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East Saginaw And Ann Arbor Railroad

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We bricfly adwrted in our last issue; to the prospecta oí' the Ann Arbor, Corunna and Kust Saginaw Kailroad, and hoped at thtit timo to bu perniitted this week to give our reasons lor tho assuranco tbat we then inado in regard to its speedy cong'.ruction. We havo noiv, however, only to say that the Directora have this week held a mouting, and tbat nogotiations aro now n progross which we beliovo will rosult in the completion of tho road more tlmn one-half the distance south from East Saginaw to Ann Arbor by the lst of November next. We repeat that we havu the strongest reasons, which to us are conclusivo, to believe what we horo state, though for prudential considorations we eannot at this time make them public. Meanwhile, wo copy the followuig trom the East Hagiuaw Daily Uvurier oí' a Jate date : " Lato dcvelopments go to show that tho Toledo and Ann Arbor Koad, which tor some time haS been undor a cloud, is to be built. On tho construotion of tliis road depends the suocess of tho East Saginaw and Anu Arbor Kailroad Coinp;my, organizod in 1870, and the project is again urgèd with strong assurunei.'S of support. The folllowing letter from tho officers of lie rond, uddressnd to our well known ;ownsman, Curtis Emerson, Esq., willsubtautiato the statenient above made :, Mioii-i Jau. 17, 1872. C. Emeusox,-Bsq. : Deak Sim - I um in roceipt of your favor of the i(jth inst., aml dusiro to say most assuredly that Eust Sagiuaw is the bjuetise point with our company, in buildiiü; the East Saginaw and Ann Arbor tailroad, and we can issure you in cynfiLoiico that at au early d iy our road will oach tlio ttaguKtw auayj In. fact the liïlay ow the part of uur company has reen peoabionêd ciaijjoly by the of he Toledo, Ann Arbor and Northurn K. l. Cöinpany, in making urrangeincnts to mild their road from Ann Arbor to Tololo; and wo are iiow iuforiuol tliat ar;mi;iaents ate purfocted to ensuro tho ompletjon of thiit road, so that our comany will Boon tako activn Hieasiji'ftS to mild rlio road to your city, as w.cll as omli from liore to Auu Arbor. Our pooplo here aro rf.idy at any timo comincnco operations at this point, aud .rixxi wort right along towards your ity. A"d cspccially do we foei moro onfideuco in tho carly comple.tion of this oad, since tlio developraents at our coal uinos havo stublisjuid tbc fact boyond any doubt that our eoal U a succoss, both 11 quulity and (juantity. And hcro pormit us to extend a cordial invitation to 'our Oouiinon Vju}icí1j as well as to your apitalists, to comu at any time and maso in examhiation of our coal minos for ;hemselves. ïhis coal is just what the )oople of your valley want for fuol. The omjiany now worjeing tho mines assuro as ■that by September next thoy will take ut ono hundrod tons of coal per day. 'his alone you seo will be an important tem of fr-ejgbt. In concluition, áilow us to say that we elicvo the E. S. and Ann Arbor E E. is no of the most important roads in conmplation in this State, and wo have no oubt about it being a pajing road. Vory rcspectfully yours, H. McCuiiDY, Prcs't E. S. & A. A. E. E. S. B. Iïayxale, Súcrotary. Daniul Busii, ü. E. Kelsey, E. C. Mooue, James Cummin-, Dircotors.


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