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What A Dream Did

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The Fort Wayne Scntinel soborly nartates the following as a fact : A gentleman of high social position, living in thig county, has a son engaged as clerk in a largo mercautilo house in Omaha. A few weeks ago the father roceived a letter from hia son to the effect that he had boen robbed of $5,000 belonging to his employer, whilo returning from a collecting trip into the country. The father was naturally troubled about the intelligence, and when he retiied to his room for tho night ho lay awake for some time tlrinking of tho unfortunate occurrence. At Jast he feil asleep, and, as it seemed to him, Üe was sitting by a tablo in a bed cbamber of Hotel, in Omaha, listening to tho convorsation of two young men whoworo recalling the particuhirs of a robbory in which they had just boen coneorned, while they counted over tho proéeeds of tho samo with anexultantair. Learning tho mimber of their room, he descended tho stairs, consultod the register, fixed their mimos in memory, togothea with the dato under which they wero written, and then nwoko. IIo immediately wroto a letter to his son, requesting him to cali at the . Hotel, look at the register, and if ho found tho names of John B. Wilson and James Frank inscribed on its pages under the date of November, to have the partios found, arrested and charged with the theft of the $0,000. Tho son followed the directions, and from a letter roceived by the father yosterday we learn that the said John B. Wilson and James Frank wero arrested at the said hotel, and they confessod tho felony. $4,8 12 of tho lost money was recovered, and tho offenders havo boen sent to tho penitentiary.


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