent. - Prof. Daurow, of the State JN orinal School, and son-ln-laiv éf R. J. Baiwy, of' tUacity, died on the 29th uit., ageel 29 years. He WM i gradúate oí the Univurslr, anti liad a large civcle of frienda iu our city. llis remains were here fur Mal. - The Execut'.ve Commlttee of the V.'ashtenw County i.grkeult'Arall tiiá fiorxlcul toral Socifv baVS'ïet down the uext annuilair for Wednesday, Thursday and FriAr.Sept. 25th, 26th and 27th. TheptóGuin Hst is Xó be revisad aud tke fair Bide the fair of the year. - Last Friday morning was sue of tlie wldcst of the scasoti, with not a breath ot Kind 6iid the air clear as a bell. " Early ürds," who reliod on Aé " loohlÉj p'.easmt"and went out unprotected.soon fouud airs and noses and faces proteetlng. The mercury was reportcd all the way froin 'j to 27 deg. be'.ow zero. No use of making vords about the diflereaee.


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